Eve of Destruction -Alpha 0.3!



I decided to bring this file back out to File of the Week since it has been so long missed.

You will need Patch 0.31 after you download this in order to be fully up to date. Thanks!

The level of professionalism in the modding community has risen to, and set a new bar today The BF Vietnam team is going to have their work cut out for them, if they wish to contend with the level of dedication expressed in EoD. Our hats come off yet again, to the modders of the BF community for slaving away and sacrificing blood, sweat, and tears so that we may enjoy ourselves. Pay your respects and download this now. :)



Eve of Destruction 0.3 changes


Brown Water Navy - NVA vs Special Forces. Time: Evening. Head-On map, capture 4 flags to reduce your opponents tickets.
Operation Hastings - Head-On map. Huge Battle with Blackbird, tanks, choppers and jets. And Hanoi Hanah. 
Operation Linebacker - Objectives map - USA must destroy SA-2 Missile bases and a factory before time runs out.
Run Through The Jungle - Objectives map. USA must destroy five AA guns before time runs out. SPECIAL: US APCs are mobile spawnpoints.
Truong Son Chasm - Head-On map. ARVN vs VC. Infantry fight map with new army.
We were Soldiers once - map depicting the events on Nov 14th 1965, when 450 U.S. soldiers were dropped into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. They were surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. 
This is a Hybrid Objectives map - The US team needs the LZ and one point to reduce tickets gradually, the NVA needs to defend all flags. 
SPECIAL: US does not have a base to spawn, instead the hueys serve as mobile spawnpoints. These Hueys cannot be used by the Vietminh and do not explode when left alone. If the US loses LZ X-Ray AND all the Hueys, the battle will be over for them - USA cannot spawn on the two middle controlpoints. If the NVA captures either perimeter point, they'll gain an additional spawnpoint closer to the LZ.

XM-177, Type-56. M-40, Mosin Nagent (2 versions), NVA Grenade, smoke grenades (3 colors)

Covered Gaz, Zil-131 (2 skins), Loach observation helicopter (armed and unarmed), M-551 tank, Patton tank, T-54 tank, K-63 rocket launcher, F-4 (2 skins), SR-71, Sampan (3 versions), ARVN M113, rubber rafts (2 versions)

(see template_list.ed42 in the EoD directory for specific object names)
Added new trees, reeds, weeds, grass
Added Punji sticks (4 versions)
Market w/ seperate tables, baskets
Helipad (3 versions)
Large city buildings (2 versions)
Small city buildings (6 versions)
small radio, small us ammobox
SA2 destroyable bunkers w/ spawn points (4 versions)
fog, fogsmall
Added mediclocker_US, mediclocker_VC, Ammobox_US and Ammobox_VC for use in uncapturable bases
Added Hanger_Office_M1
eod_container1, eod_container2, eod_sign
Added RopeBridge1_bot, RopeBridge2_bot, RopeBridge4_bot, and RopeBridge8_bot (patches hole in bridge to fix problems with bots)
tentlargered_M1, tentlargegreen_M1
radar_M1 (rotating radar static)
tentred_M1, tentgreen_M1
added static marker smoke (Blue_Smoke, Purple_Smoke, Red_Smoke, Yellow_Smoke)
added eod_oiltank_M1, watchtower_M1, HangerBunker_M1, short_bridge_M1


reduced small arms damage to unarmed vehicles
added bullet drop to all small arms
Added sway to sniper rifles, reduced recoil to compensate
Added sway to pistols
Added new M16 skin
exported new m-16 model
added custom reload animation for ak47, type 56
added new remington skin
adjusted # of mags for handweapons
added new scope crosshairs to M21, M14
reduced deviation on pistols
increased moving deviation of m16, ak47 slightly
replaced grenade sand impact sound w/ grenade metal impact sound
new svd texture
set grenade reload time in standard ammobox to 6 seconds (side-specific ammoboxes unchanged)
added smoke grenades to ammoboxes (4 second reload time)
lightened rocket smoket trail
exported new SVD
Added new weapon icons
fixed rifles returning to aim point after firing
increased rof of M14, SKS, SVD, M21
added reflection to M40, RPG, Mosin, and M21 scopes
added models for rifleman, machinegunner, at, eng, sniper, medic kits
fixed shell ejection for thompson
Imported new RPG-7, Remington
Fixed AK47 model (new front sights)
Replaced M21 model
Added camerashake to stationary MGs
Updated weapon Icons
Reduced deviation on prone M60, RPD

Helicopters no longer take off by themselves when entering the pilot seat
Added convergance to helicopter rockets
Added cobra gunner sight and nose cam
new Mi-4 models to fix tree visibility
fixed huey, mi-4 spin effect
replaced CH-47 guns w/ .50 cal mg
removed network info from huey, mi-4 skids
removed tracers from cobra grenades
increased Mi-4 MG range of motion; added gunner nose cam
fixed smooth on mi-4, hueys, cobra
added jet minimap icon
fixed shadow model on CH47
fixed col02 mesh on huey medic and m60
made mi-4 wreck doublesided
added launch effects to chopper, mig rockets
Added rescue raft to medivac huey
added floaters, limited float duration to chinook
lowered exit points of all choppers 1-3 meters
brightened up cobra model
Added nosecam for Huey M60 gunners
Raised Huey MG camera by 0.1 so the muzzle flash doesn't hide the target
Increased ROF of Huey MGs, increased deviation
reduced radius of medivac huey health so the pilot is no longer healed (pilot could fly out-of-bounds indefinately)
tilted cobra rockets down by 2 degrees for easier ground targeting
minigun sounds changed updated
added recoil force, increased rof, deviation to loach, cobra minigun
adjusted VC rocket effect to reduce lag / CTD
adjusted camera for Huey, Cobra pilots

increased damage tank shells do to helicopters
added new texture for M113 wheels
increased M46 barrel recoil
cleaned up type-63 crosshair
added wading capability to land vehicles
increased water damage to m-35, zil trucks
increased expack damage to vehicles ~25%
fixed smooth on v100 hull
increased distance for v100 and btr hull lods
added longer burn time to unarmed vehicles
Re-exported V-100 and M35 hulls to fix lod problems
updated damage and repair objects to include new 0.3 vehicles
fixed gaz side windows (can see trees through them now)
set col mesh on covered gaz, covered M35 to cloth material - no longer stops bullets
Animated remaining PT-76, M113 wheels
re-exported PT-76 turret and gun to fix smoothing
Added sound scripting for mortars, updated sounds
updated BTR smoothing
jeep, gaz steering wheels in synch w/ front wheels
fixed smoothing on M46 barrel
adjusted PT-76 projectile position
Changed Willy / Gaz MG to pos.2, passenger to pos 3 (works better w/ bots)
Reduced arc on tank guns

removed ai from pbr - use pbr_ai on co-op maps (exit points are outside the boat)
added pt bubble sounds to pbr, sampan
made static carrier object to reduce network traffic
added sampans, pbr to dock repair object
Updated PBR model
Added boat minimap icon for PBR, Sampans

split templeA up into 3 parts in an attempt to reduce vehicle lag - pillars must now be placed seperately
updated bunkerwood model
updated vhouse, rope bridge meshes for lightmap support

All maps - parachutes are off by default! If Parachutes are available on a map, there's an icon on the loading screen. This still doesn't mean that everyone gets a parachute.  For example, only the US gets parachutes on Khe Sanh.
Bad Moon Rising
Special Forces vs Vietcong. Removed Tank, added boats. Added a small mortar firebase at the US camp and a ford to cross the river. US assault has flares instead of grenades.

Charlie Don't Surf - Replaced F-105 w/ F-4. Replaced BTR with K-63. M-35 replaced with M-551. Added single player support

Closefire - Added single player support

Hill 937 - US Army vs NVA. Added singleplayer support. Changed the Medic Huey to OH-6 with minigun. One jeep switched to an APC. US Engi still carries a M14.

Hill 937 Night - USA vs VC. US assault has flares instead of grenades. 

Khe Sanh - Special Forces vs. NVA. Removed spawning near the F105 Napalm and made the US base headquarters the uncapturable US spawn. Added CH-47 with mobile spawnpoint as placeholder for the c-130 "Hercules", M551 and Patton Tank for the US, K63, T54 for the NVA. These vehicles are locked to one team. Anti Tank equip can be picked up (3 per team). AT and NVA do not carry a parachute. View distance has been increased.

Lang Son - ARVN vs VC. Added singleplayer support.

Mekong River - Added heavy tanks

Que Son Valley - Added single player support

Stream - Removed grenades from ammo boxes at flags closest to spawns. Added single player support

Two Bridges - Added heavy tanks

Vinh Loc - too good to be changed :)

Bridge Ruin
River Village

added scoreboard to menu files
added server info and friendly mine indicators
New VC flags (correct orientation)
changed US flag to 50 stars
cleaned up damage code
updated website address in init.con
added transparancy to minimap flags
new loading bar
Added multilanguage support to new class names
Changed Axis side name to North Vietnam
changed name of support to machine gunner
changed name of scout to sniper
removed 3rd skin (tan) from VC
updated class selection icons
updated ammo icons
Added Vietnamese voice commands
bodies now stay for 20 secs
Added Special Forces, ARVN, and NVA armies

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