Eternal Silence - Alpha 1

Here it is, the First Release of Eternal Silence. THis mod emulates fighting in a Zero G environment

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Here it is, the First Release of Eternal Silence. THis mod emulates fighting in a Zero G environment

Get It now!!!

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= Eternal Silence Alpha v0.1 ========

Brought to you by all the folks at

- Spec Ops Railgun
- Flamethrower
- Assault Rifle
- Poison Dart Gun
- Rocket Launcher
- Energy Pistol
- EMP Grenade

- Raven Transport with VTOL and turret gunner
- Echelon Fighter with lasers and missiles
- Titan heavy bomber with missiles
- Darkstar Frigate harboring 2 echelons and a bomber aswell as ravens
- Razorback assault jeep with machine gun and handbrake steering
- Anti Aircraft gun

- a wide array of converted BF maps
- Shields around each spacecraft
- 0 gravity flight physics for all but raven
- Handbrake power steering featured on razorback

Instruction on special Features:


The razorback has a special handbrake function assigned to the right-click of the driver. It allows for very sharp turns but watch out for rollovers


To Open the door on the back of the raven use the up/down arrow keys on the third position (the one after the gunner).

The raven is very hard to fly in VTOL mode, this is done on purpose. It is very hard to maneuver and we recommend using standard flight to get anywhere and VTOL to land. The worst possible thing that could happen during VTOL mode is pendelum flying. This will cause an immediate loss of altitude and eventually a crash.

Known Issues:

Do to an engine limitation the shields will die however the effect will still show even though the shields are dead. This is a minor problem and we are trying to get it fixed ASAP.

Lead Coder/CoFounder - Daniel Menard "MadMechwarrior"
Modeller/CoFounder - "SilverFish"
Coder - Ben Fox "RedRock"
Coder - "Why?!"
Skinner - Craig "Star Viper"
Skinner - "Decimal"
Modeller - "Wazz Pants"
Modeller - "Mudge"
Modeller - "Quantum"
Sound - "Snake Sounds"

Special Thanks to our team of testers:

Contact Info:
MadMech - [email protected]
Team - [email protected]

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