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Pvt.Foley is leaving us to play Call of Duty! *Tear* But before he leaves, he wanted to release three maps that he hasn't finished, with...


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Pvt.Foley is leaving us to play Call of Duty! *Tear* But before he leaves, he wanted to release three maps that he hasn't finished, with the hopes that someone will complete these maps. There are no screenshots because there isn't much to look at in an unfinished map. Check out the read me to see what the maps are all about. This could be an excellent resource for a first time mapper or if you are experienced and looking for some inspiration.

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Hi guys 

i have made a few maps they are playable but not finished.
i have made them for FH and i am not anymore playing bf1942 at all.
i might one day get back to FH mapping but i am now playing COD.

there are no screenshots as there arent much to look at.

maps in this are:

A battle not heard of:
a small desrt map with a german fortress
a very hard map if you are the allies

P.O.W camp:
a map that defenitly isnt finished and anint yet playable
is based on a POW camp with more see description at end of readme if you
want to finish this map for me

Assult on the airfield:
well this is my most finished map apart from making shadows,minimap ECT
its finished would realy like HamburgerHill to finish this map of for me and the community

Thats all in the mappack


But make sure to add my name to the readme or it is classed as STOLEN
also make sure to notify me through e-mail at msn1@xtra.co.nz before sending it in SO I MIGHT SEE YOU ON THE BF1942 BATTLEFIELDS BUT DEFINETLY ON BF2


Forgotten Hope Mod Team For the best 1942 mod
HamburgerHill for making very good maps/converting them and inspiering me to make more maps. Note he was not involved in this mappack.
 And anyone who plays bf1942 FH mod

POW Camp 

I based this map on a POW camp i have thought of adding a tall fence around the edges of itand adding a railway tracks all the way through where the Dry dirt is you will know if you use battlecraft i have added the 2 bridges small european wood fence needs to be put up along the bank where the road is
vegetation is totaly up to you guys different trees will make for a different theatre of war but for desert the whole map needs changing adding barracks and more POW type buildings in the paved concrete zone will make it a POW camp

if you can understand this like i had my ideas then it will get made very much like i pictured it but feel free to change this to what you like 


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