FinnWars FInal



This is the last and final version of the popular FinnWars mod.



 The first ever finished Historical Finnish Wars modification is here, carrying version number 1.0.
After a two years hard work, mod that started under a name Finlandiamod and then became FinnWars
has finally been finished by Snowflake Studios. The latest version has gone through lots of
testing phases, but we still take an option to release fixes if it will be needed. In any case
we will release mappacks in the future.

- Continuation War included
- 8 new airplanes: Curtiss Hawk P-75, Fokker D-21, Gloster Gladiator Mk. II, Polikarpov I-153, BF109, Ilyushin, Yak9 and JU87.
- 5 new handweapons and previous weapons tweaked.
- 10 new land vehicles.
- More than 60 realistic effects from muzzle shots to explosions included.
- Over 15 new maps for both Winter War and Continuation War. Old maps tweaked and some redone/deleted.
- A great deal of new sounds for airplanes, land vehicles, weapons etc.
- Over 10 new stationary weapons from machine guns (Ironsights) to howitzers.
- Some Easter Eggs added

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