FH Alpine Assault 1945



This is the original Alpine_Assault map that was released by Thief666 approx a week ago Which was part of the custom FH Mappack, I have enabled the map to play in singleplayer/Co_op mode, with also the addition of falling snow which adds to the atmosphere of the map slightly. The map is renamed Alpine_Assault-1945 and should not replace the original if you had downloaded it as you will still need it to play conquest mode, All credits go to the Forgotton Hope mod team for bringing us such an awesome mod, The original author of this map along with thief666 for bringing it to the community and ctz for providing the community with the opportunity of inserting weather effects into maps. Place map in your Forgotten Hope folder where you would place any other downloaded map and remember not to delete the original file as it is still needed for conquest play,


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