Desert Combat Sound (0.35e)

Desert Combat Sound Detail Final By Highway DC 0.35e and 44khz only! Updated: -0.35e compatibility -New humvee engine...


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Desert Combat Sound Detail Final
By Highway

DC 0.35e and 44khz only!


-0.35e compatibility
-New humvee engine, much more realistic
-High quality tank sounds

This mod is a near-total conversion of the Desert Combat sounds to present more detail to what is a very detailed game. Much effort has gone into making the sounds as powerful and high-tech as possible. I have also incorporated elements of William A. Mitchell IV's WAMMOD for BF1942 which fit in nicely with my custom weapons. The list of changes follows:

Coalition weapons:

Berretta - Brightened up
M16 - Reworked original sound to give more edge
M249 SAW - Reworked
M25 Sniper - New shell eject, tamed the decay
MP5 - Reworked
Remington - Added reload, reduced decay
SMAW - Modified sound and added missile fx

Opposition weapons:

Browning - Brighter
AK47 - Reworked original and fixed decay sound
Tabuk Sniper - Tamed decay
PKM - Sharper and louder
RPG - Modified
Stinger - Modified

Coalition Vehicles:

M1A1 - New main gun and browning
M163 - Cool modified sound
Humvee TOW - Modified sound with fx
MLRS - Added missile flight sound
Bradley - New main gun
M-109 - New main gun from WAMMOD, new mounted browning
A10 - New cockpit sounds, new main gun (no more vacuum cleaner)
F-16 - New cockpit sounds, added new dangerous dive sound
AH64 - Brighter MG and louder overall
UH-60 - New cool minigun sound
AC-130 - WAMMOD Howitzer, new minigun

Opposition vehicles:

T-72 - New mounted MG, WAMMOD main gun
BRDM2 - New main gun
Shilka - Chunky new sound
M-1974 - WAMMOD main gun
SCUD - Missile flight sound, would like to do more on this but it shares it's sound with the MLRS.
Mig29 - New cockpit sounds
Su-21 - New main gun
Hind - Louder, new MG

Radio messages have had modern artifacts added and I changed some sounds (there are about 10 voice messages included in the original BF sound .rfa that I'd never heard in game, 'Charge' and 'Grenade' are some examples)

Almost all explosions have been replaced (WAMMOD) or modified as well as fixed AA and MGs on both sides. Same goes for the ambients like footsteps (much more realistic).

Some original DC sounds were sampled at only 22khz so I resampled and enhanced them. Almost all the sounds have been treated in Sound Forge to sound good loud.

Back up the original sound.rfa located in:
Battlefield 1942ModsDesertCombatArchives
and replace with the sound.rfa in this zip.

Overwrite my sound.rfa with the original one you backed before installing.

Bugs/suggestions -

Thanks go out to:

William A. Mitchell IV for the WAMMOD

{GDC}Lord wildwing for his excellent work with the MOHAA sounds

Gunslinger for some explosions

DC team for setting new standards for an Alpha release ;)

probably more people...let me know if I missed you.

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