Galactic Conquest 0.1b Update Patch

This is a update patch for Galatic Conquest 0.1a! You WILL need Galatic Conquest 0.1a!


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This is a update patch for Galatic Conquest 0.1a! You WILL need Galatic Conquest 0.1a!

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Galactic Conquest 0.1b Update Patch.

To install this patch simply extract the contents into your mods folder, usually located at "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods" replacing any files that is needed.

NOTE: For people who are not able to hear the custom radio sounds , please check that you do not have "English Dialog" enabled in your battlefield 1942 sound options as this overrides the custom radio commands we have created.

Patch Contents


Optimised Echobase
Optimised ATATbarges
Optimised The Pipes Inside Of Echobase
Optimised The Control Room
Optimised Echobase Textures
Optimised Millenium Falcon Textures
Optimised Razor Texture
Optimised Atatbarge texture


Fixed An Issue Where Echobase Was Displaying A Full Detailed Mesh All The Time
Fixed An Exploit Where You Could Get Into The Walls Of Echobase
Fixed A Bug Where The Walls Of Echobase Could Be Shot Through
Fixed ATST Concussion Grenades Not Doing Damage Against Certain Vehicles
Fixed Tiebomber Concussion Missiles Not Doing Damage Against Certain Vehicles
Fixed An Issue With The Eweb Turret Where You Could Reload And Place Another One , This Has Been Limited To 1 Turret Per Life , Also Helps With Lag.
Fixed Not Being Able To Shoot The Driver In An ATST Through The Windows


Increased Accuracy For Both Of The Heavy Assault Rifles
Increased TieBomber Health By 50%
Increased Recoil From The E-11Sniper
Increased Damage From AVTurret To ATST
Modified The Millenium Falcon To Be Able To Fly Out Of Echobase More Easily
Modified Snowspeeder Cockpit Posistion
Snowspeeder Rear Gunner Now Fires Alot Faster With Automatic Fire
AVTurret Has 100% More Health
APTurret Has 100% More Health
Added Nose Cam To The ATST
Removed The Outpost
Removed 2 Snowspeeders From Echobase
Removed 2 ATST From The Shield Generator Control Point When Captured By Imperials


Added Remote Control Imperial Probe Droid
Added Wreck Meshs For The AV And AP Turrets
Added New Ammo Bars For The HUD
Added Minimap Icon For EWEB

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