Forgotten Hope 0.65

Hey there soldiers! Looking for an easier way to download Forgotten Hope 0.65? Well, here is the full install! This huge mutha' weighs in...


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Hey there soldiers! Looking for an easier way to download Forgotten Hope 0.65? Well, here is the full install! This huge mutha' weighs in at around 1.7 gigabytes, the largest file EVER posted on BF1942Files! Amazing eh? Well anyways, download it now and have fun! See ya on the battlefield!

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Download '' (1.63GB)


We do not promote any actions or beliefs of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism.
If this is distributed to any country where it is illegal to display or distribute any Nazi or imperial imagery,
then you as the user, assume full responsibility, risk and liability, legal or otherwise,
associated with the use of these files.


fixed several bugs
fixed 1 US officer Greasegun name
fixed Lancaster wreckparts
fixed Browning Cal50 magsize
fixed Defiant ammosupply
fixed B25 aileron offset
fixed bf109 speed/power ratio
fixed Battle of Britain crash
fixed Tarawa Objects
fixed StuG Smoke position
fixed Fletcher position changing
fixed Enterprise Elevator again
fixed Ger Light AT icon usage

optimised several textures

removed map Battle of Kursk 1943
removed map Opertaion Citadel 1943
removed map Omaha Beach 1944

improved & balanced several maps

decreased He111 handling
decreased Bf110 handling
decreased Hurricane speed
decreased B25 agility
decreased Defiant speed

reduced deploy mg rearm speed and radius

added Cal50 ammobox fix
added Browning cal30 Icon
added stat. Bren Icon
added RDG33 icons
added Mills Grenade Icons
added M35 L1 model

replaced cal50 model

changed M35 L1 model
changed M35 aiming code
changed Jumplights color to red

modified 75mm DP

increased big AA damage

fixed buggy plane spawners for storm/sector318/blackknight
fixed several models
fixed PanzerIVF2 Icon
fixed Willy SAS mg position
fixed 2Pdr aiming
fixed Ju52wreck coll
fixed Tankerclass menu name
fixed US light AT Icon/name
fixed Usage of M36 wreck
fixed Jap and Ger tankcomm weapon animation
fixed 6pounder Icon
fixed MG42 air model
fixed stat Bren sound
fixed Springfield Icon in some US kits
fixed Ju52 cockpit cam
fixed Ju52 passenger positions
fixed T19HMC MG usage
fixed LVT driver cam
fixed LVTa4 mg cam
fixed enterprise elevator position
fixed 13mm tracers in planes
fixed Matilda Gun mantlet
fixed arisaka sniper lag

added new german voice commands
added several new & improved textures
added various AI fixes

increased Bedford driver sitting heigth
increased Bf109 series agility

replaced Kurrogane L1

decreased pistol accuracity
decreased SMG accuracity
decreased Bf110 agility

improved Sub7c exit locations

lowered MatildaII ride

removed Rocket rails from Swordfish-t

reequipped ArkRoyal with Swordfish-t only

changed Gatehouse code (needs to be placed on spawner now)

improved & balanced several maps

added several new & improved textures
added several improved sounds
added US oficer GGun for slot 1
added random weapons for Tankcomm
added Schwimmwagen water effects
added 2pdr L1 model
added fixed Ark Royal
added new no. 2 sound
added several new honks ;-)

fixed Komet L1 model usage
fixed MG42 deploy
fixed Nebelwerfer AI
fixed enterpriseelevator
fixed Su76 ride
fixed KV1 L1 and wreck usage
fixed A26 top turret cockpit
fixed Zis5ammo AI
fixed TT33 magposition
fixed Panther HP
fixed Panther damage effects
fixed Schwimmwagen icon dots
fixed Nambu positioning
fixed M19 turret coll
fixed matilda gun sound
fixed barb wire alpha bug

decreased Ju87 agility
decreased B26 agility

changed A26 mg convergence point
changed 2pdr gun sound

Increased A26 agility

coded SpringfieldGrenade

improved Mig3 straight flight
improved Mors animation usage
improved M19
improved & balanced several maps

renamed M19Duster -> M19

updated Munitionspanzer

fixed Betty 1p missing glass
fixed mg42 sounds
fixed komet firing sound
fixed uhu firing sound
fixed several crash bugs
fixed Juno mg movement
fixed Geb Ladung effects
fixed SdKfz10/4 speed
fixed Juno MG issue
fixed Zis5 AI
fixed Zis3 wreck not showing
fixed Howitzer105mm wreck not showing
fixed Midway CTD

moved Ostwind cam

changed Enterprise elevator

reduced Pistol accuracity

added StenMk2
added NagantCarbine
added ArisakaCarbine
added PPSh43
added RandomPPSH
added several new & improved textures
added several improved sounds

updated singleplayer & conquest code

fixed Brit Satchel AI
fixed Russ Nagant kit using SVT kit model
fixed several map crash bugs (battle of foy ai still buggy)
fixed mors soundbug
fixed mg42 soundbug
fixed stukadive bug

added other tanker cap for ger desert
added various US helmets
added Bf110-N (Nightfighter version)
added Me262-N (Nightfighter version)
added several new & improved textures
added new manual (still wip)

fixed Garandsniper animations

increased MGs muzzleclimb
increased Bf109 agility

reduced Bf110 agility
reduced Zero Agility

removed Juno LCs

improved & balanced several maps
improved 2pdr sight (still wip)
improved Flak18 cockpit (still wip)


fixed LA7 1pcockpit glass
fixed stug3 view
fixed driver view of the sdkfz7
fixed some icons
fixed M3A1GB mg deploy
fixed Priest MG seat animations
fixed geb ladung damage
fixed Makin Crashbug
fixed Hellcat flying circles
fixed 2pdr aiming
fixed 6pdr view
fixed Cal50 tripod
fixed Riflegrenades animations
fixed US Tommygun using wrong kit model
fixed Zis5 ammo giving ammo to the wrong guys
fixed C47/Ju52 network problems
fixed Browning deploy weapon
fixed Browning deploy aiming
fixed guardhouse
fixed Staghound AA gun sounds
fixed bulgeambience sounds 22 & 11khz /trouble with some onboard soundcards
fixed fin minimap flags

reduced Stg44 inaccuracity
reduced 7.92x33 damage loss at distance
reduced Mig3 agility

added M1A1 engineer class

increased FG42 min accuracity
increased He219 agility

added fixed matilda2 model files
added flagpoles flagbase2_m1, ...
added A26 icon
added FH_stoneWall_m1
added FH_stoneWallBend_m1
added various caps and hats
added 2pdr cockpit view
added Flak18 cockpit view with ammoindicator
added JAGDPANZER simple model textures

removed Stug3G hud crosshair

activated Ostwind shadow
activated SdKfz222 shadow (need one)
activated PanzerIVh shadow (need one)

improved & balanced several maps

reexported sdkfz222 hull
fixed Bazooka Damage
fixed BF109 sound bug
fixed BF110-A sounds 
fixed Iwo Jima CTD
fixed garand grenade missing skin
fixed pilotka placement
fixed geballte ladung weapon selection icon

added Rifle grenade ANTI "Insta Gib selection delay"

improved TT33

improved MAP Battle_of_the_Bulge
improved MAP Falaise_Pocket
improved MAP Invasion_of_the_Philippines
improved MAP Operation_Nordwind-1944
added VEHICLE 6 pounder gun
added m1carabine kit model
added sm files for "FH_KwaiBridge_m1" (NO CODE / NO SKIN)
added new flamethrower

fixed stug3 aim view
fixed wespe aim view
fixed greyhound hull
fixed zero nosecam gun sounds
fixed val gunsounds and changed them for al vals to sound similar
fixed me262 nosecam gunsound
fixed gunsounds for all Bf109 and 110 versions
fixed howitzer 105mm 
fixed PantherD hull
fixed Ostwind shadow
fixed Geb Ladung splash damage
fixed piper cub passenger icon ..
fixed piper cub damage effects
fixed tiger crosshair

improved Sherman-POA

systemized bomber positions

Removed wreck from AR234 bombrun
removed some useless scc code

and last but not least .... several other additions + fixes......
fixed TodT Gun smoothing
fixed PS harbor shed
fixed su76 bumping
fixed opel blitz water bug + skin
fixed waco speed
fixed PoW turret lod
fixed Type38/Elco80 Raft AI
fixed KV1 muzzleflash position
fixed cal30 kit model
fixed 4 ger chuteless pilot icon
fixed Sdkfz7Flak18 walls
fixed pol M35 crash
fixed Elco80 MG overheating speed
fixed Howitzer assembley explosion effects
fixed B26 top turret mg placement
fixed invasion otP kit loadouts
fixed TB3 mg sound
fixed Nagant Grenade animations
fixed Garand Grenade distance sound
fixed KVs right front wheel
fixed SVT40 sound
fixed Johnson camshake

added new mi carabine versions
added several new textures
added VEHICLE He219 (WIP)
added seperate PanzerIVF2 barrel
added various AI fixes on request of FHX
added new icon for enterprise elevator
added Ammopack to fix Invasion of the P ctd

increased KV1 track speed
increased N1K1 agility
increased Komet speed
increased Me262 elevator agility 
increased Bf109 agility
increased Bf109-k agility

decreased Hurricane MK1 agility
decreased Hurricane MK2 agility
decreased Spitfire agility
decreased Typhoon agility

removed code usage of airbreak model from pzl11
removed all voted maps

replaced Hatsuzuki MG34 with Nambu92

improved 7TP

updated FHX

and last but not least .... several other additions + fixes......
fixed Sherman not spawning (sorry guys)
fixed hellcat flying circles
fixed Panzerfaust damage values
fixed G4M1 Lodselector
fixed Browning cal50 AA showing wrong gun
fixed PT boats torp causing no damage
fixed KV1 muzzleflash/sound
fixed CTD caused by us carriers
fixed Coral Sea CTD
fixed Sexton suspension
fixed UMSC engineer weapon icon
fixed Sherman not spawning (sorry guys)
fixed hellcat flying circles
fixed Panzerfaust damage values

increased all planes agility by 10%

deleted double file from game.rfa

added M1A1 (using dummyicon on M1A1)
added fixed Lancasterturrets
fixed 76mm/90mm damage settings
fixed SG44 aiming
fixed Geb ladung icon
fixed Coastal_base_m1 AI
fixed Dest stonebridge wreck
fixed Lancaster Pilot seat
Fixed B26 top turret 
fixed Lancaster Aileron offsett
fixed russian hat
fixed planespawner assignment on BtR
fixed Finish AT icon usage
fixed Betio_Bdoor2 AI
fixed Betio_Bnk2_W_m1 AI
fixed Sherman105mm hull usage
fixed Firefly tracks
fixed Sherman105 icon usage
fixed allied grenade icon usage
fixed Sherman105mm tracks
fixed Greasegun muzzleflash
fixed Camsway for K98 grenade
fixed Camsway for G43 grenade
fixed Johnson relaod problems
fixed stuka dive horn
fixed flying pak40 on breaktrough
fixed wrong sand texture + areavalues in desert rose
fixed usmc willy texture

added fixed Lancaster Hull
added Icon_mills_64x32 dummyicon
added Icon_rdg33_64x32 dummyicon
added ShermanJumbo
added some class icons
added Springfield ammobox one more time :)

increased BtR Factory HP from 1000 to 1300

updated FHX
tweaked MAP Sector318
tweaked MAP Operation Goodwood

improved VEHICLE Matilda2
improved VEHICLE M36
improved USMC Willy

fixed springfield sniper sound bug
fixed several other smaller bugs....

added missing class icons
added a few new textures
added Ostwind L1
tweaked MAP Operation Goodwood
tweaked MAP Goldbeach
tweaked MAP Battle of Kursk 1943
tweaked MAP Tarawa 1943

added MAP Operation Citadel (sunny Battle of Kursk day2)

added VEHICLE new Jagdpanzer 4
added VEHICLE USMC willy
added Greasegun Lod/kit model
added new M36 guns

fixed several stuff
fixed Greasegun Aiming
fixed Rheinübung CTD
fixed Riflegrenade aiming
fixed Caen CTD
tweaked MAP Alpenfestung
tweaked MAP Bombing the Reich
tweaked MAP Operation Blackknight
tweaked MAP Operation Goodwood
tweaked MAP Prokhorovka-1943
tweaked MAP Supercharge

fixed KV1 mesh
fixed C47 mesh
fixed Ar234 col ids
fixed Sherman col ids
fixed Junkers Bow MG
fixed Defiant mesh
tweaked MAP Alpenfestung
tweaked MAP Bocage
tweaked MAP Bombing the Reich
tweaked MAP Battle of the Bulge
tweaked MAP Breaktrough
tweaked MAP Falaise Pocket
tweaked MAP Operation Blackknight
tweaked MAP Operation Goodwood
tweaked MAP Prokhorovka
tweaked MAP Prokhorovka-1943
tweaked MAP Sector318
tweaked MAP Supercharge

Added M36
Added BowMg to Firefly/Sherman105mm
Added Bowmg to T34 / T34-85
added Pilotkits without chute for brits and ger

Fixed KV1/2 steering
fixed Su76 driving assembley
fixed priest mg
fixed KV1 rearmg
fixed Lancaster Turreticons
fixed Cub passenger Icon
fixed 40mm AA explosion effect
fixed Panzerfaust30 damage

Deleted M36B1Jackson

attention all mappers:
-G36b1Jackson spawner is now -G36
added MAP Operation Goodwood
added several textures
added MINIMOD FH_RTR (first version)
added Spawnerless Schnellboote
added Mills dummy ammo icon
added Springfield Ammobos (talk to me)
added GebLadung/G43 kit

removed VEHICLE Sherman3

tweaked MAP Karellia
tweaked MAP Valirisk
tweaked MAP Bombing the Reich
tweaked MAP Arnhem
tweaked MAP Supercharge
tweaked MAP both Prokhorovkas
tweaked OBJECTS.rfa
tweaked ANIMATIONS.rfa
tweaked KV1

fixed MAP Adak Island Sky (NEXT FULL VERSION)
fixed sexton col models + added shaddows
fixed several smaller bugs
fixed Wz29Grenade positioning
fixed polish rifle icons
fixed Fireflys sounds
fixed Spotter crashes

updated Hangar and Repairpad vehicle list

and as always..... fixed several other stuff........
added VEHICLE Hood
added VEHICLE Bismark
added VEHICLE new Sherman 105
added VEHICLE new Sherman Firefly
added STATIC FH_frenchFarm1_m1
added STATIC FH_frenchFarm2_m1
added STATIC FH_frenchFarm3_m1
added coloured tracers

added several other tweaks
improved VEHICLE Tirpitz
improved VEHICLE Audiacity

fixed a lot of bad filenames

atlantic replaced by rheinuebung 

moved sound files from the maps to the sound rfa and altered the ssc coding 
resaved several loading screens

renamed map Blue Moon to Operation Blackknight

***attention mappers***:
removed vehicles:
he 115
old fh betty
old fh baka

removed statics:
-all e_grass versions
-all fh dice suburbhouses
-all fh ice versions

a hughe ammount of improved maps + a few new ones 

added first part of the BG sound replacement
added various textures
added Mills grenade (didnt know what kit or country to put on kit)
added Geballte Ladung (not winter or desert kits)
added German Shovel (replaces the knife in AT, MG and engineer kits) (not winter or desert kits)
added type94 wreck
added no04 (not coded yet)
added static FireBarrel_m1
added static pega_BGtree_01_m1 up to pega_BGtree_16_m1
added British 2Pdr. (not coded yet)positions:
2pdr base - 0/0/0
2pdr Gun - 0.016/1.747/-0.202
2pdrMantle - 0.0/1.606/0.475
2pdrMainBody - 0/0/0
2pdr_crank - -0.7 1.674 -0.147

fixed 11khz sounds
fixed 44khz sounds
fixed 1p_lvt4_m1
fixed 1p_baka_m1
fixed mg42_air soundbug
fixed both frenchhouse statics
fixed FH_Bunker_6 with land skirts so it can be placed on maps
fixed KV1_Hull Lod
fixed KV2_Hull Lod
fixed he111
fixed JU52 Various positioning
fixed Icon USSatchel, Type 94 and Lancaster
fixed sten size
fixed CharB1 has been scaled up to more accurate size
(scale was increased by 25%)
code adjusted for this (!!some problems with turret camera!!)

improved Somua skin (captured skin + normal french one)

removed again some swatiskas + some general texture fixes

updated FHX

@ all mappers:
added some additional uniform texture folders.... those uniforms where used generally during the war...just use them if you want to have them in your map:

tweaked maps:
added map Battle_of_Kursk-1943 (modified kursk day1)
Kursk Day1
Blue moon
Bombing the Reich (raid on germany)
Fall Weiss
Zielona Gora
fixed submarie ID´s
fixed flap position on several planes
fixed various bugs
fixed wz36 ID´s
fixed sdkfz222 rs files
fixed mark6 & desert mark6 rs files
fixed howitzerbatterys turnability
fixed Hangar/plane crash bug (nasty surprise for some people :D)
fixed Pak40 explosion damage
fixed Ju52 MODEL
fixed Mutsuki Ai (typo)
fixed Ju88 AI
fixed BF110 LOD MODEL
fixed BF110 Main model has now lod´s

added HowitzerBattery3, 4, 5 (tested on networkability)
added various night textures
added Ammoselector for Zis3
added MODEL Russ_Pilotka
added MODEL new destroyed barb wire
added WEAPON 30cal
added VEHICLE new MATILDA2 (new wheel set is wip)
added VEHICLE new MATILDA2 (new wheel set is wip)
added destroyable sonebridge big
added ICONS for various vehicles
added STATIC stecrate2_Bundle_m1
added STATIC stecrate1_Bundle_m1
added STATIC re_portBoxBundle_m1
added STATIC Military_boxBundle_m1
added STATIC Crate_Bundle1_m1
added STATIC ControlTower
added STATIC FH_burghundefels_m1

improved Vals handling at low speeds

changed ammoboxes refill (static boxes only)
changed Wildcat position on Enterprise a tad
changed reverted Devestator rudder pedal direction
changed bf110 starting behaviour

reduced soldiers swimendurance from 90 to 45s

removed new Bf110 LOD (was crashing maps)

increased theoretical range for mps/pistols 

updated FHX + added FHX with RTR support

tweaked maps:
blue moon (still very VIP)
Battle of Britain

added maps:
okinava (still very VIP)
raid over germany (still very VIP)
changed / fixed / added various new stuff (it was to fluently on the LAN to list everything ...just added here what i remembered)

fixed Defiant no texture bug
fixed various bugs
fixed ju88 lower gunner bug

added 2 different satchel charge behaviours:
-one with short explosion time (4-6 sec) without sound (for exampel against tanks)
-one with long explosion time (9-11 sec) with sound (for example against bunker doors to warn teammates)
added ger satchel
added various night textures

removed some swatiskas

@ all mappers ... SPAWNER => PAK40 GUN has now the correct height

tweaked maps:
blue moon
changed / fixed / added various new stuff (it was to fluently on the LAN to list everything ...just added here what i remembered)

added several other night textures
added more bomber spotter kits
added several sound effects

fixed M10 mine damage bug
fixed bomber network bugs
fixed various small bugs
fixed K98 scope

changed wood plane damage values

improved LA7 Handling

tweaked maps:
blue moon

changed / fixed / added various new stuff (it was to fluently on the LAN to list everything ...just added here what i remembered)

fixed grease gun crash bug
changed / fixed / added various new stuff (it was to fluently on the LAN to list everything ...just added here what i remembered)

fixed several collision model bugs
fixed several coding bugs
fixed russian grenade
added new kits

fixed several bugs
fixed Ar234 lod & wreck usage
fixed BF110 simplemodel and shadows
fixed B25-A simplemodel
fixed HO229 now correct damage ids
fixed M19 Duster damage ids
fixed B26 simplemodel
fixed Puma Ids
fixed Tommy gun 
fixed KV rear wheel bug 
fixed FH_Heuhuette
fixed FH_Alpenhaus
fixed KV2 col models
Fixed Sound k98mono
Fixed Sound k98lr
Fixed Sound no4mono
Fixed Sound no4lr
(Fixed my volume problems, removes the statics that made it sound like shit)
Reverted Plane Sounds to stock bf1942 sounds, removing calls to stolen sound directories.

removed swatiska from a spitfire skin

tweaked several of the bigger dice static objects:
rh_pacificsomething ;)

added & improved several textures
added STATIC FH_frenchHouse1_m1
added STATIC FH_frenchHouse2_m1
added STATIC FH_frenchHouse3_m1
added STATIC FH_frenchHouse4_m1
added STATIC FH_mosque_m1
added STATIC (RESCALED DICE BUILDING) FH_smlfrenchfarm_m1
added STATIC (RESCALED DICE BUILDING) FH_lrgfrenchfarm_m1
added STATIC FH_barrels2_m1
added STATIC FH_barrels1_m1
added STATIC Opel_static
added STATIC FH_burghundefeld_sign
added STATIC FH_burghundefeld-kleinlohe_sign
added STATIC FH_kornburg-kleinlohe-wendelstein_sign
added STATIC FH_wendelstein_sign
added STATIC FH_sniperTower_m1
added WEAPON RGD33

Map Tweaks:
Desert Rose

VERSION 0.62G (internal)

added new winterclasses
added german europe cap

fixed P747 icon
fixed varius class crash bugs
fixed oerlikon
fixed k98 riflegrenade texture
fixed satchel charge position

panther d with falaise version replaced

improved thompson texture

maps slightly tweaked:
omaha sector c
VERSION 0.62F (internal)

fixed MG42 class crashbug
fixed rufe texture

maps slightly tweaked:
adak island
omaha sector c
VERSION 0.62E (internal)
crash fixes
VERSION 0.62D (internal)

added TEXTURE Bedford (replaced old one and added new ones)
added MAP Sector 318
added WEAPON Tommygun
added WEAPON FG42 + kits
added WEAPON new K98
added WEAPON new thompson
added CLOTHING GerTankCommCap
added STATIC Afri_Ruin1_m1
added STATIC FH_Bunker_10_m1
added STATIC Camels
added STATIC FH_Bunker_8_m1
added STATIC FH_Jaima_m1
added STATIC FH_romanColumn1_m1
added STATIC FH_romanColumn2_m1
added STATIC FH_romanColumn3_m1
added STATIC FH_romanRuins1_m1
added STATIC FH_romanRuins2_m1
added STATIC FH_romanRuins3_m1
added STATIC FH_romanTemple_m1
added STATIC TrainBridge_arc_m1
added STATIC FH_AtlWall (Atlantic Wall Whole Section)
added STATIC FH_DestAtlWall (Atlantic Wall Destroyed)
added STATIC FH_Bunker_11 (reversed Bunker 1)
added CLASS Tommygun for brits
added VEHICLE Zis3 (Wip)
added VEHICLE CharB1 (wip) (already fixed skin)
added VEHICLE fixed Su76
added VEHICLEVARIATION Su76 winter
added Beachbombardment (for Beregil, contact me on use)
added LexiconAll.dat
added better botsupport
added prototype automatic planes (B25 and Ar234) with classes

fixed Somua netinfo problems
fixed Somua splash armour
fixed TEXTURE Satchel charge
fixed TEXTURE KV2 main
fixed tb3 spawner
fixed kv2 tracks (*)
fixed ICON Piper Cub
fixed 6.5mm bullet hit effects
?fixed MG recollection (test online)
fixed metal effect on: ar234, Mig3, Me262, Komet, typhoon, defiant,
fixed ar234 col id bug (yeah now you can shot an ar234 down)
fixed mig3 spawner
fixed junkers spawner (dice ju88)
fixed ju88 spawner

improved TEXTURE Garand
improved TEXTURE Hurricane MK2
improved p47 metal skin (made shiny)
improved twin TP7
improved Wildcat Cockpit
improved rus/ger uniforms
improved gnevny
improved Liberty
improved tents
improved mig3 col ids
improved landmine´s code/model


Sounds Replaced:


removed 3 SS symbols on backpack textures
removed DAK symbol on desert kübelwagen

sligtly altered PPSh aimcode (while turning)

enabled gravity for all handweapons

modified Bar1918 aiming (again)

replaced bullet ground hit effect (now its your turn McGibs :) )

updated FHX

Maps tweaked:
Fall weiss
Omaha Sector C
Coral Sea
Berlin 1945



improved Kettenkrad (shadows)
improved Flettner (shadows)
improved all he111 textures slightly improved 
improved col models liberty
improved col models audiacity
improved col models Ark Royal
improved col models Gnevny
improved mark IV
improved katyusha (less ground bouncing)
improved churchill (less ground bouncing)
improved Panzerfaust
improved Tents
improved barb wire
improved yamato hull

fixed KV2 tracks
fixed left tractor wheel
fixed He111
fixed SwordfishRecon Ammo displays
fixed Desert Rose multiple crashes
fixed AichiVal Torpedo
fixed coax MGs reload at ammoboxes
fixed MarkVI and PanzerII reloading
fixed Puma
fixed shipguns reload at Shipammo
fixed Defiant models

added MODELS wreck models A26, B26, Ar234
added TEXTURE additional german uniforms
added TEXTURE c47 skin (operation torch)
added TEXTURE Isuzu Type 94
added TEXTURE Bedford
added MAP Supercharge
added MAP dday sector C
added MODEL British Pilot helmet
added MODEL Katana to all Jap officer classes
added MODEL Satchel to US M1 engineer class (WIP)
added STATIC desert house ruin
added STATIC camel
added STATIC roman ruin statics
added STATIC Desert_UndBunk_m1
added STATIC DesertTrenchEnd_m1
added STATIC DesertTrenchL_m1
added STATIC DesertTrenchObl_m1
added STATIC DesertTrenchStr_m1
added STATIC FH_Bunker_9_m1
added STATIC FH_Bunker_9b_m1
added STATIC AlliesShipAmmo / AxisShipAmmo
added STATIC US_pilotChair_m1
added STATIC US_pilotTable_m1
added STATIC ActiveUSPilotChair
added STATIC a few more 
added VEHICLE (VERSION) desert mark IV
added VEHICLE Wellington

added minimod FHX

added several other stuff

changed SpawnID list (see in forum)
changed LVTa4 soldier spawn ID
changed C47/Ju52 door (again)

reduced supplytrucks tank shell spending speed

modified BAR aiming for testing

maps tweaked:
-Battle of Valirisk

VERSION 0.62B (internal)

lifted Stug3g back a tad

Tripled expack/Landmine lifetime

increased Panzerfaust30 damage against armour
increased Panzerfaust30 range
increased 7.92x33 damage
increased SG44 inaccuracity slightly

reduced 7.62x33 damage slightly
reduced ships AA weapons accuracy
reduced number of expacks/Landmines to 3
reduced expacks effect against armour

added type94ammo
added bedfordammo
added zis5ammo
added AxisSubmarineAmmo (r=30)
added some magic ;9 to all trucks canvas
added Finish kits for Karelia
added dummy icons for finish kits
added TEXTURE KV2 winter skin 
added TEXTURE desert swordfish skin
added TEXTURE additional p2 desert skin + improved p2 skins
added TEXTURE improved martlet skin
added TEXTURE several improved wreck textures (not just black textures anymore)
added TEXTURE new JU88A texture set + improved the old one 
added TEXTURE HE111 Cockpit
added TEXTURE wreckskins:
-Brumbär (the model is so ugly it needs to be completly redone)
-Cromwell (Brit)

added STATIC AlliesSubmarineAmmo
added STATIC SubmarineAmmo
added STATIC desert bunker
added STATIC concrete trenches
added VEHICLE (VERSION) SwordfishRecon
added VEHICLE (VERSION) ArkRoyal
added VEHICLE (VERSION) S29 & tS38 (Torpedoschnellboote without spawnpoint)
added VEHICLE Devastator
added SOUND several new+improved gun + tank sounds 

modified Submarines to reload
modified Vierling
modified AA_Allies

improved finnish voice commands
improved IS2 turret col box
improved KV2
improved Lancaster
improved Cub
improved bedford
improved zis5
improved m10 main model (added shadow + low poly col1 + ground bouncing problem fixed)
improved Panzer4 H main model (added shadow + low poly col1 + ground bouncing problem fixed)
improved Panzer4 D main model (added shadow + low poly col1 + ground bouncing problem fixed)
improved Tiger1 main model (less ground bouncing)
improved PantherD main model (less ground bouncing)
improved T34-85 main model (less ground bouncing)
improved T34-76 main model (less ground bouncing)
improved Tiger2 main model (less ground bouncing)
improved Priest main model (less ground bouncing)

fixed Sg44-zf sounds
fixed HurricaneMk2 cockpit
fixed Bunker_Hill crash (who removed the turrets from enterprise?)
fixed AI crashes
fixed some russian kits (removed No4)
fixed some kits model usage
fixed SBD splash armour
fixed MarkIV
fixed Type94 (Jap truck)
fixed 6pdr damage against ships
fixed Mig3-b ammo icon
fixed ju88A (DICES JU88) (glass etc)

*should be fixed needs a online test*
fixed m10 col boxes should be adjusted
fixed new panther col boxes should be adjusted

tweaked maps:
-Battle of Valirisk (completly overworked, SHADOWS & LIGHTMAPS missing)
-the Storm
-El Alamein
-Yellow Beach

VERSION 0.62A (internal)

fixed cromwell correct wreck skin at brit maps
fixed berlin outskirts correct loading screen
fixed stug3g winter LOD texture
fixed fw190 cockpit
fixed hanomag lod skin fixed
fixed svt kit
fixed Swordfish taking damage from water
fixed general AI crash bug
fixed SpitfireI handling
fixed Kingtiger netcode
fixed Chi-Ha cam issue
fixed BoB issues
fixed M35 aiming
fixed Pak40 turnable
fixed Ha-Go Splash ID
fixed Me262-c rocket reload
fixed Stug3G suspension
fixed M35 aiming
fixed Dual Bofors/Duster/25mm AA firing pattern
fixed german helmet on berlin
fixed various menu icons
fixed B25 lod skin on british-desert maps
fixed Churchill cockpit view
fixed some minor bugs

reduced AT rocket Aimtime

altered Garand cam position
altered cam position when lying
altered BLIMB col boxes (more dangerous for planes)

deleted objects/land/FH_Defgun_2

removed minimapicon from Omaha bunkerdoors
removed swatiskas:
-valirisk p747 
-The Pz747 icon 
-removed swatiska on africa flak18 skin
-wrecked grey hanomag skin
-ju52 wreck skin 
-bf110 nightversion

*fixed Swordfish taking damage from water
*fixed general AI crash bug
*fixed mg collection
*fixed puma steering lag
*fixed Active Gatehouse/ Active Bank

added VEHICLE Lancaster (needs coding + optimising)
added VEHICLE HurricaneMKI
added VEHICLE Isuzu Type 94 (NO SKIN + NEEDS CODING)
added VEHICLE MarkVI (EUROPE => Desert Version will follow)
added STATIC Burma_smallbridge_m1
added STATIC Burma_bigbridge_m1
added several objects
added SOUNDS various gun sounds
added SOUNDS finish voice commands
added TEXTURE 3new recouloured churchill skins
added TEXTURE 1more spitfire skin
added TEXTURE IL2 winter skin
added TEXTURE 1 more IS2 skin
added TEXTURE updated kurogane skin
added TEXTURE several effects
added TEXTURE several new textures

*modified all breakthrough tanks to show smoke*

tweaked tirpitz
tweaked Prinz Eugen
tweaked Panther
tweaked P38

tweaked maps (balancing .... fixes... etc.):
-Fall Weiss
-The Storm
-battle of foy
-battle of stalingrad
-Battle of the bulge
-Battle of Orel
-battle of valirisk
-omaha beach
-falaise map 
-berlin outskirts
-iwo jima
-coral sea


updated map saipan
updated map Prokhorovka
updated map Midway
updated map Iwo Jima
updated map Fall Weiss
updated map Breakthrough
updated map Battle of Makin
updated map Aberdeen
updated map Alpenfestung
updated map Battle of Valirisk

added some fixed & updated textures
some updated sm files
fixed some bugs
made 7tp use hull for L1 for now
adjusted Landmine and Expack splashdamage
modified Rufe
fixed Lewis deploy model
changed Airammobox lod settings
changed Panzerfaust30
fixed LCT_Mk5 spawning where the Gato should be
fixed missing vehicle spawnpoints
added fixed Puma model including L1 and wreck
added fixed Rufe floater
added fixed Kingtiger wheelset/tracks
fixed BoB crash
fixed Guadalcanal crash
fixed TripodMG issue
fixed Sten
fixed Invasion o t P controlpoints.con
fixed JohnsonLMG animations
added Todt Bunker fixes
deleted Victorious/Formidable
reorganized spawnIDs on ships
added reexported NKL
fixed SdKfz7Flak18 cam
fixed Ha-Go diving ability
fixed Nambu92Tripod disappearing

--> delete standardmesh/1P_Shipgun_M1
--> delete standardmesh/1p_Spitfire_m1 
--> delete standardmesh/1pBritBody, ger, jap, russ, us
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Base
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Mag
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Mag_Pull
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Nade
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Nade_Launcher
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Sniper_Base
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Sniper_Mag
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Sniper_Mag_Pull
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Sniper_Trigger
--> delete standardmesh/Arisaka_Trigger
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Gun_m1
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Prp_m1
--> delete standardmesh/B17_prp1_M2
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Whe_Bac_m1
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Whe_Fro_m1
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Wreck_engine_M1
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Wreck_Wing_M1
--> delete standardmesh/B17_Wreckfuse1_M1
--> delete standardmesh/wildcat_Canopy
--> delete standardmesh/stuka
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_fuselage_m1
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_canopy
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_rudder_m1
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_flap_tail_left_m1
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_flap_tail_right_m1
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_runner_left_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_runner_right_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_03_right_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_03_left_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_03_left_front
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_03_right_front
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_02_left_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_02_right_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_02_right_front
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_02_left_front
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_01_right_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_01_right_front
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_01_left_back
--> delete standardmesh/NKL26_spring_01_left_front
--> delete standardmesh/LOD01_he111_knueppel
--> delete standardmesh/LOD01_he111_nosegunner
--> delete standardmesh/LOD01_he111_pilot
--> delete standardmesh/LOD01_he111_side_horn
added new cockpit for B25 nosegunner
added fixed C47 wheel
added fixed Ju87 meshes
improved Ju87 reargunners
Ju87B now usable on early war maps
fixed B25-A nose
adjusted Bunker hill spawnerpositions
coded Waco
added flightdisruptor for at rockets
added renewed LCT
fixed Enterprise elevator icon dotposition
fixed MatildaI cockpit view
increased M3Stuart barrel moving
altered 7tp camposition
fixed 7tptwin wreck
fixed 7tp twin mg sound
fixed A26 muzzleflashes
reduced Wz35 reloadtime
fixed wz34 muzzleflash position
reduced vertical movement speed of 20mm at LCT
reduced churchills max safe water depth
added renewed Wildcat Body, prop and rudder
fixed A26 bellygunner
fixed IL2 propposition
fixed 7tp coax mg
fixed A26 nosegunners cockpit
fixed Matilda1 dotposition
deleted guardtow (was there for testig the other one, unneeded now)
reduced Rifles aimtime
reduced AT rockets aimtime
altered AT rockets a bit
fixed P38 HUD transparency
added Crosshair for PzB35(p)
increased AT rifles damage loss at distance
added Panzerfaust kitmodel
Added static Object Wreck_C47_Part1 / Wreck_C47_Part2
added new german hippack
added new Panzerfausts
added Catfish
fixed D.520 internal cockpit position
added fixed Priest model
added Springfield03
updated all USkits that contained No4
updated Type99_Air
activated N1K1 shadow
fixed servercrashbugs
deleted WaterSBD (finally)

--> delete standardmesh/wildcat_Canopy
--> delete standardmesh/stuka
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_fuselage_m1
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_canopy
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_rudder_m1
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_flap_tail_left_m1
--> delete standardmesh/ju87_new_flap_tail_right_m1

Holding back Springfield menu icons 
Holding back new LCT icon to keep size limited

fixed FH_ICE* building AI
fixed ArisakaGrenade AI
fixed bunker" crashes
fixed G4m2 handling/dotpositions
fixed Flak18 sound
added Mortarkit for every nation
fixed Hedgerows billboard
fixed Cal38 damage
increased 2cmL55 damage against planes
fixed DP1928 sounds
fixed some planesettings
fixed Alpenhaus AI
WIP adjusted Bunker hill spawnerpositions
added new Icons for Canadians
added Flettner
fixed Kingtiger wreck
fixed Ha-Go_Pillbox Ai
fixed Hanomag interior texture (include rs files!!!)
fixed FW190 ammosupply
fixed Bf109 ammosupply
fixed alpha bug on KT wreck
added Elevator to all other Enterprise type carriers
fixed Vickers having no crosshair
fixed Duster Iconissue
fixed MG42Tripod Crosshair
fixed B26 nosegunner cam
fixed Greyhounds coax mg position
fixed Greyhounds turret speed
fixed Nagant Grenade position
improved Riverboat
added fixed IL2 cockpit
added ingame (menu) fix
fixed P47D cockpit
removed zoom from M35
fixed T34-76 position numbers
added renewed SVT40
added PzB35(p)
added german PzB35(p) kits
fixed Ha-Gos diving ability
improved Komets vertical agility
fixed Enterprsie elevator network issues
fixed Gmc/Opel Horn
increased inaccuracity of Typhoon rockets
inverted Enterprise Elevator steering
increased P47D agility
fixed Ar234 engine sound
added Stick to P47D
fixed A26/B26 internal view problems
lowered B26 cam
added Go229 cockpit
fixed IL2 cam position
reduced Wrench repairspeed and ammosupply
updated Enterprise plane positions
added US Marine kits
modified KingTiger MG view position
Updated vehicles using Bofors type AA
added various dummyicons for stationary/tripod mgs
fixed Cromwell mgunner cockpit
added Mortar Stationary weapon
fixed MatildaII jumping
--> delete texture/
deleted Type96
--> delete standardmesh/T96_base
--> delete standardmesh/T96_Bipod
--> delete standardmesh/T96_Trigger
--> delete standardmesh/T96_mag
fixed MG34 bipod position
added FH_Tower_spotlight
added Wildcat cockpit
added new B25 cockpit
added Type96 scope
added new B26 cockpit
added new A26 cockpit
added several planegunner cockpits
added new tankaimdevices
fixed all tanks enginepower/speeddata
added several wrecks
added several icons
added Todt elevator
altered P47D speed
added new PanzerII tracks
tons of new / improved textures
improved maps ....
improved overal :)

and 2.000.000 other bugs/improvements/additions..........
updated some maps 
updated some sounds
updated vehicle Ark Royal
updated polish AT class the French helmet.

added Wz36 icon.
added more new icons
added some textures
added code for polish flag: AnimatedPolFlag
added crosshairs to TripodWz30
added fixes that got deleted last version
added Kingtiger
added dummyicon Menu/texture/weapon/
added Bunker_Hill
added LCI(R)
added 20mm_Oerlikon
added Somua.s35
added Enterprise elevator
added 37mmPak36(p) (for german use after polish campaign)
added Coaxial_Chatellerault
added A6M2-N model and texture
added Riverboat (for Stalingrad)
added helmet to US navy pilots
added SturmbootTransport
added Faustammo to ammoboxes
added defensegunnerpositiones to G4m2-e
added renewed Mosin Nagant/NagantSniper/NagantGrenade
added IL2 cockpit (WIP)
added renewed G43/G43Sniper
added map breaktrough-1944

fixed NKL26 gunners camposition
fixed Jumpstart and ammoboxdropper netissues
fixed french kits icon usage
fixed Il2-b bomb positions
fixed ArisakaGrenade sound
fixed ArisakaGrenade Crosshair
fixed Wz36 splash armour
fixed IL2-b bombspeed
fixed french helmet position
fixedG43grenade being unskinned
fixed object paths for deadcow and blimbs
fixed yamatocatapult_base
fixed texture planeglass
fixed texture on top wheels on 7tp. (7tp_L_Twhel_m1 and
Fixed pzl front wheels positions.
Fixed pzl missing front wheel texture
Fixed Left Aerolon prob.
fixed SdKfz251 model files
fixed Jap AT grenade (game.rfa)
fixed M19duster gunstats
fixed DP1928 sound
fixed Ba64 damageeffects position
fixed JapMG handdeploy
fixed Jap Medic armament
fixed Flak30
fixed M1Carbine sound
fixed GMC backdoor position
fixed Komet physics
Fixed SdKfz251 Rearmg positioning
fixed MG34V muzzleflashposition
fixed SdKfz10/4 tracks missing
fixed Me262-c speed
fixed some Barkasse settings
fixed G43 sound
fixed GMC camposition
fixed A26/B26 prop
fixed handweapon zoom
fixed US pilot helmet
fixed muzztankgun2_small
fixed LVTa4 simple model usage
fixed B25 rudder positions
fixed russian kits using No4

recoded OpelBlitzAmmo
reduced MG42/MG34 rise when firing
reduced IL2s agility
reduced Hellcats elevator power
reduced Jeeps explosion radius
reduced Liberty ships 20mm horizontal sensitivity

removed Ju52/C47 door
removed PantherD tankrider
removed G4m2-e Bombicon
removed fletcherwreck from Pantherbunker top
removed shellcase from M35
removed Crosshair from SBDs reargunner

modified Sturmboot to hold one Mg34
modified Nebelwerfer soldier seat
modified PTboat torpedos

adjusted GMC speed
repositioned M35
inverted Bettys reargunner Y-Axis
sped up N1K1
improved N1K1 flight physics

moved OpelBlitz front seat cams 
moved Bettys nosegunner cam

deleted objects/handweapons/Arisakagrenade
deleted Jap kit FortificationType99
deleted Type96deploy

replaced IL2 double 7,62mg with single 12.7mm

udated SG44 aimcode
updated GarandGrenade/GarandSniper/G43Grenade
updated Polish Grenade (pol_grenade)

and much more .........
updated map Alpenfestung
updated map Fall Weiss
updated map Saipan
updated map Crete 1941
updated map Battle of Makin
updated some textures
updated tanks damage loss at distance
updated Wz34

fixed FH_Bunker_1-6 (and added as bundles with support files)
fixed ps_hut3_m1 & ps_hut3b_m1
fixed Included LOD texture for Arisaka and 50mm knee mortar
fixed 7tp tower position
fixed SdKfz7 gunsettings
fixed SdKfz222 turretposition
fixed SdKfz222 gunsettings
fixed Vierling firing speed
fixed P36/P40 splash damage resistance
fixed stationary mg explosion damage
fixed stationary wz30 splash resistance
fixed PrinzEugen torpedolauncher settings
fixed german pilot helmet
fixed 7tp
fixed Ha-Go turret speed
fixed SdKfz7 muzzleflash positions
fixed Wildcat stickposition
fixed Puma damageeffects position
fixed ps_hut3_m1 & ps_hut3b_m1 meshes
fixed 9mm hiteffect on some tanks
fixed HE rocket hit effeckt on thicker armour
fixed Wildcat weapon AI
fixed wake crash
fixed polish voice commands
?fixed Go-229 shaking
?fixed B26/a26 shaking

added ha-go wreck textures.
added Sniper_tree_m1 (and support files)
added Jap_AmoCreate_m1
added pacif_baskets_m1
added Included Omaha_Bdoor *objective for Omaha 1944
added some textures
added vehicle wako
added fixed Hanomag Hulls
added Object Wreck_Fletcher_m1
added Us pilot helmet
added Mg34 to SdKfz222 
added icon weapons/Icon_Panzerfaust30
added icon weapons/Icon_Panzerfaust100
added Ark_Royal (real one)
added Marlet (softcoded)
added Flak30 (for Polish campaign)
added horn to Kurogane

Deleted ps_hut2_m1 and ps_hut2_m2
deleted G4m-o
deleted various unneeded kiticons

removed some inf cams due to cheating & error issues
updated map Battle of Valirisk
updated map The Storm
updated map Battle of Makin
updated map Alpenfestung

fixed texture winterhouse roof
fixed texture stuart track
fixed vehicle N1K1 
fixed spwanobject FH_Defgun_2 (projectile settings/wrecks position)
fixed spawnobject Todt_Defgun (camera Postition / flash location / reduced turret rotation by 5)
fixed map Alpenfestung (crashfix)
fixed map Berlin 1945 (crashfix)
fixed map Berlin Outskirts (crashfix)
fixed map Bocage 1944 (crashfix)
fixed map Wake
fixed vehicle N1K1 
fixed vehicle HO-Ki-apc (damage ids)
fixed spwanobject FH_Defgun_2 (projectile settings/wrecks position)
fixed spawnobject Todt_Defgun (camera Postition / flash location / reduced turret rotation by 5)
fixed polish vehicles should now have correct damage ids (again)
fixed German desert pilot helmet
fixed TripodMGs destroying tanks on drop
fixed Nebelwerfer/Howitzer network turning problems
fixed Stuka bomb drop
fixed Garand Sniper sound
fixed Ha-Go and Ho-Ha taking damage from water
fixed B26 gunner icons
fixed TripodMGs recoverable
fixed spitfire canopys ? 

updated map Fall Weiss
updated map Valirisk
updated map Battle of Makin
updated LMG code
updated IL2-C bomb assembley

changed MPs 15% more inaccurate while running
changed PPSh have greater recoil
changed rifleaimcode
changed german pilot kit model to pilot helmet
changed speed up BT7 by 20%
changed P47D acceleration
changed Speed up MatildaI
changed Yak9 muzzleflash position
changed M1Garand cam position
changed P47 handling
changed M3A1 gunner seat

reduced wrench repairspeed by 40%
reduced Stuka Bombload to 3 and fixed ammoicon
reduced Katyusha ammo supply

added P47 Razorback cockpit
added new Sdkfz222
added Kit 1German_AssaultG43
added Kit 1German_AssaultG43P
added Kit 4German_AssaultSg44
added Kit 4German_AssaultSg44P
added Flaps to P47D
added Camerashake for PIAT when not lying

deleted unnecessary old trackanimations
fixed OHKA
fixed Baka
fixed G4M Betty
fixed Liberty class ships
fixed lvt4
fixed map The Storm (no more crash)

added Todt bunkers
added several Textures
readded Ha Go :P

updated map Alpenfestung (seems like still a few problems)
updated map Omaha_Beach-1944
updated map Arnhem-1944
updated map BATTLE_OF_FOY
updated map Battle_of_Pavlov
updated map Battle_of_Stalingrad
updated map Berlin-1945-Outskirts

updated OpelBlitz vehicle icons
updated map Frontline (severall stuff)
updated map Valirisk (pilot kits)
updated map Fall Weis (object spawner)
updated LMGs aimcode
updated PrinzEugen

modified Sturmboot (Wip)

adjusted Daimler muzzleflash position
adjusted SdKfz7 drivers hands
adjusted Piat Aimcode
adjusted Stukas Bomb position

fixed Wz34 muzzleflash
fixed Churchill statemask bug
fixed Cromwell statemask bug
fixed Howitzer105mm splash ID
fixed Wz36 netinfo
fixed map The Storm (axis flag wasn´t captureable)
fixed map Alpenfestung (Sherman on German hill)
fixed Churchill/Cromwell frontgunner AI
fixed Gatehouse Ai?
fixed 7tp statemask bug
fixed pantherD steerable
fixed SdKfz251*R sec. fire
fixed Arisaka crosshair
Fixed Arisaka Grenade
?fixed SdKfz10/4 tracks

deleted OpelBlitzFlak18
deleted Flak18
deleted menu/texture/vehicle/icon_opelblitz_flak18

added menu/texture/vehicle/Icon_SdKfz7Flak18 (dummy)
added menu/texture/vehicle/Icon_OpelBlitzNebelwerfer (dummy)
added vehicle Liberty_Robert_E_Peary (transport ship)
added vehicle Liberty_John_Fiske (transport ship)
added vehicle Liberty_Robert_E_Peary (transport ship)
added textures SPECIAL_RUS_EUROPE_1943_SPRING (green russian vehicles)

replaced Ho-Ha Mg42 with Nambu92

removed bomb icon from Mustang


added more positions to GMC
added sound to GMC
added AI and sound to OpelBlitz
added missing AT Rifle damagesystem file
added BF109-G
added BF109-K
added Mustang-b
added artillery ability to Brummbär
added SdKfz7Flak18
added 5inch_CoastalGun
added MG to Priest
added PCOBunker2
added StaticDaihatsu
added Wrecks_Wildcat
added Soryu
added Arisaka and Type96 bayonet (only optics)
added Corsair-R
added new pacific kits
added 17pdr damage ID
added new tracks for Ha-go and LVt4
added new spawnIDs for LVT4
added muzzleflashes without case effect
added 40mmHeat Damage ID
added 105 and 150mm short barrel damage code
added new kind of plane ammosupply for clusterbombs
added Hellcat L1/Wreck
added Betty_rudder_M1 to solve conflict between Bettys
added a few textures
added assault class for slot 0
added artillery spotting abilities to Ba64 and wz35
added vehicle SdKfz251 (+several versions)
added vehicle SdKfz251R (+several versions)
added vehicle Wz36 Polish AT cannon
added vehilce GmcAmmo
added vehicle OpelblitzAmmo
added map Corregidor

deleted Coaxial_Mg34_Unlimited
deleted menu/texture/vehicle/Icon_B64
deleted menu/texture/vehicle/Icon_Churchill
deleted Sbd-r

fixed Ostwind reload bug
fixed T97TankMG sound
fixed Ha-Go sounds
fixed Me262-b speed
fixed 3german_atpanzerschreck name
fixed Pzl11 L1 model usage
fixed Spitfire canone firing speed
fixed Zero cannon RoF
fixed rifleaimcode
fixed AT rocket aimcode
fixed MG aimcode
fixed Garand clipsound
fixed Pfaust reload issue. Faust reload at Hanomag and Opel
fixed stat. type99 cam position
fixed Arisaka crosshair
fixed Daihatsu missing upper part of ramp
fixed Fw190 cockpit transparency issue
fixed PanzerIVH crosshair
fixed BrowningTripod Gunner view
fixed MG34Tripod Cam position
fixed BT7 coax mg
fixed Wildcat Stick position
fixed stat. bren seat
fixed IL2-c bomb not to be diplayed
fixed planespositions on Enterprise
fixed Poles with K98
fixed pol scout helmet wiht normal one
fixed french on polish soldier model
fixed PanzerII being able to dive
fixed OpelBlitz horn (not the towing ones)
fixed french soldier crash
fixed coral sea crashing
fixed Mg42Tripod Mg position
fixed Garand Grenade position
fixed Ha-go AI
finished SdKfz251/251R code

changed Opel Blitz Cam position
changed stationary mg34 cam position
changed Vierling reloadtime
changed many vehicle dots
changed Stat. MGs cam
changed Panzer4h gunner seat
changed position on Wildcat Pilot
changed drop asyncrony
changed Ju87G back MGs
changed fw190 cam position
changed BT7 cam position
changed Cromwell bow mg cam
changed Polish sound directory to "Polish"
changed P47D, P40 and P36 now using P47 cockpit until replacement
changed Fw190 cam
changed GMC spalsh armour
changed OpelBlitz cover

removed Sten from Brit CQ until it's finished
removed Ohka from Fletcher
removed bombrack from Mustang
removed Weizen
removed bomb rack from Pzl11
removed menu/texture/vehicle/icon_StuG_IVG
removed spent cases from MatildaI
removed Betty from Hiryu
removed shellejection from all coax mgs
removed objects usage from coral sea map file
removed menu/texture/baseflag_conp_fre (double)
removed menu/texture/conp_fre (double)
removed menu/texture/flag_ticket_fre (double)
removed menu/texture/icon_flag_fre (double)
removed menu/texture/baseflag_conp_ita (double)
removed menu/texture/conp_ita (double)
removed menu/texture/flag_ticket_ita (double)
removed menu/texture/icon_flag_ita (double)
removed reverse thrust from Jets
removed Halftracks healing ability

improved NKL26
improved Flak18 trailer
improved OpelBlitzNebelwerfer (still Wip)
improved 7TPtwin tracks
improved MG34 positions
improved MG34tripod seat
improved il2-t
improved Chi-Has ride
improved Jap assault kit
improved Val-r and -t flight physics
improved some textures
improved Me262 acceleration
improved Panther tracks

reduced Corsair bombload to 500kg
reduced StuG3g wreck problem
reduced Vals Torpload to 1
reduced wrench repair speed
reduced Chi-Ha muzzleflash size
reduced Ar196 hitpoints
reduced Ju87B bombload to 500kg
reduced Stuka Bombload to 1000kg
reduced SdKfz251/*R rocket supply
reduced halftracks ammosupply 

increased bomb damage against ships
increased Nambu92 Tripod entry radius
increased 8x22mm damage against soldiers
increased AA hit damage against planes
increased AA_Allies splash radius
increased tankgun damage against planes
increased 30mm damage against planes
increased Spitfires agility
increased depth charge damage radius
increased 30mm damage against planes

replaced stockk helmet with pilot on german pilots
replaced dummy Icon_SdKfz10-4 with SdKfz7 for now
replaced Vals MG42 with Type97
replaced our Garand with Dices, until ours is working properly
replaced some dice maps

seperated bolt action animation from reload
enabled dynamic shadow on Wz36
renamed folder Bunker2 to Bunker2_destroyable (to prevent crash)
Moved all Lcvp Omaha stuff into Lcvp folder

some map improvements
additional fixes
fixed Nissen Hut

added vehicle wildcat
added vehicle new churchill
added vehicle OpelBlitzNebelwerfer (Wip)
added vehicle 7tpTwin (Wip)

added static ice shores
added static gipfelkreuz

all maps are still wip

added map Battle_of_Stalingrad
added map Berlin-1945-Streets
added map Alpenfestung-1945
added map Fall_Weiss-1939
added map Saipan
added map Berlin-1945 (replaces Berlin and Berlinstreets)

added icons + some are tweaked 8not all are coded yet)
added severall new textures and some improved ones

fixed tracks sdkfz7
fixed tracks BT7
fixed tracks 7tp
fixed opelblitz with 88 gun
fixed other stuff
fixed P47D crash
fixed Russian Pilots chute
fixed Vierlings muzzleflashpositions
fixed HE rocket problem

removed Sherman-POA for the time being
removed Shell from bowmgs

increased Panzerfaust 30 and 100 min devitation
reduced Vierlings reloadtime
replaced Hornets Corsair with Wildcat

updated maps Arnhem, Pavlov, Bulge,Berlin Outskirts, El alamein, Gazala, Hailar, Kursk, Omaha Beach


Needs Simple model/textures
Needs wrecked model/textures

Needs physics looked at. To much torgue can not steer it
fixed quonset and wintertent objects dont have textures
fixed p38 wreck needs propper texture
fixed me262 wreck needs propper texture
fixed all polish stuff needs propper damage ids
fixed wake crashes
fixed one open hanomag skin left
fixed propper russian winter uniform skins
fixed french helmet wrong side skinned
fixed typhoon metaleffect was removed
fixed a few more sm files deleted *FIXED IN NEXT FULL VERSION*
fixed pavlov shadows + us flag
fixed several other stuff
fixed Me323 engine crash
fixed opelBlitzFlak18 (won't crash MP games anymore)
fixed gatehouse network issues (at least it should be fixed /NEEDS TESTING)
fixed HE rockets IDs
fixed 50mmL60 damage ID
fixed Cromwell

tweaking size of this maps: BATTLE_OF_FOY / Battle_of_Pavlov /Berlin-1945-Outskirts/ The_Forrest_of_Bastogne

added new damage ID 28mm AA (262)
added new damage ID artillery12,7cm (263)

added static Nissen Hut
added static dead cow (2 different versions)

added wrecked BF110

added map Battle for Berlin Day1 (outskirts)
added map Forrest of Bastogne
added map Battle of Makin
added map Goldbeach 1944

added mesh texture for cockpits (fw190, ma202)

added texture sets for BULGE, WAKE, IWO JIMA, CORAL SEA, BoB

updated static BLIMP

removed second Garand from US assault

Added in dry sand explosion... shoot a sand bag and watch the explosion... shoot dry sand and watch the explosion... 
added several new textures

added SOLDIERSHANDBOOK images from MC1942 to be used for "HELP HOTKEY" which will load an image
added different MEDALS sets

added DualBofors
added Satchel

added vehicle Kurogane (Jeep)
added vehicle Sherman-POA (TANK Flamethrower)
added vehicle PSOhka (FLYING BOMB)
added vehicle G4M_Betty (PS / BOMBER)
added vehicle IL2 + different versions(FIGHTER-BOMBER)
added vehicle Hellcat (FIGHTER)
added vehicle P36 (FIGHTER)
added vehicle P40 (FIGHTER)
added vehiicle N1K1 (FIGHTER)
added vehicle pzl11 (FIGHTER)
added vehicle GMC (TRANSPORT TRUCK)
added vehicle Opel Blitz + version with towable 88gun(TRANSPORT TRUCK)
added vehicle wz34 (SCOUT VEHICLE)
added vehicle wz34 35mm (SCOUT VEHICLE)
added vehicle 7tp (LIGHT TANK)
added vehicle Ha-Go (LIGHT TANK)
added vehicle 8inch CoastalGun (STATIONARY GUN)
added vehicle enterprise aa gun (STATIONARY GUN)
added vehicle B26 (MEDIUM BOMBER)
added vehicle A26 (MEDIUM BOMBER)
added vehicle (APC)
added vehicle LVT-4 + different versions (AMPHIBEOUS VEHICLE)

added weapon Arisaka + AT grenade (RIFLE)
added weapon KneeMortar (MORTAR)
added weapon Type96LMG (MG)
added weapon BMG_Browning (dual MG)
added weapon wz30 (MG)
added weapon MORS (SMG)
added weapon StenMK5 (SMG)
added weapon NEW mg34 (MG)

added map Omaha Beach 1944
added map The Storm
added map Invasion (former dinant ... reconverted for polish battle)
added map Frontline
added map Arnhem
added map BATTLE_OF_FOY
added map Battle_of_Pavlov
added map Carentan_France

added new sound engine
added several sounds 
added several other stuff

updated several sounds

updated map Adak Island
updated map VALIRISK
updated map Crete
updated map Hailar
updated icons + minimap icons

fixed unneeded sm files
fixed several sounds
fixed nosecam sound bug in YAK9. 
fixed BoBritain water bug. 
fixed several other stuff

tweaked textures + new texture structure
tweaked loading screens (size)
tweaked blood FX

removed all Medic helmets from all sides...
works now with BF V1.5
minelayer crash fixed (el alamein, krusk and so one.....)
better giza support file

added new map Hailar
added new map Adak Island
added some tweaked textures
added several menu icons
added several new staticobjects (tents, barracks.....)
added Panzerfaust30
added map support for more bf standart maps
added map support for free costumn maps(GIZA)

Fixed Z destroyers Muzzleflash position
Fixed Ju87G cannon values from 75mmL24 to 37mm
Fixed G43Sniper 
Fixed GarandSniper
fixed Howitzer gunner not to be shotable
fixed TripodMGs gunner vulnerability
fixed Tripod deploy kits ability to reload
fixed MG34_Air netcode bug
Fixed Me262-C rocket reload bug
fixed WillyMG MG problem
Fixed Typhoon weapon ID
fixed Jap fortification kit icons
fixed Defiant mousecam angle
fixed armor values for Panzer 4H
fixed armor values for turret T34-85
fixed / balanced various other stuff...

?Fixed Me262 crash bug
?Fixed APCM crash bug

removed LA7 secondary weapon icon
removed 20mm tracer sound from PE and Tirpitz
removed Dirt effect when hitting the ground
removed stat guns turnability

moved DefGun cam
moved Typhoon cam

increased semiauto rifles recoil
increased plane crash damage
Increased APCs HP by 20%
increased B25 bomb supply to 10
increased pistol and SMG damage on distance
increased AAguns rotation speed

changed portable MGs accuracity
changed PIAT accuracity
changed kits menuicons

reduced stationary MGs accuracity
reduced PIAT size by 15%

rebalanced some more maps

tweaked 105mm howitzer

if you dont know how to use for example the catapult plane starter, then take a look in the "Special Actions in FH vehicles.txt"
various fixes
various fixes
Fixed Nagant grenade crash
Added Ju52
Completely recoded Me323
added new textures
fixed textur bug of the defgun and fletcher
added model files for the cromwell
and various other fixes (look in the internal forum for more info)

Important for mappers:
The correct vehicle names are:
Flak18/36 and SdKfz10/4
Don't get mislead by the folder names

fixed some tankguns explosion effect
fixed LCVP door
fixed small arms hit effect at planes
fixed MG34 tripod seat
fixed Panzer2 Wheels
fixed No2 reload animation
fixed PanzerIV tankrider animation
fixed BoB coop crash
fixed Ju88 gunners AI
?fixed El Alamein crahs bug
added new damage code Splash AA gun Big
added Audacity
added Cromwell
added Flak18
added Flak18/36 (sta

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