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"June 6, 1944. The morning of the greatest amphibious assault ever attempted, Canadian, British and American soldiers embark upon the g...


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"June 6, 1944. The morning of the greatest amphibious assault ever attempted, Canadian, British and American soldiers embark upon the great crusade against the Axis of evil. Sword, Gold, Utah, Omaha and of course, Juno. On the beachhead assault of Nan-White, snipers dotted the nearby hills while artillery pounded the shore line. Engineers had to clear the way for the tanks, with infantry quickly in toe. The Canadians made it the furthest in the days objectives only to be held back due to lack of support from thier harder hit allied companions, but there fight was not easy...this is thier story."

***Axis must hold the beach from the invading forces at all costs***

***Allies must take all objectives to win, a constant ticket bleed is in effect***

***Conquest is the only mode intended for play on this map***

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Download 'finishedjuno.zip' (30.63MB)

***** Juno_Beach ***** By: muhfugga & Juno44

  this project was started on Jan 15 by my good friend Juno44 and myself as just somthing
to do between good game releases. niether of us knew how far this would take us... today is 
final version day mar 11. our VE day. Juno44 got me involved in BC which i never played
with until that day. once i saw some basic work he did. i thought this might be fun. within a
day or too i kinda took over as project leader and poor Juno44 kinda sat back and watched me 
change and critique his work, after many hours i could see that this could become somthing 
great and pushed hard to learn everything i could know. i had spent almost my whole life 
playing games and knew whats good and whats shite. after basic terrain editing and object 
placement was done, i decided to go further and Juno44 said giver, that was over 60 days ago 
and here i am now. he waited patiently giving feedback, brutal and honest. i had never 
coded any BF game before so i learned alot. so we give you the finished product...

*Special thanks to first and formost: my beautiful wife and daughter, putting up with my hours 
infront of this blasted computer. without there support id be finished. she even let me re-
skin the Matilda2 on Valentines Day: what a woman...
*Juno44: if it wasnt for you awesome anal attention to detail, all the damn props would be in 
the air. thx for pushing me so hard to get it done, and our hours of debate. watching ch 555 
drawing up plans on sold tags at work. wasting company time like never before! thx man, for
everything. and the play testing headshots from across the map"Finally,our map is out there!"
*Beregil: your kept pushing me along man, your encourgement ment alot. sorry about the icons, 
i just needed to get this thing done. it was killing me. good luck in school. see you in BF2
*Dweller Benthos: damn man your smart, thx for your help & pointing me in the right direction
*Scotch: warm neat Glenfiddich in a square tumbler...mmmm...scotch
*No# of 'New Folder' on my desktop: 9
*12 hour work days: killing us before we could do our work at home
*Tattoo Machines: sitting on my table waiting for the coding to end...
*Bille Holiday: for her beautiful haunting wartime voice.
*6 gigs: of revisions, projects, pics, code, skins etc on my desktop-67429files :)
Last but not least the FH mod, thx for making BF the game it was spose to be

for the newcomers: install here: fh/archives/bf1942/levels/Juno_Beach.rfa

***this ones for all the Canadians like us who feel left out in the gaming world***

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