Empires Beta 0.2



What's New:

Fixes/Additions in 0.2 (April 10, 2004) [Public Release]: -Packed everything into an installer and made it public

Fixes/Additions in 0.197 (April 9, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Altered all vehicle collision meshes so that they take damage from collisions with the ground and other vehicles -Fixed northern faction wall from being unenterable -Fixed medic crate from falling through ground

Fixes/Additions in 0.196 (April 9, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Fixed imperial commander able to build vehicles and aircraft around command tank which was placed in for testing purposes and I forgot to take it out -Fixed commander's camera from exploding when going back to tank, damaging nearby objects -Added new HUD icons for when you're inside the engineer's walls or the scout's disguise objects. -Replaced the old HUD icon for the dropship with one depicting the new dropship -Scout disguise objects and engineer walls are now destroyed when the command tank is destroyed -Added support struts to ends of engineer's straight wall to prevent infantry from being able to squeeze through walls placed next to eachother -Gave command tank 999 ammo. -Fixed engineer's wall PCO not turning beyond +45/-45 degrees when placing an adjacent wall

Fixes/Additions in 0.195B (April 8, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Fixed network bug where placing kits from commander's factory menu disconnected all players.

Fixes/Additions in 0.195 (April 7, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Decreased radius you can't build around props so that you can build on the resource point on GlycenPipeline's imperial starting point. -The commander can now look up when in free roaming camera. -Removed the command tank's minimap icon to prevent the enemy commander from easily finding it on the map. -Altered APC and KAT center of gravities to not flip over so easily. -Fixed dropship not picking up vehicle crates. -Made it so that command camera experiencing the fog of war effect can't drop buildings. -Fixed bomber exploding upon being built from the commander's factory menu. -Changed infantry kit spawner construction boxes to smaller sized version -Fixed vehicle crate not disappearing for APC when picked up by a dropship

Fixes/Additions in 0.194 (April 4, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Removed precache from maps -Changed tank treads back to having only four actual wheels since having more causes a crash without a precache -Altered some variables with the dropship to prevent spawning kats when it shouldn't be able to.

Fixes/Additions in 0.193 (April 3, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Created separate server build with no textures or sounds -New precache which only caches vehicles and aircraft -Fixed some supply depots (like the repair pad and engineer ammo crate) not working -Reduced rate at which everything loses health after the command tank is destroyed. -Fixed NF aircraft factory not having an icon. -Made engineer's walls dig deeper into the ground so that you can't crawl underneath them if they're not perfectly level -Added shadow back in for spawn bunker, attempted to fix refinery's shadow

Fixes/Additions in 0.192 (March 28, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Fixed comm view fog flickering on and off when a friendly vehicle was parked next to an enemy vehicle. -Fixed placing engineer kit from commander's factory menu crashing the game.

Fixes/Additions in 0.191 (March 26, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Added new mission briefing info on level loading screens. -Fixed bug where apc cargo crate wouldn't disappear after being picked up by a dropship. -Added new soldier player model for both sides and new first person hands. -Reduced distance commander view must be from enemy vehicles and buildings before becoming clouded. -Attempted to force vehicles to not blow up when turning into cargo crates. -Cleaned up map files and got rid of all old precache files. -Added a new precache to Baen Island only for testing purposes.

Fixes/Additions in 0.19 (March 15, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Lowered center of gravity for KAT and APC vehicles. -Increased turning radius of APC. -Added ability for dropship to pick up cargo crates containing vehicles and spawn that vehicle elsewhere. The secondary fire button will pick up the cargo crate when close to it. The "deploy cargo" icon will appear if it has been picked up. Land the dropship anywhere else, and press seconardy fire again to spawn that vehicle behind you. -Placing a vehicle build crate down from the commander's factory menu within close proximity to the aircraft factory will spawn a cargo crate of that vehicle instead of the actual vehicle. A dropship is then required to pick it up and turn it into the final vehicle using its new cargo transport ability. -Added ability for already built vehicles to use pitch up (default is the up arrow) to turn itself into a cargo crate. This ability is only available when the vehicle is at full health and a dropship which is not currently carrying a vehicle is within 50 units. Its health will then drop down to zero, destroying itself and leaving a cargo crate in its place. 10 seconds will be given to exit the vehicles, and a vocal warning of "bail out" will be given. The pitch up key must be held for 4-8 seconds. This cannot be done within 50 units of any other cargo crate. -Made commander's view become clouded when looking at enemy vehicles and buildings that were not close to friendly vehicles and buildings. Friendly vehicles, buildings, and infantry that are nearby will disable enemy buildings and vehicles from clouding the commander tank up to five seconds after they've left the area. Enemy aircraft will not cloud the commander camera. -Added flak ammo to APC's forward turret so that it can now damage vehicles -Altered commander's kit placement ability to only be able to place kits near supply bunkers and APCs. -Improved placement of dropship's invisible landing gear for easier landings. -Slightly reduced dropship wing's lift. -Made buildings' build sites be dropped in water be killed off immediately. -Made all ground vehicles' wreckage remain for 30 seconds after being destroyed to provide infantry cover. -Reverted command tank's objects from being spawned by the map back to being spawned by the command tank. This caused instability in 9.18. -Fixed command tank's player spawner from not being killed off when it should've been after 3 minutes

Fixes/Additions in 0.18 (March 1, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Added new dropship model. -Made it so that players and vehicles can't go up the cliffs on Baen Island. -Reduced AT class' RPG splash damage radius from 12 to 4. -Removed models from commander's camera -Fixed commander unable to build things sometimes until he exited the camera and got back in. -Increased engineer's walls' resistance to collisions. -Added ability for engineer to enter a built wall and easily build connecting walls on both sides. -Fixed the engineer's corner wall icon not turning blue when disabled. -Moved variable objects from being attached to the command tank to attempt to reduce command tank lag. -Fixed dying while in the commander camera not letting anyone else enter the command tank afterward. -Once again, attempted to fix the resources going to 0 instead of 100 bug. -Fixed the external view of the command tank being very far away. -Altered dust effect for KAT to snow effect on glycen pipeline. -Reduced springiness of KAT's wheels. -Added shadow to scout's rock disguise. -Fixed engineer's "Kill Placed Object" menu item taking several times to kill walls. -Made scout's grass disguise map specific. -Added resource generator to command tank. Even if you have no resource points, you'll still get 1 credit per every 10 seconds. Therefore, you have a chance to somehow come back if you lose all your refineries and don't have enough credits to afford another refinery. -Increased commander's camera's speed just a little bit more. -Added radar objects back in on vehicles so that they show up when near an enemy's radar station.

Fixes/Additions in 0.17 (Feb 23, 2004) [Internal Release]: [Krenzo] -Fixed game not ending when command tank dies by going in water. -Increased radius around build sites that you can't build within. -Increased distance you can select a menu item from so that you can select menu items even if the menu isn't the perfect distance from the commander's camera. -Fixed crash when client tried to join a dedicated server. -Fixed build variables object attached to commander's PCO not being destroyed upon exiting. -Removed ability for the commander to call for artillery. -Increased commander's camera movement speed. -Decreased the rate at which you can place buildings, vehicles, and kits to a maximum of one per every two seconds. This fixes the possibility of building two buildings at the same time right next to eachother. -Removed ability to build near a command tank which was a popular exploit to build on the enemy command tank. -Removed ability to build near static objects on the map such as bridges and bunkers. -Fixed crash when in commander camera and pressing "1". -Changed scout's rock disguise object to the rocks on Baen, made it enterable, and gave it hitpoints so that it can be destroyed. -Fixed walls from disappearing when not looking at their center and fixed their shadows too. -Fixed the supply bunker and refinery's shadows. -Increased expack's damage towards buildings. -Fixed AT's RPG to sit on his shoulder instead of going through it. -Removed the commander's ability to place kits until next version. [Duff] -Increased Aircraft Factorys HP to 980. -Increased Radar Building HP to 980. -Increased Refinery HP to 980. -Increased Repairpads HP to 980. -Increased Spawn Bunker HP to 980. -Increased Vehicle Factory HP to 980. -Increased the Engineer Pistol Magazine to 15. -Decreased Engineer Pistol Rate of Fire to 3. -Decreased Medic SMG Rate of Fire to 6. -Decreased Gattling Gun Rate of Fire to 25. -Decreased RPG radius to 10. -Decreased RPG DMG to 25. -Increased Bomber HP to 400. -Increased Transport HP to 500. -Fixed the Tanks speeds, the heavy tank should now be the slowest and the Light tank the fastest. -Fixed Tanks Damage, the heavy tank and medium tank no longer have the same damage. -Changed Artillerys Velocity, now can shoot further. -Fixed Rocket Turrets Being Able to shoot machine gun.

Fixes/Additions in 0.16 (Feb 16, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Changed scout's dummy disguise to be completely invisible and die after two minutes. Changed scout disguise menu to reenable after 2 minutes once a disguise object is dropped. -Changed medic's medical crate and engineer ammo crate to appear instantly once being selected from the menu instead of having the build crate appear and then spawn them. -Changed position of command tank's commander view so that players outside of the command tank can see the name of the person occupying it. -Reenabled the external camera views for the command tank. -Made the command tank's overhead camera a separate player controlled object activated by right-click instead of entering position #2. No one else can enter the command tank ever as long as one person is in the tank compared with before where one person could be in each passenger seat. -The command tank's overhead camera now always moves based on which direction you're facing, IE: moving left and right will always strafe the camera left and right based on the direction the camera is facing, not the command tank's direction. Also, the minimap is always centered on the camera's position and is viewable by all players on the team, not just when close or when using the call for artillery view. -Removed the cursor from the commander's overhead view for selecting the menu. The crosshair is now accurate in selecting menu items. -Eliminated minimap icon from invisible menu variable objects that would appear when the commander's menu would appear. -Changed minimap icon for planes to triangles. -Added 3rd person view to infantry. -Fixed 1st person infantry view to look straight up. -Fixed 3rd person view for aircraft from zooming out so much. -Changed gatling gun, pistol, and medic smg weapon flashes to match with end of barrel. -Change anti-tank's RPG to not drift downward at all after firing. -Increased the rate that the medic pack and repair wrench regain energy. -Added back in enemy vehicles and aircraft showing up on the minimap when near your team's radar building. -Increased distance around buildings that you can't build within. -Fixed KAT not blowing up when its associated team loses. -Removed minimap icons from aircraft and vehicle factory menu items. -Fixed KAT driver and passengers being inside the vehicle upon exiting. -Increased the mass of all tanks. -Added new flags for each side. -Increased gatling gun and scout rifle accuracy. Decreased heat added per shot for gatling gun. Reduced round of fire for engineer pistol and scout rifle.

Fixes/Additions in 0.14 (Feb 8, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Fixed animations file to work with BF1942 1.6. -EMP_DesertValley - Name change and statics added. -New map - EMP_GlycenPipeline -New map - EMP_BaenIsland -Added statics: -3 sized crates -Radio Tower -Radar Dish -Trenches section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Green and yellow grass -Rocks -LCD Screens -Bridge -Factory -Destroyed refinery -Tank block (x thing) -Large fortification walls -Static ammo crate -Colony hut -Added statics to factory and spawn bunker -New HUD -Changed weapon/soldier camera so that you see from your head, not your chin (So that when you duck you dont get the top of your head shot off when you think you're actually behind something) -Added reflections to vehicles and weapons -New sniper scope -Added 44khz APC and KAT sounds

Fixes/Additions in 0.11 (Jan 15, 2004) [Public Release]: -Changed precache to actually work, which reduces sudden lag in game when having to cache a new object into memory and possibly fixing crashes.

Fixes/Additions in 0.1 (Jan 10, 2004) [First Public Release]: -Increased dropship wing's lift. -Fixed dropship's having infinite supply of crates. -Fixed missing vehicle factory model from imperial side. -Fixed some factory menu icons becoming enabled even though the commander has it set so that the infantry can't use the menu. -Fixed vehicle factory build icons not reenabling after purchasing. -Gave vehicle and aircraft factories separate skins for the northern faction side. -Rearranged resource points on maps. -Added new map loading screens. -Added new map, E_DesertValley

Fixes/Additions in 0.095 (Jan 9, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Reduced medic smg's round of fire and clip size. -Increased aircraft HP (fighter = 250, bomber = 300, transport = 400). -Increased entry radius for getting into the engineer turret. -Fixed some menu icons. -Added vehicle factory model and icon. -Removed the dropship's ability to have vehicles attached to it. Instead, the dropship has a build crate attached to it at start. The dropship can fly off somewhere, press alternate fire to drop the crate, and then the commander can build a vehicle using the factory menu next to it as if it were a vehicle factory. After one vehicle is created, the crate disappears. The dropship must go back to the aircraft factory to pick up another crate to be able to drop another one. This is hopefully temporary until I have time to go back and add a better method for keeping vehicles attached to the dropship or at least until Battlefield: Vietnam where everyone knows there's better code for picking up vehicles. -Increased rate that supply bunker gives out ammo. -Updated light tank vehicle to new tank model.

Fixes/Additions in 0.094 (Jan 5, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Fixed medic's health crate only healing everyone immediately upon creation. -Fixed aircraft factory collision mesh lagging the server. -Fixed scout's disguises and engineer's turret not dying when command tank is destroyed. -Added new graphics for all the in game menus. -Fixed supply bunker menu not disappearing after the bunker is destroyed. -Made command tank look like medium tank. -Increased radius around turrets that enemy vehicles are damaged. -Made anti-air rockets explode when near vehicles and aircraft, also increased their speed. -Increased anti-air turrets firing speed. -Increased scout rifle clip size. -Made infantry weapons look through scopes when zoomed in. -Fixed scout menu not being enabled in multiplayer. -Resized anti-tank class' rpg. -Had to take out decoy soldier scout disguise since it was causing server to crash.

Fixes/Additions in 0.093 (Jan 4, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Fixed engineer's ammo crate only giving ammo immediately upon creation. -Reduced engineer's turret round of fire. -Increased the bomber's reload time for its bombs. -Increased the gatling gun's accuracy and reduced its heatup rate. -Fixed AA turret camera not sitting still. -Changed engineer pistol and scout's rifle to different three round burst type using heat like Tanelorn's DC mod. -Reduced engineer pistol damage per shot. -Increased all buildings' HP by 100 except for the shell and anti-air turrets and the supply bunker. -Updated precache file once again to fix crashes.

Fixes/Additions in 0.092 (Jan 3, 2004) [Internal Release]: -Made command tank's camera appear over the command tank as its starting position. -Fixed medium and heavy tank starting projectile position to not hit itself. -Fixed imperial medium and heavy tank skins not showing up. -Altered resource cost of vehicles: -Jeep/KAT: 5 -APC: 10 -Light Tank: 10 -Medium Tank: 20 -Heavy Tank: 30 -Artillery Tank: 25 -Anti-Air Tank: 30 -Fixed resource code to not be so stressful to network traffic and cpu usage at the cost of not updating as well later on. -Made soldiers start off with the same amount of health but with more max allowable health. -Increased each building's max HP. -Increased amount of repair energy required by an engineer to finish building each building. -Added tech tree to implement some form of tech progression until the research menu is finished. -Refinery and spawn bunker can be built immediately -A spawn bunker is required before you can build the supply bunker, radar, repair pad, vehicle factory, and anti-air turret -A radar is required before you can build the anti-air tank, aircraft factory, and the shell turret -A repair pad is required before you can build the heavy tank and artillery tank. -Reduced tank firing velocities, increased artillery tank's firing velocity. -Increased medic's medpack heal distance and rate at which the bar returns. -Fixed bug where artillery tank created from commander's factory menu would explode upon creation. -Increased radar's sonar radius from 100 to 300. -Reduced anti-air turret's ability to look down. -Reduced engy turret's firepower. -Lowered time it takes for assault's gatling gun to overheat. -Reduced refinery's resource collection from 0.5 resources/sec to 0.3 res/sec. -Reduced heavy tank's projectile damage to match the light tank's, but it still shoots two projectiles at once for twice the damage. -Fixed APC passengers' camera from showing the inside of the APC. -Fixed tanks appearing as sherman tank when destroyed.

Fixes/Additions in 0.091 (Dec 27, 2003) [Internal Release]: -Fixed command tank camera appearing too low. -Modified aircraft factory for scale purposes and changed position aircraft spawn. -Fixed medium tank's cannon's positioning. -Fixed missing medium and heavy tank body's for the imperial side. -Added resource point geometry disappearing along with smoke when refinery built on it. Brownie points to eyyYo for suggesting that. -Fixed imperial fighter's landing gear. -Fixed aircraft factory menu not reenabling its icons once building is completed. -Altered position aircraft are spawned on aircraft factory. -Fixed imperial fighter's center of gravity to stay level on the ground.

Fixes/Additions in 0.09 (Dec 26, 2003) [Internal Release]: -Fixed dropship crash bug. -Added new APC model with supply depots, 150 HP, and new engine. Drives like the KAT but somewhat slower and has better turning radius than tanks. -Added new heavy tank model with new tank treads. -Added new aircraft factory model. -Fixed the KAT's wheels, not the friction problem but one of the wheels was attached wrong and spinning opposite of the others, and it drives much better now. -Changed all vehicle HPs. Light tank's was ridiculously high. Currently: Anti-Air Tank - 150 HP Artillery Tank - 150 HP Heavy Tank - 200 HP Medium Tank - 175 HP Light Tank - 125 HP APC - 150 HP KAT - 50 HP -Changed transport aircraft's HP to 200. Bomber and fighter remain the same at 100. -Changed engineer's repair aura from 0.5 HP/sec for all vehicles to 0.1HP/sec. -Fixed medic's healing aura. When medkit is drawn, will heal all players within 10 unit radius. Also, will keep the medi flag from disappearing when nearby. -Added new infantry weapons for each class with new models. -Reexported aircraft models with different temporary textures and better collision meshes. Transport should no longer get jumpy and lag the game spontanteously when a vehicle is attached to it. -Added new sparrow fighter model to the empire side, and kept the original fighter model as the northern faction's fighter. -Increased bomber and transport aircraft's drag factor. -Added new engineer turret model. -Fixed scout's disguise menu to work since 1.45 patch which broke it. Made rock disguise spawn more rocks to hide behind. Changed tree disguise to spawn a dummy player to act as a decoy. Added more bushes to the bush disguise for more cover. The bushes disguise is now the only one you're able to enter and hide in which then makes you invisible. -Increased radius the commander can build vehicles and aircraft around the appropriate factory from 30 to 50. -Added temporary engine sounds to aircraft. -Added great new theme music to the menu which was created by Nathan Wilks. -Made it so that vehicles and aircraft can't be built from the commander's factory menu when there aren't enough resources. -Added new icons for all vehicles and weapons which appear in the HUD. -Fixed bug where the vehicle factory would spawn another jeep vehicle once the one that was created was destroyed. -Reduced anti-air tank's firing time for pri and sec fire by half. -Added new menu graphics replacing the original BF1942 ones. -Replaced all tank treads with the new ones except the light tank. -Fixed kat/jeep appearing as kubelwagen when destroyed. -Added new fighter aircraft model to imperial faction.

Fixes/Additions in 0.081B (Nov 30, 2003) [Internal Release]: -This is client side only, servers need not download it. Includes new precache files for the maps to attempt to fix the crashes. It appears to work better than the ones in 0.081. Tell me if this helps things at all.

Fixes/Additions in 0.081 (Nov 30, 2003) [Internal Release]: -Made it so that engineer's walls never disappear until being destroyed. -Engineer's walls can no longer be built right on top of eachother and HP increased from 50 to 100. -Made engineer's walls disappear immediately upon dying instead of fading. -Increased the size of the engineer's walls by 2x. -Added explosion and scrap metal effect to engineer's wall when destroyed. -Rewrote precache file to possibly clear up all the crash to desktops on map load and when new things spawn. -Rewrote resource deduction to possibly alleviate some stress that might lead to crashes. -Fixed friction setting of the jeep/KAT's wheels. It no longer slips and slides around. -Increased time it takes for an engineer to repair an initially placed building before it's fully built. -Made the transport so that it's damaged when upside down and when in water. -Removed artillery view from vehicles that had secondary weapons since shooting them would switch to artillery view. -Added artillery view to transport aircraft, to all 50 cal gun position on tanks, and to APC and jeep positions. -Added shadows to all buildings and increased their armor. -Eliminated minimap icon from all infantry menus, infantry placeable objects, and some invisible variable objects. There are some still left though that need to be removed. -Fixed repair pad not repairing jeep/KAT. -Fixed aircraft LOD so that they don't look like regular BF1942 planes when far away. -Increased some building LODs so that less detailed models aren't as noticeable. -Increased rocket and shell turret's speed when rotating. -Reduced sprite update speed for waypoints to reduce graphics lag. -Fixed missing sounds from rocket turret. -Matched command tank's exit location in position #2 to same as position #1. Position #3 will still eject you off the map and kill you though. -Fixed AA tank only costing 15 resources, now accurately costs 30. Artillery tank only costs 10 compared to the number on the menu. APC now takes away 10 resources when built.

Fixes/Additions in 0.08 (Nov 25, 2003) [Internal Release]: -Added new models for all vehicles and buildings. -Supply Bunker = final model -Refinery = final -Spawn Bunker = final -Radar = final -Repair Pad = temporary -Vehicle Factory = temporary using supply bunker -Aircraft Factory = temporary using supply bunker -Shell Turret = temporary -Anti-Air Turret = temporary model Vehicles -Jeep/KAT = final model -APC = temporary using jeep/kat's model -Tanks = body is final, turret and cannon are temporary, treads are temporary using sherman tank's treads -Artillery = final -Anti-Air = final Aircraft -all aircraft = temporary models/skins -Fixed bug causing resources to rollover from 99 to 0 instead of 100. It still rolls over from 999 to 900, but I don't know if I should bother fixing that. -Implemented the command menu. Commander can use it to place waypoints. Unfortuneately, these waypoints can be seen by the other team. -Fixed bug with medic's droppable healthkit and engy's droppable ammo not becoming enabled again after one use. -Removed all instances of the homing rocket targets from vehicles. I'm not going to finalize the homing rocket until later so I'm just removing it for now. -Added wrench graphic above buildings that have been placed but not fully built. -Replaced build box with better looking crate model. -Added new crate models to droppable health kits and ammo. -Added nonhoming rockets and anti-aircraft machine guns to anti-aircraft tank. -Implemented ability to build vehicles, aircraft, and place kits through the commander's factory menu. -Fixed crash when going to the #3 position in the command tank. -Added ability to call for artillery from the command tank's #3 position. -Added ability for all vehicles to see call for artillery icons on the map. Allows the only way for the commander to communicate important positions on the minimap without the other team seeing. -Added damage aura to enemy shell and rocket turrets. When Lvl 3 Conventional, Plasma Weapons, and Laser Weapons Vehicles: Light Tank -> Medium Tank -> Heavy Tank -> Artillery and Anti-Air Aircraft: Bomber and Transport -Factory menu: Deactivate/activate players' ability to purchase weapons, vehicles, and aircraft from within the appropriate building. In the future, it will allow for the commander to build them from this menu.

Fixes/Additions in 0.05 (May 30, 2003) [Internal Release]: -Increased time to make engineer's sandbags and turret to ensure they are created level to the ground. -Added material 17 which allows mappers to set areas on the level that can't be built on. -Added secondary weapon to anti-air vehicle which shoots homing missiles that home on aircraft. -Added homing missiles to fighter aircraft that home in on enemy aircraft. -Added anti-air and anti-vehicle turrets which shoot homing missiles that are attracted to aircraft or vehicles depending on turret. They still need work. The anti-vehicle turret works to some degree. The anti-air turret barely works. -Added homing missile to anti-tank infantry's bazooka that homes on vehicles. -Made command tank camera's minimap icon visible across whole map. -Added end of game when command tank is destroyed. When it dies, the team it belonged to loses all their tickets. Unfortunately, the game crashes when the server tries to restart the level/go to the next level. -Added healing aura to medic. This slowly heals surrounding soldiers and the medic. -Added repairing aura to engineer. This slowly repairs surrounding vehicles. -Made engineer have to wait 30 secs after building an ammo crate before being able to build another. -Adjusted aircraft entry positions. -Added satchel charges as everyone's #2 weapon. Ammo is given out by enemy buildings due to their purpose being solely for destroying enemy buildings. -Reorganized engineer's build menu into the following: -build straight sandbag -build corner sandbag -build half-circle shaped sandbag -build turret -drop ammo crate -disassemble nearby built object -Added build menu to medic: -deploy health kit: deploys temporary health kit which heals everyone in the local area for 15 secs, limited to deploying one every 30 secs -deploy med flag: deploys red cross flag to show players where they can find a medic, disappears when medic leaves area -Added scout's disguise menu which drops a fake object which can be entered like a normal vehicle to disguise up to 6 players; the menu consists of the following: -drop rock disguise -drop bush disguise -drop tree disguise -Replaced the tank treads appearing where a building was going to be built with a temporary construction model. Also, fixed construction buildings trouble with not building due to not spawning perfectly level. -Added supply bunker's ability to purchase weapons. However, new weapons aren't implemented yet. Currently, only useful for switching classes.

Fixes/Additions in 0.04 (May 04, 2003) [Internal Release]: -Vehicle and aircraft factory icons for building vehicles go away when the building is destroyed. -Added cursor to commander build menu, makes selecting things perfect now. -Fixed crash when building APC. -All buildings must be repaired to 100% before being functional. -Removed network prediction from most nonvehicles. -Added temporary textures to aircraft to differentiate the different teams. -Simplified the aircraft collision meshes to minimize lag. -Adjusted flight characteristics of all aircraft. VTOL engine is more responsive. -Added rockets to the fighter aircraft. -Adjusted bomber aircraft's bombs. -Added a new precache file to the Polaris2 map to fix crashes. -Fixed the vehicle and aircraft factories from having to excessively click build icons before something would build. -Added 2nd position turret to bomber aircraft. -Added passenger positions on transport aircraft. -Made engineer's sandbag emplacements bigger. -Fixed engineer's turret leaving behind box when built. -Fixed engineer's ammo box being able to be repaired to prevent from going away. -Made engineer unable to build things near buildings or resource points. -Increased repair pad's repair speed.

Fixes/Additions in 0.031 (April 2003) [Internal Release]: -Fixed missing template from aircraft factory which caused a crash.

Fixes/Additions in 0.03 (April 2003) [Internal Release]: -Vehicle factory icons for selecting the vehicle to build now show up correctly. -Commander build menu now appears the correct distance from the camera. This means pointing at the building icon and clicking will now work as it should (like in single player). -Pressing "1" to go to the first position in the aircraft, vehicle factories, or the radar building will not crash the game now. Thanks Tom Hunt. -Gave almost all objects their own network info. -Fixed where building a refinery would sometimes build a spawn bunker instead. -Made commander unable to build any other building besides the refinery on a resource point. -Made commander unable to build on top of a vehicle or building regardless of what team it belongs to. Thanks Mr. Chimp. -Changed the way resources are deducted when a building is built in the possibility that is was causing crashes. -Gave the command tank more HP. -The aircraft factory now must be repaired to 100% by an engineer before it will operate. It first spawns as a destroyed bunker in its "construction" phase and then appears as the normal bunker when repaired. This is how all buildings will be eventually.

Fixes/Additions in 0.02 (March 2003) [Internal Release]: -Fixed crash when someone joined a server in progress due to homing rocket bug.

Fixes/Additions in 0.01 (March 2003) [Internal Release]: -First alpha release featuring resources, buildable buildings, and the command tank.


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