Enhanced DC Norway SP

An Enhanced DC conversion of the Norway SP map.


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An Enhanced DC conversion of the Norway SP map.

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Download 'enhanced_dc_norway_sp_player.rar' (2.04MB)

Norway_SinglePlayer.rfa is an add-on file for the game, BATTLEFIELD 1942 (v1.6) by EA Games

EA Games cannot help you if you have any problems with this file (try sweet talking?).  As an add-on, the file (Norway_SinglePlayer.rfa) must be used AT YOUR OWN RISK, and 'as is.'


***SinglePlayer Level***

I hope you have a standard EAGames install! Copy Norway_SinglePlayer.rfa to: mods\bf1942 \archives\bf1942\levels\norway_singleplayer.rfa  ('standard EA GAMES install' because many files within the Norway_SinglePlayer level use the standard install file path, sorry).

Yearning for the fjords?  Here's your chance.  Join the Allies in landingcraft, then tanks or take off from the carrier and dodge around mountains.  Plenty of AA action just defending the ships.  Or Join the Axis and drive Tigers, JU88s, stukas, fighters - nose n reargunner.  This level is a mixture of Iwo Jima and Berlin, but the Allies are more determined and better armed.   There's two allied landing zones so there's an allied pincer action.  Allies n Axis usually come together at the Fountain base in the town.  Watch out for the Brownings and MGs dotted around the town.  Own 4 flags and the opponents points start going down.

Have fun!

First, EA GAMES, DICE, of course.  Battlefield 1942 is a great concept.  A difficult concept to beat.
The BF1942 1.6 Debug program.  Microsoft's Netframework.
Battlecraft42, nice program.  Easy to use.  CoinCoin's Editor42 - I use it and like it more and more. 
Botinator v5!  Still a sound base for everything I do in BF pathmapping. (Botinator is also for BFV).
Arc 'd Wraith tutorials.  Had to refer to them yet again.
CareyBear's CorelSea addon, plus http://www.bf1942modsandmaps.20megsfree.com/whats_new.html - a tip submitted by Psychoslaphead got me the JU88.
(CareyBear's singleplayer addon for CorelSea blew me away!)
AI_editor_42 got me into the deep depths of AI. Nice functional program, www.BFmaps.nl
Rexman I always use, always.  But Docs sigh.
Mschoeldgen for his landingcraft.bat
And Madman McGill, a great programmer.  Another Aussie like CareyBear and myself.  Aussies and Germans, most us like the same games.
Anyway, a lot of the links may be out, but if you hunt around u can usually come up with files.
Sorry the file's so big, 30meg, but it's a good medium size map with lots of flying area.  I've submitted this map because it's a good all-rounder - ships, landing craft, air, gunning, land, AA, tanks, coaxs.  I ripped textures so lost 10meg (it was 40meg - BF levels are big because of the textures).  If you want to use the map for multiplay, have a fiddle using your favorite map editor.  Probably rip out all the flags, tanks n stuff and start again.  I'd do it, but I've got broadband now - multi BF1942 so too busy!  Already kicked from one server for FF - doh, stupid aircraft in BattleAxe, or maybe I'm just a novice:(   Oh, none of the screenshots were dubbed - except on game intro screen - Corsair diving on my ju, yes!

NORWAY SINGLEPLAYER by Snipe34,  parkviewred@onetel.net.uk  or parkview.red@onetel.net  (I think the 2nd address, but try both)

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