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Ever played Day of Defeat for Half-Life? I know many have, its a popular HL mod.

This here is a port of the weapon sounds from DOD. I m...


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Ever played Day of Defeat for Half-Life? I know many have, its a popular HL mod.

This here is a port of the weapon sounds from DOD. I myself enjoy the retail BF sounds just fine, but to all their own.

As far as i know this is the first weapon sound mod, so give it a run and see if ya like it ;)

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Download '' (1.12MB)

DoD Soundpack for Battlefield 1942 Release v1.0 (internal version 2.4)
by [DH] Pvt_Parts  
[email protected]  (comments, suggestions welcome!)


As a long time fan of the Day of Defeat Half-Life modification, I was disappointed by the low quality of the 1942
weapon sounds.  This is my attempt to make others who are accustomed to the DoD sounds feel more 'at home' in
1942.  While every effort was made to reproduce the DoD sounds as precisely as possible, there are certain
limitations in the current 1942 engine design that could not be overcome (although my lack of expertise may have
something to do with that).  The automatic weapons use a sample length of about 100ms or less, the sample being
looped in sync with the rate of fire.  This unconventional method limits the amount of detail in the sample itself and
causes an abrupt silence after firing.  Additionaly, some sounds are used more than once in a sequence, or used in
multiple weapons.  For example, if you listen closely to the bolt action rifles reload, you will hear that after inserting the
clip, the bolt back/forward sound is played (where he should only close the bolt at that point).  But in spite of these
considerations, even if you have never heard of DoD, I believe you'll find that these sounds are far superior to the

Read the list of changes at the bottom of this readme if you'd like to install them selectively.



*  See the following uninstallation section for backup/restoral procedures.

*  Before extracting the soundpack archive, you'll need to uncompress the contents of 
    your 1942\Archives\sound.rfa file using Moseley's RFA Extractor.  You can download that program
    here:  (Note, you must have
    Microsoft's .NET framework installed in order to use RFA Extractor.  It is available here:

*  Extract your 1942\Archives\sound.rfa file to your game directory, ie.,
   C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\

*  When the extraction is complete, you should have the following directories:
   C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\sound\ 
   C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\sound\11khz
   C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\sound\22khz
   C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\sound\44kHz

* Once you've verified that these directories have been created, rename 1942\Archives\sound.rfa to
  something else, ie., sound_notinuse.rfa.   (This step is critical)

*  Extract the '' archive (inside the main "" archive) to your game directory, ie.,
   C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\
* You must set your sound options to indicated 22KHz and Medium or High detail in order to hear all sounds.
   Note: These samples are in 22KHz format, but will work in 11KHz and 44KHz modes as well.  If you'd like to 
   use 11KHz or 44KHz modes, simply copy the new sounds into that folder.


*  If you are already using custom sounds, backup the appropriate folder (11/22/44KHz) before installing.
   Otherwise, simply rename '1942\Archives\sound_notinuse.rfa' back to 'sound.rfa'


New sounds:                    Description:                         Source:      		              Notes:
				                (D = DoD v2.1, O = Other)        

* Kar & mono                'Kar98/sniper firing'                 D  "Kar_shoot"                       Noise removed
* Bar & mono                'Bar firing'                                  D  "BAR_shoot"                    Converted to <100ms sample length
* Walther & mono         'Walther firing'                           D   "Luger_shoot"                 Noise removed
* Colt & mono                'Colt firing'                                D   "Colt_shoot"                     Noise removed
* browncoax                  'Allied coaxial firing'                 D   "30cal_shoot"                  Converted, filtered
* brown & mono            'Allied mounted MGs'              D   "30cal_shoot"                  Converted
* MG42LR & MG42      'Axis mounted MGs'                D   "mg42_shoot"                  Converted
* mg42coax                   'Axis coaxial firing'                   D   "mg42_shoot"                  Converted, filtered
* mp18 & mono             'Mp18 firing'                             D    "greasegun_shoot"         Converted, modified
* mp40 & mono             'Mp40 firing'                             D    "MP40_shoot"                 Converted
* Sg44 & mono              'Stg44 firing'                            D    "MP44_shoot"                 Converted, freq. matched
* no4 & mono                 'No.4/sniper firing'                   D    "Spring_shoot"                Noise removed
* thompson & mono       'Thompson firing'                    D    "thompson_shoot"           Converted
* rifle-distance1.wav      '3rd person rifle report'           O     Original                            Amplified slightly
* grancolsand.wav         'Grenade colliding w/ground' D    "grenade_hit3"                 Noise removed
* newexpl3.wav              'Grenade exploding'               D    "explode3"                        Noise removed
* snpreload.wav	     'Bolt action for rifles'               D    "boltback"                         Noise removed
                                                                                                  "boltforward"                    Combined and re-timed
* rl2bar.wav                     'Bar remove clip'  (also          D    "tommy_reload_clipout"  Noise removed     
                                          used for Sg44, Thompson)                        
* rl3bar.wav                     'Bar insert clip'                         D    "tommy_reload_clipin"   Noise removed
* rl4bar.wav                     'Bar bolt forward' (also            D    "tommy_draw_slideback"   Separated into rl4 and rl5
                                          used for Sg44) 
* rl5bar.wav                       'bolt back'                               D          "            "            "                   "            "     "     "     "            "
* ammorefill.wav               Ammo station                        D     "mgbolt.wav"                   Noise removed, filtered
* SOWAMUD3.wav         'Walk-on-mud' sound             O     Original                            Filtered
* repair.wav                      'Engineer/station repair'        O      Web site                         Stretched (it's an air ratchet)

Things to do: New aircraft machine gun sounds ripped from Maddox Games' IL2 Sturmovik.

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