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Hey Soldiers Check The Desert Combat Realism Mod


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Hey Soldiers Check The Desert Combat Realism Mod

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Download 'dcrealisminstall.exe' (15.83MB)

Desert Combat Realism Mod for DC 0.7 (15 May 2004)

Created by Mister D, with assistance from DC Dev Tanelorn

[email protected]




This mod is an attempt to bring DC gameplay closer to how the real equipment behaves. It is a continuation of the previous Tanelorn Realism Mod under new leadership.


I have not created this mod to rival the DC team. More, to appeal to hard-liners and prior service. It improves immersion by making the equipment behave more closely to what you would expect from real world counterparts. I *HAVE NOT* taken a truly realistic posture, as we all know how superior US equipment is to third world counterparts. 


So please give this mod a try. It's a swift download, and makes no permanent or extensive changes to your DC directory.




THe self-installer should automatically detect your install directory and install the mod. It belongs in your Battlefield1942/mods/ directory


To create a shortcut to this mod, I suggest duplicating your Desert Combat shortcut, and in the target field:

replace +game DesertCombat 

with +game DC_Realism


*** end installation ***





- Valid maps (Co-op, Conquest, TDM): 

  - Aberdeen 

  - Battleaxe 

  - Battle of the Bulge 

  - Berlin 

  - Bocage day 3 

  - Al Khafji Docks

  - Basrah's Edge

  - Battle of 73 Easting 

  - Desert Shield

  - Lost Village

  - No Fly Zone

  - Oil Fields

  - Sea Rigs

  - Urban Siege

  - Weapon Bunkers 

  - El Alamein  

  - El Alamein day 3 

  - Gazala 

  - Kharkov day 2 

  - Omaha Beach 

  - Stalingrad 

  - Tobruk 


*** end map list ***



- T-72 sight uses smoothing for a higher-quality image, but suffers from alpha-priority issues. Trees and smoke effects tend to block out parts of the sight.

- Tanks using optics tend to fire off-center when rotated 90 degrees left or right. 

- Deployable equipment that uses spring physics for self-righting tend to rotate in place when on an incline, like other BF1942 vehicles.

- Not really an issue, but the M2A3 does not contain the features it deserves as a Cav Scout vehicle





Revision history has been deleted. The number of changes in this mod has become so comprehensive that a full list was perilously difficult to create (read: tedious and boring!)


Therefore, this is a list of most significant improvements the mod has made from stock DC


- around 21 spawnable classes including Rangers, Airborne, Republican Guard, Navy Seals, Recon, Multiple sniper classes, suicide bomber

- Variants for most every aircraft including helicopters

- M1A1 and T72 can toggle ammunition types with pitch up / pitch down keys. Gunner's optic reflects changes

- Changes to weapon damage systems to more closely reflect real life.

- Changes to weapon reload times for above reason

- Firearm system with iron sights, aimpoint moving recoil. 

- New spawn menu interface with custom graphics

- Unique classes include class patch reminder in knife inventory slot menu

- Removal of parachutes from all but airborne and pilot classes

- Vehicle disabling system requires overkill to completely destroy many vehicles

- Most jets given redesigned flight characteristics: faster with larger turn radius. Every aircraft with unique flight envelope

- Helicopter gunships given nosegunner-fired AT missiles

- Enhanced joystick controlled SA-3 with out-of-fuel detonation to prevent exploits (DCX)

- Multiple new static defense systems including tripod-mounted guns and AT missiles. 

- New minimap icons as per tactical military equipment symbology.

- Revised HMMWV, BRDM, and DPV spring properties for improved off-road performance and reduced terrain damage

- Many map revisions to include new vehicle types, balance changes, inclusion of many new player classes

- Removal of mobile spawn from helicopters.

- All vehicles capable of artillery call given binoculars weapon icon as reminder

- Many vehicle weapon icons given caliber reminder label

- Created Iraqi howitzer and howitzer battery from Pak-40 from Liberation of Cain map

- Enhancements to many firing and some impact effects

- BMP-1 created

- BMP-2 cannon revised to 500rpm real-world behavior (fires 30mm APDS rounds with heatup)

- M2A3 Bushmaster cannon revised to 200 RPM real-world behavior (fires 25mm HEI rounds)

- Shilka revised to real-world behavior (fires all four barrels at once, with heatup for balance)

- Static Nimitz given spawning defenses that can be destroyed, and entry points set near each weapon.



================= CREDITS =====================

This mod contains no directly-copied code from other mods. However, code examples from other mods were used to develop some RealMod objects.



Models: Exocet model

Code inspiration: SA-3 guided missiles, helicopter flares, many innovative ideas.


Forgotten Hope: 

Models: PPSH magazine

Code inspiration: Rotating static defenses, Flak88 ammunition type toggle, tank gun optics.


DC: Obvious. ;)


Loadscreen, soundscripting, some code and model contributions: Tanelorn


Previous code from v0.6: Tanelorn


Music: Justin Durban, Edgen Animations


Beta Testers: Most beta testing was done locally, with periodic playtesting occurring on a larger scale with Lake Area Gamers patrons.


{LAG} Spellbinder

{LAG} Thumper

{LAG} Zerreck

{LAG} Driller

101st Sgt. Queby

.50 cal Thud

No.Name / Wayne

Sheik Yabootie


Secret Weapon


Full Metal Jacket



.671 grains

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