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Sorry for the delay, here it is! Download now!

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Download 'eod20.exe' (269.34MB)

List of changes:

- added AH-1 Cobra Helicopter
- added Mi-4 Hound Helicopter (2 versions)
- added F-105 Thunderchief with Napalm Bombs
- added Huey with Speakers (possible to play "Ride of the Valkyres")
- added M-35 Truck (2 versions)
- added M-46 Howitzer (stationary)
- added US and VC Mortar (stationary)
- added DShK Heavy Machine Gun (stationary)
- replaced PPsh-41 with RPD Light Machine Gun (PPsh-41 still available on some maps)
- added map Khe Sanh
- added map Mekong River
- added map Vinh Loc
- added map Stream
- added map Eclipse
- improved old maps (balance, textures, object placement)
- removed map Tonkin Air Engagement
- added spin effect (if helicopter is heavily damaged, pilot loses control)
- reworked damage system so that light infantry weapons no longer damage armored vehicles
- ladders of custom houses work correctly
- parachutes don't work on certain maps
- M60's on Huey are more effective
- improved flight code of CH-47 and added more hitpoints
- new background movie
- new menu and loading music
- various small fixes

Tenative partial list for EoD 0.3:
F4 Phantom
M-60 Patton
and more

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