Have you ever wanted to make a map....THE EASY WAY?! Well then this is the program for you. It is Editor42 .41 (beta)


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Have you ever wanted to make a map....THE EASY WAY?! Well then this is the program for you. It is Editor42 .41 (beta)

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Download 'editor42-041-beta.zip' (758KB)


Version 0.41 BETA

* What's new in this readme file
  - You are invited to read Changes in Version 0.41.
  - Added recovery in changes for 0.4

This version adds some functionality and fixes some bugs in version 0.4
If you are updating from 0.4 to 0.41, simply overwrite the .exe
If you are updating from 0.31 or earlier, you must extract the full package.

For additional help and content, please visit Editor42 Official Website at:

Using this software means you agree with the disclaimer at the end of this document.


- ANTIVIRUS WARNING! Editor42 0.4 is distributed with scripts that may trigger some alerts
on your AntiVirus software. Those are false alarms and should be ignored. If your AntiVirus
automatically quarantines or deletes files, disable this feature before installing
and using Editor42.
- To pack your level into a RFA, make sure that you named the mod for this level first using
the Specify MOD option first. This mod name will be saved in a file that will then
be used by the packing script. It is possible that these features won't work on Win9x serie
since they require an up to date WSH service.
- Forest planter requires a minimal spread range, that is the minimal distance between trees.
It will then try to pack the provided number of tree using this minimal distance. The weight
is a value indicationg the probability this template will be chosen among the others.
- It seems that fog distance are a little off in Editor42 compared to ingame distances.
- A list of the most used templates was added. You can add templates to this list
by editing template_list.con file. Also, you can temporarily disable this list filtering
by unchecking filter templates in the different templates selection dialogs or by commenting
the template_list.con run instruction in editor's init.con.
- Take note that Editor42 will crash while saving when Soldier spawn template file is edited
by hand and malformed. This bug is currently under investigation. It is recommended that you
try to save your level once before working on it. That way you won't loose all your hard work
when saving.




1.1 - Create a directory where you will put Editor42 program (for instance c:\editor42\)

1.2 - Uncompress the Editor42 archive you downloaded into this directory

The provided init.con is a configuration file used by the editor, it must be in
the same directory as the editor itself. Do not use version 0.2 init.con.

Provided library directory must be a subdirectory of editor42.exe directory.


Editor42 won't read the RFA, so you need to extract them yourself.

2.1 - Create a directory where you will put your extracted content.
The location and name can be anything. In this section I will use
c:\bfdev\ as a reference.

2.2 - Create the following directories within the base directory.

2.3 - Extract the OBJECTS.RFA file included with the game and mods into
(With RFAExtractor, you will have to specify c:\bfdev\objects\)

2.3 - Extract the STANDARDMESH.RFA file included with the game and mods into
(With RFAExtractor, you will have to specify c:\bfdev\standardMesh\)

2.4 - Extract the TEXTURE.RFA file included with the game and mods into
(With RFAExtractor, you will have to specify c:\bfdev\texture\)

2.5 - Extract the needed levels' RFA file included with the game and mods into
(With RFAExtractor, you will have to specify c:\bfdev\)

2.6 - If you want to display trees, first convert the .TM into .SM using 3dMax
and then put them all in c:\bfdev\standardMesh\ . Don't forget the shaders (.RS) too.

Objects, texture and standard meshes need to be EXTRACTED for Edito42
to display them correctly, else it will use default box model and texture.


3.1 - The first time Editor42 runs, it will ask for several directories.
This dialog window is exactly the same as the one located at File->Directories menu.

3.2 - If your directory structure is as above, the ONLY directory you need to set
is the BASE directory. Change it accordingly. With the exameple above it should be

3.3 - Leave the other values as is -- Keep the $basePath tokens there! -- unless
you know what you doing.

3.4 - You can always change these directories at a later time in File->Directories menu.

3.5 - Open your level by clicking the yellow folder icon on the top of screen. A window should appear with a
list containing levels. If the list is empty, double check your level directory
and make sure your levels are EXTRACTED.

Keep the $basePath tokens. The EDITOR will replace them automatically.

Major changes:
* Added tons of options to Minimap generator

Minor changes:
* Added snap to grid option
* Added tooltips to toolbar buttons
* Added minimap button to main toolbar

Bug fixes:
* Removed a Unicode invoke crashing on non-Unicode machines (The dreaded crash to desktop in Win98 and WinMe)
* Fixed minimap generating transparent
* Fixed blank line being added at end of init.con files at every save
* Fixed misaligned out-of-bound and water on minimap with CombatArea not aligned to patch size

Major changes:
* Added tools menu functionality
  + You can now plug external applications to Editor42
  + See provided menu.con for more info
* Included RFA packing functionality to tools menu using MakeRFA freeware
  + Packing requires you to specify a MOD name for level using the appropriate option
* Added heightmap vertex manipulation tool 
  + You can now drag ground up and down using any brush
* Added possibility to change water level using (K key)
* Added fog preview (F key)
* Added forest planter (spread = minimal distance between trees)
* Added recovery. Editor42 will now attempt to make a level recovery when crashing
  + The recovered level, if succesful, will be located in LevelName(Recovery)

Minor changes:
* Unknown ObjectTemplate types are no longer ignored
  + It will now display more geometry such as kits and barbwires
* Physics.con is now also read to display additional geometries
* Extended shaders files support for increased performance
* A brush patch is now displayed on the terrain
* Added a spinky splash screen
* Added skybox
* Added editor.display.gridLinesWidth option (value unit is per-128th)
* Sun position is now saved
* Added drop shadow on inview text
* Added editor.templates.add that let you keep a list of most used templates
  + See provided template_list.con for more info
  + Also included Perfectionist's list from Madbull's editor
* Added static object counter, upper right corner in object mode.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed editor crashing when painting on a newly created map
* Removed a debug popup when loading bitmaps textures (that time, it's for real)
* Fixed soldier spawn templates being messed up when saved (repeated setSpawnId and groupId)
* Fixed clicking on right mouse button while adding soldier not canceling the action

Minor changes:
* Smoothing tool is now softer. Left mouse for light smooth, Right mouse for heavier blur.

Bug fixes:
* Ground textures higher than Tx07x07 are now loaded.
* Fixed ingame minimap not generated correctly when grid is on.
* Fixed most object spawners not being displayed correctly.
* Fixed editor crashing when some ground textures are missing.
* Fixed creation of soldier spawn points not working at all.
* Fixed minimaps displaying as black on some hardware.
* Fixed save confirmation not showing on some situations.
* Template names for control points are now generated correctly for quoted names.

* Added Object mode (F4):
  + It will now display static objects, control points, spawners, soldier spawns and trees.
  + You can now add, delete, move, rotate, scale, flip and mirror static objects.
  + Left click to select, right drag to change, Return for properties.
  + Mouse Wheel or PageUp/PageDown for moving object up and down.
  + Insert for cloning selection.
* Added a tool that fills the entire map with current layer.
* Added undo capability on Heightmap and Material map.
* Added color adjust layer for adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, helps a lot for layers reuse.
* Added geometry transform layer for translating, scaling and rotating layers and textures.
* Editor42 will now adapt to provided texture space (textures don't need to be 1024 anymore)
  + They must all be the same size throughout the level though.
* Editor42 will now adapt to provided worldsize (no more worldsize 4 times heightmap).
* Material map no longer needs to be the same size as heightmap.

Minor changes:
* Added arrow keys moving just like ASDW.
* Changed some very ugly icons.
* Changed init.con path structure .
  + editor.openLevel no longer needs a dummy parameter (xxx).
  + editor.path.level must no longer have $levelName.
  + Added editor.path.base config line referred as $basePath.
  + Added editor.path.texture config line.
  + Added editor.path.object config line.
  + Added editor.path.standardMesh config line.
* Added dialog to easily reconfigure above directories.
* Minimap now display static objects.
* Minimap generation now uses hardware acceleration.
* Maps without all ground textures can now be loaded anyway (Berlin).
* Added editor.forceDefaultMesh config to disable mesh loading.
* Added editor.display.objectMaxDistance to tweak max object distance.
* Changed color when out of texture coordinate space to gray instead of red.
* Added a progress dialog when performing lengthly operation.
* Added a editor.display.fov option in init.con.
* Texture layer name now defaults to texture file name.
* Saved ground textures can now be read by BC42.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed color dialog picker always initializing on black.
* Fixed road paver stuck to bell brush.
* Fixed library list scrolling horizontaly rather than verticaly.
* Fixed minimap brighting being too bright in some situation.
* Fixed rem lines in editor's init.con corrupting the file when writing.
* Removed an annoying debug message when loading texture layers.
* Fixed non layer .txt truncating the layers library list. Was common with readme.txt.
* Fixed kernel32.dll crash on Windows9x systems.

This  software  is distributed  in  the hope  that it  will be  useful,  but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;   without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
or FITNESS FOR A  PARTICULAR PURPOSE.   In no event shall the author and its
suppliers be liable for compensatory, special, direct, incidental, indirect,
consequential,  or exemplary  damages, or  any damages  whatsoever resulting
from any loss or harm, whether claimed in an action of contract, negligence,
tort, or any  other action  under any  pertinent  law of  any  jurisdiction,
arising out  of or  in connection  with the use  of software, information or
data  found  herein,  generally or  on any  other  basis.   The user of this
software,  information or data,  through the act of usage,  agrees to assume
all risks, expressly abandons all claims against this software's author.

This software may be distributed as  long as it is preserved in its original
package and  used for  non-commercial purpose only.  This  software  package
can't  be modified without  expressed  authorization from  its author.  This
software  and  any  other  version  of this  software  may  NOT  be used for
commercial purpose  without authorization  from its author.  You can contact
the author by using the following email address  <[email protected]>  or 
by visiting Official Editor42 Website at http://bfed.3dsmax.org.

MakeRFA is in no way associated with Editor42. It is distributed as is and
all copyrights in makeRFA readme file still apply.

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