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Hey there soldiers! The Desert Combat Realism Mod team has released their latest version: .793! This new version adds a slew of changes an...


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Hey there soldiers! The Desert Combat Realism Mod team has released their latest version: .793! This new version adds a slew of changes and updates that you just cant miss! Download it now! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!

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Download 'dcrealismv793.exe' (19.84MB)

This new version further refines the mod to encourage more realistic engagements, in addition to many vehicle, equipment, and map adjustments. A full changelist is at the end of this message, but here are the more significant features of this latest release:

- Tank smoke: White Phosphorous smoke dischargers have been added to all MBTs and IFVs

- Gunners optics: IFVs have been given gunner's optics, the M1A1 has been given a gunner's auxilliary sight to aid in ranged fire.

- Vehicle Lock: Complex vehicles such as MBTs and aircraft can not be operated by the opposite side.

- New handweapons / models: M14 + tacsight, AK-74 scoped, Car-15 Masterkey, AT-4

- Pantsyr given guided AA missiles + 2x30mm AA cannons

And of course, DCR continues to offer:

- Selectable ammunition types in MBTs and IFVs
- Over 20 different class kits
- Many new vehicle variants
- Overhauled firearms recoil and accuracy system
- Significantly redesigned maps
- Greater emphasis on teamwork
- many other changes which improve realism and encourage teamwork

In addition, several DCR specific maps are in the works which will showcase
the uniqueness of the mod and carry a stronger military operation theme. We
intend these maps to carry a campaign-style progression complete with day 2
and day 3 variants.Ā 

One map is expected to be released by 25 July 2004

Revision from 0.792 to 0.793

- complex vehicles such as tanks and aircraft locked to the enemy


- M1974 given stronger springs to reduce bottoming out
- Fletcher artillery call fixed
- Some fighters given quicker roll reflexes
- M1A1 gunner given 3.5x zoom
- M1A1 gunner given fine and coarse turret control
- BRDM spandrel gunners sight fixed
- MBT tank shell damage increased
- Mortar aimiming slowed for more precision
- Jet AA guns increased in effectiveness
- 70mm and 80mm FFAR vs. MBT damage reduced
- Resupply vehicles have slight repair ability
- Smoke grenade code improved
- Jets and Helos now have radar warning and guided missile warning
- Soldiers have bleeding effect and low HP warning
- SA3 pitch and rool adjusted for better control
- Helicopters given working wheels to improve landing stability
- Rifle accuracy penalties during movement increased.
- AT and AA weapons given slower accuracy recovery after movement
- Bradley M2A2 created with mobile spawn ability
- Repair and rearm ability removed from M2A3
- Created SU-25 with bombs variant
- F16 and Harrier given Mk82 in place of Mk83
- Iraqi mines become buried with trip-pin sticking above
- New intermediate A2A missile damage model created
- Pantsyr given guided AA missiles and twin 30mm cannons
- All jets uniformly given lower top-speed
- A-10 handling adjusted for more momentum
- Flares now also release radar-confusing countermeasures
- Armored vehicles may experience ammunition explosions when on fire
- Passengers in the littlebird can now look around
- Stingers and SA-7 given some innacuracy to prevent sniping
- All spawn menu classes given graphical text descriptions.
- Airburst WP smoke added to MBTs and IFVs
- Added weapon sway to rifles and machineguns
- New AT-4 model with permission from Silent Heroes
- New AK-74 scoped model
- Misc map tweaks
- Other smaller undocumented vehicle and equipment tweaks


Desert Combat Realism Mod for DC 0.7 (15 May 2004)
Created by Mister D, with assistance from DC Dev Tanelorn


This mod is an attempt to bring DC gameplay closer to how the real equipment behaves. It is a continuation of the previous Tanelorn Realism Mod under new leadership.

I have not created this mod to rival the DC team. More, to appeal to hard-liners and prior service. It improves immersion by making the equipment behave more closely to what you would expect from real world counterparts. I *HAVE NOT* taken a truly realistic posture, as we all know how superior US equipment is to third world counterparts. 

So please give this mod a try. It's a swift download, and makes no permanent or extensive changes to your DC directory.

The zip file is organized to reflect the directory structure of your BF1942/mods folder. You will see one folder within this zip file, called DC_Tanelorn. This folder goes into your Mods directory. 

The following files are included in this zip (with pathnames)
/mods/DC_Tanelorn/archives/bf1942/levels/(many level files)

To create a shortcut to this mod, I suggest duplicating your Desert Combat shortcut, and in the target field:
replace +game DesertCombat 
with +game DC_Realism

While it is not necessary to play the mod, in order to see the DC movie and hear the DC music, you will need to copy the movie and music files from Desert Combat to the DC Realism folders. They are located in: 

*** end installation ***


- Valid maps (Co-op, Conquest, TDM): 
- Aberdeen 
- Battleaxe 
- Battle of the Bulge 
- Berlin 
- Bocage day 3 
- Al Khafji Docks
- Basrah's Edge
- Battle of 73 Easting 
- Desert Shield
- Lost Village
- No Fly Zone
- Oil Fields
- Sea Rigs
- Urban Siege
- Weapon Bunkers 
- El Alamein 
- El Alamein day 3 
- Gazala 
- Kharkov day 2 
- Omaha Beach 
- Stalingrad 
- Tobruk 

*** end map list ***

- T-72 sight uses smoothing for a higher-quality image, but suffers from alpha-priority issues. Trees and smoke effects tend to block out parts of the sight.
- Tanks using optics tend to fire off-center when rotated 90 degrees left or right. 
- Deployable equipment that uses spring physics for self-righting tend to rotate in place when on an incline, like other BF1942 vehicles.
- Not really an issue, but the M2A3 does not contain the features it deserves as a Cav Scout vehicle


Revision history has been deleted. The number of changes in this mod has become so comprehensive that a full list was perilously difficult to create (read: tedious and boring!)

Therefore, this is a list of most significant improvements the mod has made from stock DC

- around 21 spawnable classes including Rangers, Airborne, Republican Guard, Navy Seals, Recon, Multiple sniper classes, suicide bomber
- Variants for most every aircraft including helicopters
- M1A1 and T72 can toggle ammunition types with pitch up / pitch down keys. Gunner's optic reflects changes
- Changes to weapon damage systems to more closely reflect real life.
- Changes to weapon reload times for above reason
- Firearm system with iron sights, aimpoint moving recoil. 
- New spawn menu interface with custom graphics
- Unique classes include class patch reminder in knife inventory slot menu
- Removal of parachutes from all but airborne and pilot classes
- Vehicle disabling system requires overkill to completely destroy many vehicles
- Most jets given redesigned flight characteristics: faster with larger turn radius. Every aircraft with unique flight envelope
- Helicopter gunships given nosegunner-fired AT missiles
- Enhanced joystick controlled SA-3 with out-of-fuel detonation to prevent exploits (DCX)
- Multiple new static defense systems including tripod-mounted guns and AT missiles. Small tripods use Forgotten Hope model.
- New minimap icons as per tactical military equipment symbology.
- Revised HMMWV, BRDM, and DPV spring properties for improved off-road performance and reduced terrain damage
- Many map revisions to include new vehicle types, balance changes, inclusion of many new player classes
- Removal of mobile spawn from helicopters.
- All vehicles capable of artillery call given binoculars weapon icon as reminder
- Many vehicle weapon icons given caliber reminder label
- Created Iraqi howitzer and howitzer battery from Pak-40 from Liberation of Cain map
- Enhancements to many firing and some impact effects
- BMP-1 created
- BMP-2 cannon revised to 500rpm real-world behavior (fires 30mm APDS rounds with heatup)
- M2A3 Bushmaster cannon revised to 200 RPM real-world behavior (fires 25mm HEI rounds)
- Shilka revised to real-world behavior (fires all four barrels at once, with heatup for balance)
- Static Nimitz given spawning defenses that can be destroyed, and entry points set near each weapon.

================= CREDITS =====================
This mod contains no directly-copied code from other mods. However, code examples from other mods were used to develop some RealMod objects.

Models: Exocet model
Code inspiration: SA-3 guided missiles, helicopter flares, many innovative ideas.

Forgotten Hope: 
Models: PPSH magazine
Code inspiration: Rotating static defenses, Flak88 ammunition type toggle, tank gun optics.

DC: Obvious. ;)

Loadscreen, soundscripting, some code and model contributions: Tanelorn

Previous code from v0.6: Tanelorn

Music: Justin Durban, Edgen Animations

Beta Testers: Most beta testing was done locally, with periodic playtesting occurring on a larger scale with Lake Area Gamers patrons.
{LAG} Spellbinder
{LAG} Thumper
{LAG} Zerreck
{LAG} Driller
101st Sgt. Queby
.50 cal Thud
No.Name / Wayne
Sheik Yabootie
Secret Weapon
Full Metal Jacket
.671 grains

Special information

The automatic rifleman normally would carry handgrenades, but depends on an assistant gunner to provide additional ammunition. Because assistant gunners are fairly pointless in DC, the automatic rifleman carries 2 reloads and no grenades.

This mod uses military equipment symbology to represent vehicles and static equipment on the minimap. Refer to the following documents for more information:

The static nimitz uses spawning and destroyable defenses. These defenses must be approached and entered. Special entry and exit points have been placed immediately behind each defense. 

To quickly switch between each position, use these entry points, select a new point, and exit. Camera views and position dots will indicate your position on the Nimitz.

Use the ramp raise/lower buttons to alternate between ammunition types. The gunner's reticle will indicate the selected ammunition.

The following ammunition types are available on the MBTs:
T72: HEAT and FRAG

Ammunition descriptions:

APFSDS: Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot. A high velocity kinetic-kill projectile designed specifically for defeating heavy armor. The flechette breaks apart upon penetration, killing the crew with heat and fragmented armor. It is ineffective against lighter armors and soft targets, which are not thick enough to produce the pyophoric and fragmention effect. Because the game can not reproduce the killing of tank crews, heavy tanks will take heavy damage and be disabled / destroyed as with other weapons.

HEAT: An armor defeating shaped-charge explosive round. HEAT rounds are effective against all target types due to their explosive impact, however they are less effective against thick MBT armor than APFSDS.

Fragmentation: A bursting fragmentation round that is very effective against personnel and soft targets. Lightly armored vehicles can be damaged with a direct impact. Heavier armors completely resist this round.

Tank gunners have been given F9 nosecam option for a clearer view to aid navigation.

The F-14 copilot has control over fuselage mounted Sparrow missiles, and has a 30 degree cone of fire.

The Mirage carries an exocet missile which flies just above the surface of the water and is used against naval vessels. To use this weapon effectively, it is best to fly low and level with the water, then fire the missile when lined up with the target. Firing the missile from higher altitudes or in a dive may cause the missile to fly off-course when it meets the water.

Ammo crates no longer restock vehicles. Vehicles must be resupplied in vehicle repair garages or by mobile supply vehicles. These vehicles can rearm other land vehicles within 15m. They are armed for self defense.

- Mi-8 Transports
There are two Mi-8 variants, neither of which have mobile spawns.
One variant offers medical assistance and ammunition resupply to troops and vehicles. The other carries 57mm FFAR rocket pods. Both can transport troops and drop flares.

- IFVs
The BMP-2 uses a 30mm autocannon with Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized penetrator rounds. It fires at 500rpm but quickly overheats. The rounds are less effective at very long range.

The BMP-1 73mm main gun actually fires RPG-7 rounds which are fed by an autoloader. The effectiveness of this cannon is equal to that of the hand-held RPG-7, but has increased range and flatter trajectory.

The M2A3 Bradley IFV uses a 25mm Bushmaster autocannon with 25mm High Explosive Incendiary rounds. It fires at 200 rpm and is capable of sustained fire. Use the TOW system for defeating armor.

The AT-4 and the RPG-18 are more effective than the SMAW and the RPG-7 at defeating thicker armor. They are single-use weapons, however, and can not be reloaded. To prevent ammobox exploitation, these weapons can not be restocked.

Iraqi engineers can prepare defensive positions with deployable sandbags. THese sandbags can be destroyed with C4 and other high explosives.

Howitzers and some other defensive items can be slowly rotated with the left/right movement keys. 

The SMAW is a reloadable high-explosive fortification breach weapon. It is highly effective against soft targets and infantry in the open or behind cover. The HE warhead will be ineffective against thick armor.

The SMAW is equipped with a tracer firing system that will help you estimate elevation to strike distant targets. Choose the SMAW tracer in your inventory, aim and fire. Note the flight of the tracer, and estimate the correct aimpoint. Switch to the SMAW, elevate, and fire.

The AT-4 uses a peep-hole iron-sight which can be adjusted for elevation in real life but not in-game. The sight is set for approximately 100m. 

Pin-mounted weapons which are not equipped with mechanical stabilizers will tilt to a resting position according to gravity when unattended. You will experience a weak pull when using these weapons.

- AT-4 iron-sight
The AT-4 uses a peep-hole iron-sight which can be adjusted for elevation in real life but not in-game. The sight is set for approximately 100m. 

The suicide weapons, needless to say, will become exploitable if friendly fire is not enabled.

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