This map is only compatible with R2R

Only supports Conquest

This is a near complete beta version (Maybe even complete if popula...


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This map is only compatible with R2R

Only supports Conquest

This is a near complete beta version (Maybe even complete if popular:) ), and as such some textures, object placement and other stuff may yet be changed and made all nice:).

This is my first map done so it probably isn't that greatest:)

There aren't any shadow maps thanks to not having 3dsMax5 but I don't think it effects the map greatly because of my attempts to compensate with other lighting and texturing.

There is a small amount of modification built into this map concerning the manning of MG's. Soldiers sit lower in the tank turret MG and stand lower on the fixed MG's.

Created by: DJSAUND email/MSM

Contact me if interested in Hosting, as I'd like to pass this on to those interested in playing this map.

The Russians have turned back the Nazi tide and have advanced towards a statically important hill occupied by SS Forces. They are well dug in with

a scattering of mobile artillery and a good number of AT guns amongst the trench network. The Russian have multiple Katyusha rocket launchers and a

number of tanks but limited supplies. Stalin has ordered that this hill must be taken at all costs, Hitler has ordered that it must remain in German hands

and retreat is not an option.

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Download '' (13.76MB)


Extract contents from in - ....... \Battlefield 1942 (or whatever is your games root folder)

(custom textures may be added if you wish in the texturesets\bf1942\Frontline folder that's created)

-delete \Battlefield 1942\Mods\Xpack1\Archives\BF1942\levels\Frontline.rfa and ........
-delete \Battlefield 1942\texturessets\bf1942\Frontline


-Sure there are some:)
-Please feel free to contact me if you find floating flags, guns etc with a detail description of where:)
-Please feel free to contact me with opinions on balancing, don't promise to act on them but will listen:)


- The guys who did some great tutorials on the forums, though mostly this is done from what I worked out myself over the last few days which is why its taken 65-70 or so hours so far ;)

-TO DICE and EA for a great game.

Extra thanks -

T-34 texture created by BAZZA (taken from his Soviet Vehicle Skin Pack ).

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