DS Football

Route99 has created a very interesting map for all you hardcore 1942 fans.


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Route99 has created a very interesting map for all you hardcore 1942 fans.

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Download 'ds_football.rar' (8.53MB)

Battlefield 1942

DS Football

Basically you start out on your opponents side of the field.
The object is to grab the flag and make it back to you base with out 
getting Super Zooked, X-Packed, Def Gunned, Car Bombed or Rammed.  
Is sounds easy, but with 10 or 12 players on each side this turns into 
mayhem in a heart beat.

*** CAUTION***  Turn up your TK’s before kick server side – You’ll need it!

There are two files:
Server Side – Server Side Map 
Client Side – Client Side Map (Not Modded)

Instructions: Place the server side map in your server and place the client side map in your local machine.

*NOTE* You can place the server file in your single player if you wish, but you will hear the annoying Katusha Rocket Engines 

CLIENT PATH: C: Program Files\EAGames\Battlefield1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\Levels\

SERVER PATH: Root Directory for your Battlefield 1942 levels folder

This Map Features:
Turbo Jeeps (Blackmedal, Willys, KettenKrads, Tanks)
Car Bombs (Blackmedal Horn)
Super Zooks (Pick up item on the map; One at each flag)

Creator: Route99
Clan: Teamdisciples
Web Site: Teamdisciples.net
Featured on Server:
E-Mail: route99@sbcglobal.net


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