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This patch does not add anything it is simply addresses "CTD" problems the team has managed to fix alot of the crashes but it still could...


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This patch does not add anything it is simply addresses "CTD" problems the team has managed to fix alot of the crashes but it still could crash but it will help. Now you have to get this if you enjoy this awesome mod!

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Download 'empiresbeta11d.zip' (4.08MB)

Patch Intel

-Changed precache to actually work, which reduces sudden lag in game when having to cache a new object into memory and possibly fixing crashes.
-Replaced collision models for most of the buildings and vehicles to reduce lag.
-Fixed lighting in E_DesertValley.
-Removed Resource point on rock in E_DesertValley.


Empires 0.1 Public Beta

READ ME 1st!

Before playing Empires, it is important to note that THIS IS A BETA 
VERSION - NOT FINAL PRODUCT! We can't stress enough that what you 
are testing is only a test version, NOT A FINAL PRODUCT. The purpose 
of public beta testing is to get feedback from the community on their 
likes and dislikes, as well as reporting the bugs which are bound to 
appear in such an early version. To express your thoughts on Empires, 
or to submit a bug report, head to our forums at:


In addition, we would like to address the fact that there have been 
some crash-to-desktop (CTD) issues with Empires. Because of the in-
herent inflexablility of the Battlefield 1942 game, some of these 
issues are very hard to track down, and can be very difficult to resolve.
Any support by the community to help us resolve these issues would 
be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, if you are a mapper/audio/coder and would like to contribute to 
Empires mod development, please post a message to us on our forums.

The Empires Team


Empires is still in beta, and as such, still has several important bugs. To 
make it easier for you to avoid them, we've included a list of some of the 
largest bugs/problems, and their respective work-arounds:

- Avoid building more than 2 or 3 refineries until you've gotten more than 
100 resources. Doing so will cause your resources to be limited to 100.

- If you find that, after you've been in the command tank, you can not 
repair anything with your wrench, spawn a new engineer kit from the factory 
menu of the command tank and switch kits.

- Be sure that you don't build structures too close together. It's likely 
that this could cause lag on the server (from the clipping).

- Be sure to never move the command tank onto a building, as this could also 
cause significant lag.

- If you are trying to access the engineer build menu, but it does not show 
up, make sure that you aren't standing too close to a building and that you 
aren't pointing at the ground directly under your feet.

- If you find that you can not see your cursor any more in the commander's 
seat, first rotate your camera around, then, if that does not work, exit and 
re-enter the command tank.

- Do not attempt to exit the command tank from any position other than the 
driver's seat (position 1). Ejecting from other positions may deposit you 
far away on the map - possibly out of bounds.

Please, keep in mind that this list is made to give you a better gameplay experience, 
and that these bugs WILL be fixed.

A reminder to all server hosts: We advise that you keep your server small, 
no larger than 32 people. In addition, if you're having too many problems 
with crashing, playing on a local (user created) server might help. The 
Empires testers believe that non-dedicated servers tend to be much more 
stable, and people tend to crash less often. Also, do not try to run empires 
on maps that do not have an E icon in front of their names. Only the maps 
that have this icon are supported.


To get off to a quick-start in Empires, you can use the Empires Help Guide, 
located in the mods/empires/help_guide folder (the Empires mod installation
directory) for all you need to get started.


For a complete changelog, refer to the changelog.txt in the mods/empires 

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