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This is a mod focusing on small-scale infantry combat. It features new maps, reworked sound effects, adjusted weapon damage, and health regeneration, among many other tweaks to gameplay. Full Coop support is included on all the new maps in case you don't have enough human players to fill in or you want to practice on your own.




Fragfield is a modification for Battlefield 1942 that aims for a deathmatch/run-and-gun gameplay style.  Killing the enemy is often the sole objective of the game, although some maps pit the teams against each other in the struggle for a single control point on the map.  Version 0.2 brings many new additions and changes to the table in an attempt to expand the experience even further and provide some of the most hectic infantry combat.

Visit the ModDB page at http://www.moddb.com/mods/fragfield


Fragfield requires a copy of Battlefield 1942 with the 1.6 (or higher) patch.  Any attempt to play with an older version will most likely result in game crashes.  You can obtain the full 1.6 patch for Battlefield 1942 here: http://battlefield2.filefront.com/file/Battlefield_1942_Full_Client_Patch;23189


If you have the installer version, simply run the .exe to begin installation.  The program will ask you for your BF1942 directory.  This is where you installed Battlefield 1942, and is generally C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield 1942.

To remove, you can either run the uninstaller from the start menu (if you opted to install the shortcut), run the 'uninstall Fragfield.exe' located in your Battlefield 1942 directory, or manually delete the mod folder (described below)

For the non-installer version, go to the Battlefield 1942 install directory (example given above), then into the 'Mods' subfolder.  Copy the 'Fragfield' folder from the .zip file you downloaded into the 'Mods' directory, and it should appear in the mod listing next time you start the game.

To delete the mod using the non-installer version, go back the 'Mods' directory in your Battlefield 1942 directory and delete the 'Fragfield' folder.


Version 0.2
 - Added Grenadier class
 - Added PPSh submachine gun by Dav0r/Celica`
 - Added M1903 Springfield bolt-action rifle by Odanan
 - Added K98 with rifle grenades by DICE
 - Added M1903 Springfield with rifle grenades
 - Added No.4 with rifle grenades
 - Added Type-96 LMG
 - Added Bren LMG
 - Added K98, No4, and Springfield with bayonet
 - Added Stengun and StengunS (silenced)
 - Added ThompsonP with 20-round magazine for Pacific maps (to balance with MP18)
 - Added MP41(r) (German-captured PPSh with MP40 magazine)
 - Added ColtS (silenced Colt)
 - Added Type 97 grenade for the Japanese, by Odanan and Der_Meister
 - Added GoldColt
 - Added a new material for rifle projectiles
 - Added one more kit slot back into the spawn menu
 - Added map Airfield
 - Added map Bridge
 - Added map Fields
 - Added map Tankers Hell
 - Added map Trainyard
 - Added map ZM Alamo
 - Added Russian team and kits
 - Added British team and kits
 - Added German Zombie team and kits
 - Added an auto-reload feature to all weapons
 - Added tracer system
 - Added blood effects
 - Added damage falloff for SMGs and pistols
 - Added Coaxial_DT for the T-34/85
 - Added Bazooka, DP, K98, No4, Panzershreck and Type5 back in game
 - Added the minimap back into the game
 - Added geometries for dropped weapons in all the new kits
 - Added more spawnpoints to Backyard Brawl, Park, and Shipment to reduce spawnkilling a little
 - Added support for the Singleplayer Campaign mode
 - Added menu icons for most new handweapons
 - Added Woodbox_m1 by Smig and an alternative object, axisspcrate_m1, that contains a pair of special kits
 - Added an 'echo' after the gunshots of all machine guns and rifles
 - Added Italian and Spanish translations to lexiconAll.dat
 - Changed MP18 magazine size to 20, edited 3D model to suit
 - Changed traverse speed of stationary machine guns
 - Changed crosshair and ammobar of stationary machine guns
 - Changed crosshair back to dynamic one
 - Changed grenade throw velocity (reduced range now)
 - Changed some kit names for neatness and to make more sense
 - Changed scoreboard icons for classes
 - Changed knife range (longer distance now)
 - Changed velocity of most weapon projectiles, now a lot slower
 - Changed various kit parts to give classes slight visual differences
 - Changed kit items to apply to a specific player class
 - Changed the AI templates for kits to be more coherent
 - Changed King of the Island to look like a late afternoon
 - Changed AI on Park to be a bit smarter
 - Changed the coaxial and turret-top machine guns on T-34 to DT and Browning M2 respectively
 - Changed Thompson rear sights
 - Changed MP40S silencer model and texture
 - Changed the speed at which the crosshairs close on Sg44/JohnsonLMG/Type99
 - Changed the amount of spare ammo carried by pistols
 - Changed tank movement and turret turning speed
 - Changed forward ironsights on M1 Garand model
 - Changed projectiles so you can now see an effect when they hit the ground again
 - Changed the sound system to work for Medium and Low sound quality options
 - Changed collision mesh on bridge_small_m1 static to allow players to move under it (for Trainyard)
 - Changed accuracy on all submachine guns to poorer single-shot accuracy but better in automatic fire
 - Changed sound of StG44, much beefier now
 - Changed hearing distance of sound effects once more, now more like I envisioned

Version 0.1
 - Added handweapons Gewehr42 and Gewehr42SP (scoped)
 - Added handweapon Sg44SP (rapid reload)
 - Added handweapon MP40S (fitted with silencer)
 - Added map Shipment
 - Added map Backyard Brawl
 - Added map Park
 - Added map King of the Island
 - Added map CQB Practice
 - Added FuelBarrel
 - Added static_gato_m1
 - Added static wrecked vehicle objects
 - Added health regeneration
 - Added rain effect
 - Added new kits
 - Added new firing sound for every weapon
 - Added smoketrail to thrown grenades to make them more noticeable
 - Changed menu to only show 3 kits
 - Changed various HUD elements
 - Changed damage system
 - Changed muzzle flash effect to include smoke
 - Changed various weapon parameters (magazine size, fire rate)
 - Changed static crosshair icon


 - DICE: FG42, Bren, Sten (both models), K98 riflegrenades, K98/No.4 bayonets
 - Fuel barrel code based on Forgotten Hope's, courtesy of Lobo
 - Rain effect by ctz
 - Odanan: solving animation difficulties, Springfield model, converting PPSh model, blood effects
 - Der_Meister: Japanese Type 97 hand grenade
 - Smig, for custom objects (African walls, wooden box and wrecked fuel barrel)
 - Toucinator: Trainyard map and the zombie skins
 - Dav0r: PPSh model
 - Celica`: PPSh skin
 - >FReSH<, Gen. Kenobi, GLC, Herc, Kraut, Sai, and [GoD] Clan for test-playing and giving feedback
 - Herc for advice and help with 3DS Max 7
 - Dr Tempura for the beautiful MP40 reskin
 - Grenademan, for allowing me to use his AI improvements
 - PositronCannon for Spanish translation, Shin Kazama for Italian translation
 - striderdm1 for advice on Mac compatibility


You may freely redistribute this mod among websites and other media such as flash drives, CDs etc on the conditions:
 - You do not make profit from this mod
 - The mod is redistributed with all files included and author clearly stated
 - The mod is not edited, or, if it is, credit given to respective authors for their work, a list of changes included, and a clear notification that it is a modified version

I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by installing or playing this mod, and any damage caused by modified versions of this mod is entirely out of my hands.

If you would like to use my work or the work of others, please contact the original author for permission first.

This mod is not supported/endorsed by either EA Games or DICE.


Got some suggestions or ideas?  Not quite sure how to get the mod running?  Got a map or a weapon you&apos;d like to donate?  You can contact me at russian_comrade AT hotmail DOT com

If you are reporting crashes or errors, please try to include as much detail as possible - the kits you were using, when it happened, gamemode and so forth.  The more information, the better chance I have of finding the problem.

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