Extra Infantry Class Modification



Hey there soldiers! Here is a neat mod that adds an extra class to your game for the snipers! Sounds pretty neat! Download it now, see ya on the battlefield!



This minimod was originally made to add a new class, the Infantry, just because of the new engineer's rifles deserved a class of their own. More ideas and fixes came up as the mod progressed. It is not meant to change the gameplay in a drastic manor, just to add some fun fixes and in a minimal way with a minimum of resources: as few new textures or code files as possible.
*7 classes at the same time.
*Infantry Class: Type5/M1Garand with better fov and more ammo, Grenades + standard gear
Considered a mix of Assult and Scout.
*Mechanic Class: SMG, Wrench + standard gear. They wear no helmet.
A combat variant of the Engineer, able to protect himself in close combat.
*The Blackmedal, Kubelwagen and Willy: have 4 seats and a horn. They also recieve damage at a slower rate then before when in whater and upside down.
*Engineer Class: Always No4 or K98
Used to be Type5/M1Garand on pacific maps
*Scout Class: The rifle has a crosshair in unzoomed mode.
Mod made by:
[email protected]

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