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This is the latest version of the co-op and single player add-on for EOD. Co-op support is now available for all vehicles, levels, add-on ma...


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This is the latest version of the co-op and single player add-on for EOD. Co-op support is now available for all vehicles, levels, add-on maps, and supports new custom EOD maps that anyone can make. Keep up the good work EOD!

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Download 'eod_tp021b.zip' (4.14MB)

EoD: Target Practice is a mini mod for Eve Of Destruction that adds Single Player and Multiplayer Co-op support.


. Co-op Support for all Eve of Destruction Vehicles
. Co-op Support for 9 Eve of Destruction Levels
. Original Battlefield Co-op Maps have EoD vehicles and weapons
. Aberdeen Co-op Support & EoD conversion
. Coral Sea Co-op Support & EoD conversion
. Berlin Under Siege conversion (Requires Original Level)
. Assaults have signaling Smoke Grenades on day maps and Flares on night maps
. Landing Zones for Helicopter drop-off of Bots
. Support for Custom EoD Co-op Levels

"Target Practice" is essentially a preview of the Bot Support that will be included with the upcoming release of Eve of Destruction Version 0.3 - Read More here


. Battlefield 1942 Version 1.5
. Eve of Destruction Version 0.21


Run the Installer & please ensure the installation directory points to your Battlefield install directory


If you wish to uninstall this product, please click on the Uninstall Shortcut in the EoD:Target Practice 0.21 Startmenu folder


Start Battlefield 1942 or Eve of Destruction from your favorite shortcut.
From the Custom Game menu, choose EoD:Target Practice
and click Activate

If you wish to make your own shortcut to start Target Practice, make a copy of your Battlefield 1942 or Eve of Destruction Shortcut.

View the properties of the new shortcut and change the Target to ...
"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\bf1942.exe" +game EOD_TP
(note: your Installation folder may different)


Finding the right balance of settings for your PC is essential to get the best from the Bots and the gameplay that the Co-op and Single Player modes have to offer.

Ensure you do not over-load your system with too many Bots or High Graphics & Sound detail.

If your gameplay is choppy or laggy while playing Single Player or Hosting Multiplayer Co-op games, you are trying to use more resources than is available and not only will your frame rate suffer, the resources available to the Bots will also suffer and they will go "dumb" and probably not do much.

When possible, increase the CPU Time available to the Bots, and decrease your Graphic & Sound detail settings. As a guide, if your Framerate in game is good and only occasionally gets choppy, your settings are on the mark. From there you could add or remove a few bots, if you want more Bots or higher Framerates.


"Landing Zones" are used in Target Practice to help with the transportation of the Bots by Helicopter.

These zones are marked by Smoke Flares, and when close enough to a Landing Zone Flare, any Bots in your helicopter will jump out, unless they are manning a weapon.

Using a Medi-Huey, you can transport up to five Bots, and all of them will jump out at a Landing Zone.

The Machine Gun Huey will hold up to 4 passengers, but 2 of these positions are gunners, so when you enter a landing zone, 2 Bots will jump out, and 2 will remain in the helicopter as gunners.

Charlie Don't Surf is one level where you must transport the Allied Bots with the Helicopter, for this level, the Landing Zones are extremely handy.

At the start of the game, the Allied Bots will form two Attacking Groups, each group will wait near a colored flare that designates which Village the Bots are assigned to attack.
Group "Purple" is set to Attack the East Village, and Group "Blue" is assigned to the West Village.

Each Village has the Landing Zones color coded for easy identification.

Approach the Landing Zone from a shallow angle.
Then hover close to the ground or land near the Flare marking the Landing Zone

Once you get the hang of the landing zones, start trying to "skim" past the flare.
By slowly flying close to the ground as you pass the through the Landing Zone, you can drop off the Bots and head back for another load with very little delay.

But! Be carefull not to fly too high or too fast over the Landing Zones, the result isn't pretty ; )

Other levels that have helicopters, such as Que Son Valley and Hill 937 also use landing zones.

In these levels, the Bots will not hang around waiting to be picked up, but will move to their destination. You can give them a helping hand, by picking them up and dropping them off at a Landing Zone.


Single Player, Multiplayer Co-op Client & Dedicated Server & Conquest modes has been tested on all EoD Levels. Single Player & Co-op has been tested on all converted Levels. All modes should work but there is no guarantee. If you find a level that doesn't function, please drop us some feedback, ta : )

The EoD movies & music do not appear by default. If you would like to enable this in Target Practice, Please click on copyAV in the Startmenu to copy EoD's music and movie. This will require an additional 24mb of Hard Drive space.

Some levels have a short "view distance." This reduces the Physics Level of Detail for Bots at shorter distances and at times they may appear to "skate" and "drive sideways"

The mist in Bad Moon Rising & Stream, may have adverse effects on the performance of low end PC Hardware. If you wish to remove this feature to increase performance, browse to <Your Battlefield Folder> / Mods / EoD_TP / Archives / bf1942 / Levels, and delete Badmoonrising_010.rfa and/or Stream _010.rfa

Bots prefer flying Helicopters upside down, and if they get the chance they will steal your helicopter, so don't leave it lying around ; )

Levels where the US are equipped with Helicopters, tend to balanced in favour of the VC, your skills as Helicopter Pilot will be put to the test in these levels, but be aware that playing the levels from the VC Side may not provide much of a challenge unless you are greatly outnumbered. Charlie Don't Surf in particular is not playable as VC as the US totally relies on Helicopter transportation.


If you notice any bugs don't hesitate to email me - necronom666 @ hotmail . com
or arc d'wraith - smasha_d @ hotmail . com
or post your feedback in the EoD Forums

If it is a CTD while loading a map please quote the error at the bottom of the log file,
located in C:\Program Files\EA games\Battlefield 1942\mods\EOD_TP\logs\


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