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Desert combat desktop theme Created by nbtaz and assisted by roclec. 04.24.2003



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Desert combat desktop theme Created by nbtaz and assisted by roclec. 04.24.2003

I Introduction & Requirements II Installation Instructions III Troubleshooting IV History V Copywrite Info

I Introduction & Requirements

To use this theme, you must have Windows 95 & Microsoft Plus, or Windows 98.

NOTE- If you have an early release of Windows 95, you may need to obtain the latest version of Microsoft Netshow to hear the sound effects. Netshow is a free utility that can always be downloaded from "".

Please understand that I do NOT offer technical support or installation help for any of my themes to anybody. If you are having trouble, please read this entire document carefully. It will contain

II Installation Instructions- 1) To install desert combat theme, you must first unzip the files into your current themes directory (generally found in C:/Program Files/Plus!/themes/). You must use a decompression tool that supports long filenames such as Winzip 6.0 or higher. The latest version of winzip can be downloaded from ""

Make sure that the "Use Folder Names" option is selected so that the files will go into their appropriate directories.

2) You may now select 2 times for a full installation of the theme by opening the thememanager in control panel. You should see the 'Gulfwar-Tank' theme listed in the list of available themes.

III Troubleshooting- 1) If you cannot hear sound effects, you do not have the microsoft MP3 codec installed. This codec comes with Windows 98, but Windows 95 users should download the latest version of Microsoft's 'NETSHOW'. It can be downloaded from "".

2) If you cannot see the stylized text, you did not properly install the Haettenschweiler font. Please re-read step 3 above.

3) If windows crashes every time you attempt to open the file, you have run across one of Microsofts many 'undocumented features'. Namely, the JPG decoder installed by MS Office is incompatible with that used by PLUS! For more info and a fix, visit Microsloth's website at "".

4) The theme cannot find any of the files it needs! - You did not extract the file properly. Please re-read step 1 in the installation instructions.

V Copywrite Info & Credits-

All components of this theme are the intellectual property of the author, and may not be re-used without author's permission. Many of the sound effects contain components that may be the intellectual property of other parties (Please see below). This theme is freeware, so if you paid money for it (like on a shareware CD), you just got ripped off.

Credits- Music Clips- "Rumours of Egypt" - David Arkenstone "" - Halflife CD Track 12

SFX Samples- "Spearhead" - Interactive Magic "M1 Tank Platoon 2" - Microprose CNN

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