Forgotten Hope Realism 1.5

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FH Realism Mini-Mod 1.5 Released

Unexpected, but official; as a nice X-Mas present I released version 1.5 of the FH Realism Mini-Mod for Forgotten Hope.

This mini-mod adds more historical accuracy to your Forgotten Hope.

With this release I also want to let you know that this version is still only compatible with FH 0.65. When FH 0.66 is released just install it, but make sure you don't re-enable FH Realism with the Switcher. Shortly after the release of FH 0.66 I will bring out a new version of FH Realism which will be fully compatible.

Main Features:

- Historical accurate logo's and icons - Reskinned realistic flags for ALL nations - Compatible with FH 0.65 - Lt. Hanley's historical accurate vehicle skins for the Germans - FH Realism Switcher to enable, disable or uninstall it easy - Improved and more realistic sounds by Evil_Cookie (only in 22KHz. and 44KHz. mode)



  - Improved sounds for:
    - M1919 30 Cal
    - Greasegun
    - Kar 98 		 First Person
    - M1 Garand 		 First/Third Person
    - StG44 		 First/Third Person
    - M1 Thompson	  First/Third Person
    - Bofors/Ostwind
    - M2 50 Cal		First/Third Person
    - Flak 38/25MM AA  Increased Volume
    - Arisaka
    - BAR
    - Bren
    - M1A1 Carbine
    - Colt 1911A1
    - FG42
    - G43
    - Kar 98		   Third Person
    - MG34
    - MG42
    - MP18
    - MP40
    - Nambu
    - Webley No.2
    - TT33 Tokerav
    - Mortar
    - Walther P38
  - Added option in the FH Realism Switcher to Uninstall
  - Added option in the FH Realism Switcher to Enable it, with or without the modified sounds
  - Added a new set of reskinned realistic flags for:
    - USA
    - Great-Britain
    - Canada
    - Poland
    - France
    - Germany
    - Japan
    - Finland
    - Italy
  - Added the Canadian flag to the Liberation of Caen map
  - Fixed a minor issue with the FH Realism Switcher
  - Small optimalizations

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