Detroit Miss

A decent skin by CoyotePete. Have a look:


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A decent skin by CoyotePete. Have a look:


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P-51D "Detroit Miss" Textures for Battlefield 1942
by CoyotePete~tfr.

Well, first of all, thanks for downloading these textures! I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them, and if you send me enough comments I might just make another set.

"Detroit Miss" is the name of the P-51D flown by Lt. Urban "Ben" Drew of the 375th Fighter Squadron of the 361st Fighter Group. He, and his aircraft, were made famous, when Lt. Drew shot down two Me-262 jets during a sortie over the Me-262 base at Achen. Urban ended the war with a total of 6 air-to-air kills and one ground kill.

The textures featured here are as faithful as possible to the original "Detroit Miss", but unfortunatly there are some limitations due to the way BF1942 draws textures on the P-51. The tail number had to be changed to 473101 since the rudder graphic is mirrored and cannot be customized on one side individually. The wing tips are not red, since there is a certain part of the wing tip that I couldn't manage to skin. The lack of suitable photographs also meant that some parts of the aircraft had to be left to my own imagination, but I'm very satisfied with the results.

Note that these textures feature extensive work on reflections, and to see them you must have "Environmental Mapping" turned on in your Video Options.

INSTALLATION: Simply put the "Texture_007DetroitMiss.rfa" file into your "C:\Whatever your BF1942 directory is\Archives" folder. Please note that you can only have one set of P-51D Mustang textures installed, so if you had other custom textures for it previously, you will have to uninstall them before using these.

CREDITS: First of all, to Ryan Foss, who created the superb MakeRFA utility. The ease in installing these textures would be nonexistant without his work. Also, to my buddies in the TFR squad, for their moral support :) ( Third, I would like to thank my family for not murdering me in my sleep. I wouldn't be around if they didn't have infinite patience.

LEGAL STUFFS: Everything in this file is FREEWARE. You may NOT charge anyone for the use or download of these textures. You can use and modify any part of these textures as long as you send me an email (info below) about it, you credit me for the textures if you release the modified ones, and you do not charge anyone for use or download of the textures. You may upload it to any FREE site as long as you credit me as the creator of the textures.

COMMENTS AND CONTACT: If you wish to send me comments or questions, or anything else for that matter (except spam), you can email me at:
You can ICQ me at: 74024332, MSN is my email, and I've got Yahoo! Messenger too. (Yes, I have no life. I admit it.) Also check out the squad I'm in, Task Force Recon, at .

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