FinnWars Final Extended - Client



The long wait is over. This is the final version of FinnWars. Map packs will likely follow but the mod is now finished. At first the idea was to make a small patch to eliminate bugs. Our small team got a little carried away though and as a result we added some new features. There are plenty of new maps and kits. The gameplay of older maps has been improved and new kits have been added as well. More specific details are listed below. Now we will focus on our first stand-alone game, Battlegrounds of the West.

FinnWars Final Extended client version (Including Single player)

New Maps:

* Murmansk Railroad (Objective map) * Road to Petroskoi * Last stand at Viipuri * Tienhaara * Syväri * Rajamäki (Objective map) * Teikari Island * Command Bunker * Donner Und Blitzen * Olonets Karelia * Viipuri

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