Forgotten Hope: Secret Weapons



The Password To Install The Mod Is blazing_night

A mini mod for forgotten hope that adds on new experimental weapons and vehicles. It also add alot more maps (both real and fantasy). Couldnt find a readme in english, but i did find this on their site. its not the best english(the mod team is japanese)

'Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon' (FHSW), it is mini- MOD for second next great war type real MOD' 'of popularity online shooting game 'Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope'. You did not complete to termination of war, or it is possible to try the numerous " secret weapon " which does not have the fact that it is mass-produced.

With this MOD, US military battlewagon Pershing and medium tank [chinu] of the Japanese military, not only the famous new weapon like the [kugeruburitsutsu] anti-aircraft tank of the German troop, you record also the kind of weapon which, many people such as 14TP tank and Wz38m automatic rifle of the Polish troop and black prince infantry tank of the English troop view for the first time to many. In addition, also type of aircraft has increased to be large. With FHSW being anew the F8F bear cat fighter plane, the antitank attack plane such as hurricane MkIID and Yak-9T and enormous, the He111Z bomber of the strange form and the fuselage which changes [ente] model fighter plane " shaking electricity " of feature and so on soar in the sky. And lastly, in field of enormous weapon the battleship lion, also the monster weapon like overland battleship [rate] which even aircraft carrier Lexington, and the fortress which moves can be said appears.

In FHSW, the various elements are included other than the new weapon. When riding the weapon, the present way not only the number of bullets, it can know the type of armament and bullet. In addition, it probably is to be able the machine gun of the aircraft use the high-explosive shell or the armor piercing bomb, as for the terrestrial infantry in explosion of that 20mm high-explosive shell to fear. Furthermore, also the production which such as new effective sound the appearance impression and vibration when shelling improves is included. Bodily sensation the enormous impact of the enormous battleship Yamato 46cm gun it is possible to do probably will be.

The Password To Install The Mod Is blazing_night



The Password To Install The Mod Is blazing_night

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