Here it is peeps the nice shiny new patch from our friends at Desert Combat enjoy:)


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Here it is peeps the nice shiny new patch from our friends at Desert Combat enjoy:)

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Download 'desertcombat_01.6f_patch.exe' (239.52MB)

Look what i found just laying around somesite.

[quote]Trauma Studios is pleased to release DesertCombat .6!

This release is one of the largest releases yet, including an array of new vehicles and weapons and 3 new maps.

This release is a patch, it requires DesertCombat .5L to be installed and Battlefield 1942 version 1.5 or greater.

Here is what you can expect in the patch.

Opposition Gazelle Helicopter with 5 different configuration's
SA-342S: (Gazelle Helicopter) Supply depot; weapons and health 
SA-342G: Two gun pods (currently fires minigun projectile) 
SA-342H: 2 FFAR Pods (14 FFARs total) and 2 AT-2 (same as Hind, 2 mags) 
SA-342L: 4 FFAR Pods (28 FFARs total; fires two FFARs at a time, slower rate of fire) 
SA-342M: 4 AT-2 missiles (2 mags) 
Coalition Littlebird Helicopter 5 different versions
AH-6 (Miniguns and FFARs) 
MH-6 (Transport) 
H-6 (Miniguns only) 
MH-500 (Transport Iraq)
MD-500 (.50 Cal) 
Coalition MH-53 Helicopter 
New Weapons
Opposition EE-9 Recon vehicle
SA-7 AntiAir rocket launcher
Opposition VSS suppressed spec ops rifle
New ways to pick up kits via cases and crates
Stryker! with smoke grenade launchers
And last but not least, the Nimitz Class carrier! featuring Seasparrow and CIWS antiaircraft weapons.

Misc features include (Check out the effects when a minigun shoots metal)
Avenger FX,MinigunFX,Cluster FX,Artillery FX

3 New amazing maps,
DC Urban Siege DC Sea Rigs DC Opperation Bragg
and much much more...[/quote]

Ok i know i have hyped a bunch of mods this week(end) but im not gonna hype kinda speaks for itself!

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