Eve Of Destruction Server Files

Here are the server files for the Eve Of Destruction 0.81 release

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Here are the server files for the Eve Of Destruction 0.81 release

Read the entire changelog here.

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Download 'eod_081_server_patch.zip' (17.02MB)

Changelog 0.81

	increased self-heal factor of medic soldiers

	improved soldier speed wich looks more realistic and rewards infantry work:
	run forward +20% / backwards -10%
	walk forward +10% / backwards -20%

	T54: increased firepower

	M113_LRV: cannon distance volume fixed
New Maps

	Camp Caroll


	Jungle Camp

	My Hoi

	My Son

Totally Revised Maps

	Frontal Attack

Map fixes

		2 tanks added
		ground north bridge flattened

	Agent Orange:
		fixed a 'flying' helipad
		one more helicopter for VC added

	Battle at Quang Tri:
		fixed a 'flying' hut

	Bridge Ruin:
		improved pathfinding

	Brown Water Navy:
		fixed a 'flying' ammobox

	Cowboys from hell:
		removed a useless ladder

	Easter Offensive:
		removed palace to prevent lag

	Good Morning Vietnam:
		fixed a boat spawn

	Hidden Lake Valley:
		changed position of a mediclocker and ammobox
		bunker and mediclocker added on isle

	Jungle Mission:
		fixed server crashes
		flattened area at some places
		improved pathfinding

	Main Supply Route:
		fixed a 'flying' ammobox

	Lan Cao Bridge:
		fixed a pathfinding issue
		fixed 2 MG spawns

	Laos Boundary Dispute:
		fixed a palm growing into a house

	Mekong River:
		fixed a soldier spawnpoint

	Operation Linebacker II:
		fixed MIG spawnpoints
		fixed TDM mode

	Operation Prairie The Prelude:
		fixed a 'flying' fence
		position of a MG fixed

	Phu Vang:
		fixed server crash

	Que Son Valley:
		fixed some plant positions
		flattened area near US base
		missing objectlightmaps added

	The Rice Paddies:
		added a mortar for ARVN
		added some planks for crossing the bridges

	Thoi Son Island:
		fixed some tree positions

	Tonkin Raid:
		fixed Pathfinding at west beach

	Vinh Loc: 
		area flattened on 3 positions
		an 'flying' ammobox fixed
		position of a browning MG in bunker fixed
		fixed 2 vehicle spawns

	We were soldiers:
		fixed a pathfinding issue
		fixed a palm growing into barack

	We were soldiers once:
		fixed a 'flying' tree

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