Durchlauf - The Hilltop Battle

This is a great map based on fact and history. Download it now for a great experience!


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This is a great map based on fact and history. Download it now for a great experience!

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Durchlauf, which means 'Hilltop' in German, is a small map designed around CTF, but still works in Conquest and TDM as well. Not only are the obligatory main bases supplied, but there are two other control points that actually MEAN something to hold them. One, the air strip, which houses the maps only air power. Two, the hilltop, which houses the maps only artillery and anti aircraft gunnery (Not to mention, is a great strategic point just for it's view.) 

The air strip will be vital if you wish to supply your forces with air support. This small area of the map will probably be the most contested in the entire game. 

The hilltop, after which this map is named, is an incredibly useful strategic point. Not only does it have the only repair pad in the game, the only APC in the game, the only artillery units in the game, and the only anti-aircraft guns in the game, but it is chock full of excellent sniper points. It is, without a doubt, the central focal point of the entire map, yet, blends right in to the surrounding scenery quite well. The path to get on top of the hill was deliberately designed to leave tanks and jeeps at a disadvantage, though, they CAN make it if you work hard enough at it. 

This is a small map, and promises to be lots of fun for even large groups of people. While it does work in Conquest and Team Death Match, it was designed around Capture the Flag, and made to be comparable to maps produced by the original designers. There is a strong attention to detail in this map. From the subtle design of control point balancing, to the numerous sniper points throughout the entire map (as well as various places for snipers to reload with less danger), this map has quite a lot packed into a small package. 

If you see me online, -]GG[- Rexxx, say hi, and let me know what you think.

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