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Hey there soldiers! Thats right, its here, Desert Combat Final! Sorry for the delay! (Damn appendix!) :)

Enough said, there is one more important note.

THIS IS A MINI MOD! You will need Desert Combat 0.7 in order to play it. You can get DC 0.7 by clicking HERE

Enjoy DC Final! See ya on the battlefield!



-----DC Final Changelist-----
DC_Final Client Full, version 3

-Removed remaining horn and artillery spot icons 
-Adjusted patriot rotation 
-Spandrel rotation slowed but has a strange bug meaning it still moves fast for short adjustments 
-Reduced MI24 gunner overheat, very light now 
-SA-342 gunpods reduced overheat some more 
-Launch effects added to all aircraft missiles 
-Moved F117 bombs down slightly 
-New missile smoke for aircraft 
-Fixed Ural fueldrums damaging truck, can still walk through fueldums while on truck but it's now harder to get in 
-Gaskin missile same as Linebacker 
-Enterprise UH-60q spawn corrected for vertical takeoff 
-Sparks added to metal collisions 
-humvee/car explosions cause some screen shake when close to explosion 
-adjusted many weapon icons in vehicles, most were still using the same BF rocket icon 
-fixed bug with turret sounds 
-adjusted linebacker rotation 
-fixed F16 bug with some linux servers 
-Gaskin lights fixed 
-Gaskin turret icon removed 
-F117 given f14 minimap icon 
-US sniper kit has removed backpack 
-Iraqi sniper helmet readded 
-Patriot HP increased to match SA3 
-created unexplainable, unfixable catastrophic crashing bug 
-had dinner and fixed catastrophic crashing bug 
-changed linebacker launch sounds 
-removed patriot wreck 
-random iraqi skin removed 
-reduced time to live for F117 bomb down to 5 seconds, will airburst if it hasn't hit the ground. Needs some testing. 
-reduced radius of F117 bomb by 20% 
-increased camera stay for patriot/sa3 to 3 seconds 
-patriot missile detonate changed to altfire to avoid launching second missile on detonation
-Reworked AK/AKS sounds
-Reworked Shilka third person sound
-Better explosion effects in Weapon Bunkers
-Fixed serveral projectile positions
-Removed horn icons
-Reduced muzzle smoke on some weapons
-Optimised tank explosions
-Pantsyr icon fixed
-BMP1 health and ammo added
-Iraqi AT3 kit fixed

DC_Final Client Full, version 2

-Reworked AK/AKS sounds 
-Reworked Shilka third person sound 
-Better explosion effects in Weapon Bunkers 
-Fixed serveral projectile positions 
-Removed horn icons 
-Reduced muzzle smoke on some weapons 
-Optimised tank explosions 
-Second iraqi skin randomly chosen 
-Collision of barrels on fueldrum ural fixed 
-Pantsyr icon fixed 
-BMP1 health and ammo added 
-Iraqi AT3 kit fixed 

DC_Final Client Full, version 1 

-Mortar given overheat on deployment, can't drop another for about 30 seconds. The overheat per shot is 150% 
and it accumulates so if you deploy one when the overheat bar is at half way it gets pushed up to 200%. 
-New M1A1 reload sound 
-AI added to binoculars, bots will target heavy armor when very close 
-Smoke grenade effect made larger 
-Blood effect added to knife stabs 
-Running footsteps can be heard further away 
-Reload bar added to hind FFARs 

DC_Final RC3

-All TOW Missiles now shoot straight 
-M82 given large muzzle flash light effect 
-Skorpion ROF slightly higher 
-Saiga given larger muzzle lift per shot 
-MK23 ROF upped to match other pistols 
-SA-342 gunpod overheat reduced 
-SA-3/Patriot range increased 
-SA-3/Patriot smoke effect changed 
-SA-7s in SA-7 boxes 
-All in-vehicle radios placed in their own sound file (Can be renamed or removed to improve performance)
-Artillery muzzle smoke slightly reduced 
-Massive reduction in sound.rfa size 
-Stinger's Humvee textures 
-Adjusted SCUD driver camera position 
-New sounds for ammo reload, reloading vehicles now different sound to soldiers 
-Wrench can be heard from several meters away and has new sound 
-AA classes given MP5 and Skorpion 
-Stryker driver's head fixed 

DC_Final RC2

-Overheats fixed 
MH500 overheat 
Technical overheat 
DPV overheat 
SA342 overheat 
-Mortar wall hack fixed 
-New Scoreboard icon for Spec Ops

DC_Final RC1

-Both LCAC versions should be fixed 
-Mortar view adjusted 
-Mortar explosions more deadly but with less force (bodies don't get thrown so far) 
-US player model has new shader parameters, fixed 1st person camo. 
-US and Iraqi player models have more variety in 'accessories' 
-Fixed issue with Spandrel turret 
-New fake crater effect for scud explosions. Large stone pieces are blown off buildings 
that get hit. 
-Modified most smoke trails and missile flames 
-New sounds for: 
Missile launchers on helicopters 
TOW launch 
-Reduced volume of birds 
-Many small fixes to incorrect crosshairs 
-Fixed missing MLRS kickback 
-New minimap icons for virtually all the different vehicles 
-Fixed Stryker drivers head showing 
-Changed Tomahawk explosion effect 
-Increased audible range of choppers for medium and high sound settings 
-Slowed MI24d gunners rotation speed 


-Shilka materials and health revised, splash vs. infantry removed. - It now takes 2 RPGs to kill (down from 4), 
2 tank shells (up from 1), isn’t particularly vulnerable to 20mm Fighter cannons (used to be), 2 Spandrel rockets 
(up from 1), 35 30mm shells (BMP2, m2a3), 1 artillery shell, 1 c4 stick (down from several). Should still be exactly 
as potent vs. aircraft. 
-Vulcan splash vs. infantry removed, death explosion reduced 
-Stinger damage vs. Hind, Apache, Blackhawk reduced 
-Larger helicopters maneuverability improved
-SU25 cannon splash set to match A10's 
-M1A1/T72 maximum turret angle reduced 2 degrees 
-M2A3/BMP2 round velocity increased 
-Humvee and DPV strengthened to reduce terrain damage 
-Most wheeled vehicles handling modified 
-BDRM health upped 50% to 75, death explosion reduced.


-Added Howitzer and Howitzer battery 
-Added Patriot 
-Added LCAC 
-Reflective US goggles 
-MI8 handling improved 
-Armed MI8 without spawn points added 
-Radios added to most aircraft 
-Radios added to Humvees 
-New cockpit sounds for some aircraft 
-Many silent gun positions given rotation and reload sounds 
-Pantsyr front passenger added, radar fixed 
-Spandrel and Gaskin turrets slowed slightly 
-All Brownings and NVSTs now have improved gun camera position 
-New sounds for: 
Stinger and SA-7 
Bullet cases 
Mortar and mine deploy 
-New M25 model and skin 
-Freelook added to all chopper passengers 
-Slightly reduced speed of freelook in aircraft 
-Changed explosion effects for most airburst missiles 
-Cockpit and zoom added to AH64 gunner 
-Zoom added to Hind gunner 
-F14b bomb position gets crosshair 
-Fixed ZPU muzzle flash position 
-Skorpion deviation reduced 
-New theme music courtesy of Andre Hofmann 
-Added dust effect to some chopper wheels to simulate rotor wash 
-Removed unused artillery icon from UH-60 


-New PKM, M249 and Remington animations 
-Remington pump sound added 
-AK47 reload animation plays slightly faster 
-Reduced fall damage
-All vehicles now have gunner position as position 2 
-New stationary PKMs with crouching shooters 
-Horns added to several vehicles 
-VSS does less damage over long distance 
-Added BMP1 
-Updated MP5 model 
-Most voices reworked 
-Standard Ural has 3 extra passengers in the back, 2 facing inwards the last sitting on the back of the tray. 
-Fueldrum Ural that drops explosive barrels controlled by the driver
-Recoilless rifle Ural, mounted in the tray 
-AA Ural with top half of a ZPU, ammo boxes and sandbags sitting on the tray area 
-Added MK-19 Humvee 
-Added Minigun Humvee 
-More new effects for vehicle damages and explosions 


-Fixed Humvee resupply spots 
-New ammo boxes 
-Adjusted zoom angle for MP5 and AKS 
-Fixed recoil animation bug with pistols, sniper rifles and Remington 
-Larger blast radius for mortar 
-Reduced screen shake for explosions 
-Reduced excessive screen shake firing sniper rifles standing 
-Many muzzle flash fixes and improvements 
-Rear wheels now roll on AH-64, UH-60s, MI-24, MH-53 and MI-8 
-Screen shake added to ZPU 
-Camera stay time on guided sa-3 reduced to 2 seconds 
-New explosions for mines and C4 
-Added F-117 armed with GBU-27 bomb. Same power as scud. 
-Added Gaskin AA variant of BRDM 
-Guided SA-3 missiles explode when out of fuel, launch effect and screen shake added 
-Moved BRDM supply depot away from driver 


-SMAW/RPG blast radius slightly higher 
-MK19 has doubled rate of fire, damage unchanged 
-Rate of fire changed for shotguns
-VSS slightly reduced power 
-New Humvee handling code
-Fixed the massive blast radius of the MGs and RHIB 
-1 stab kills with knife 
-Reduced spiral on Hydras 
-New US player model 
-New M9 model 
-Many new explosion effects 
-New bullet impacts 
-Many new sounds for weapons and vehicles 
-Removed bullet whiz sounds for shotguns 
-Modified muzzle flashes for many weapons 
-New smoke trails 
-Icons added for all useable objects in vehicles 
-Modified screen shakes for weapons 
-New Environment sounds added to most maps


-Artillery velocity reduction for improved arc 
-Sniper rifles fire faster. 
-MBTs with more momentum to the turrets, longer reload time, more powerful shell. 
-MLRS and BM21 turret speed given momentum like the M109 
-Created proper Iraqi SA-7 armory 
-new soundscript for mortar in flight 
-Renewed special impact effects for heavy calibers 
-Mk19 given higher rate of fire with smaller clip and more spread 
-New SA-3 system with joystick control made from Tan mod

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