Fun Racing Mod



The mod Fun Racing for Battlefield 1942 has been released on Monday, October 25th. Description of the mod: This is a mod made by HeRbE and Naimbus. It is based on fun races (boats, turbo jeeps, vespa (scooter), rafts ...). Each map is a conquest map, there are some checkpoints to allow the two teams to respawn after some races. A checkpoint is in fact two flags: one for the axis and the other one for the allies. Each flag and the direction of the following race is indicated by a panel. At the end a flag must be taken and it will reduce the number of tickets of the other team. However this flag can be taken by the other team at any moment contrary to the checkpoints.

You can play our mod on this server: For more information you can visit: http://modfunracing.jexiste.fr/ where you will find screenshots, descriptions of the maps, the vehicles etc. It is a French website.


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