Desert Combat US Delta Force Reskin

A mild retexture of the DC soldier skin.


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A mild retexture of the DC soldier skin.

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================Desert Combat US Delta Force Reskin================


1.  Unless you have knowledge of BF skins and editing you must download the DCtexturesets 
by Headhunter and myself (Spyd3r).

This can be located here:

2.   Once you have the DCtexturesets mod installed you should have a new folder in your 
BF1942 directory called DCtextures.

Add the new map folders included in the zip into this directory.
(Directory is default "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\DCTextures" )

Folders correspond to the levels...
Docks= DC_Al_Khafji_Docks
LostVillage= DC_lostvillage
OilFields = DC_Oil_Fields

3. After you have placed the three map folders in DCtextures make your way to the directory
"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels"

You should see a bunch of map folders such as "gazala.rfa", "Omaha_Beach.rfa" etc...

Once this folder is located place the files located in "New Rfa's for DC Textureset mod"
in this directory

4.  Place the dds files located in "Delta Skins" into the map folders that you wish the 
skin to appear in.


If you are experiencing any difficulties or have noticed any bugs with the skin please
E-mail or msn me at

================================Special Thanks================================

I would like to thank the Desert Combat team for creating such a fantastic mod and for 
revolutionizing the way that we play Battlefield.

Thanks to CXZAR (cesar) for giving me the initiative and supplying information related 
to the skin, I would not, and could not have done this without you

Thanks to Headhunter for releasing the DCtextureset mods, and allowing my first Forest 
Camouflage skin to be involved with the release...(by the way Headhunter, drop me a line 
buddy I never hear from ya anymore)

Thanks to all those on the forums and for 
supporting me and my skins.

Thank you for downloading and enjoy :)

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