Galactic Conquest V5 Full



The full install for the Star Wars themed BF1942 mod Galactic Conquest!



Galactic Conquest RELEASE 5:

Note: This release comes in two formats, either a full install or a patch for our 4.x users. Make sure you install the right Release 5 for you! You need the newest 1.61 version of BF1942 to play GC.

Server Admin NOTE: Not all of the new maps for for 32 player rotations! 

*Space Rockets do heavy damage to Capital Ships but have very short range.
*Ion cannons fire for the first fraction of overheat and do damage to cap ships.

*Used as a mobile spawn fortress for the rebels. Very tough, very big. 

-I3 Satellites
*3-man space defense turrets. Used to defend capture points on Vanguard. 

*Repair craft for Taskforce. Can repair capital ships very quickly. (Pilot)
*Has two defensive turrets for fighter protection. 

*A mobile spawn, has 6 crew positions. Pilot, Copilot, door operation, and
three passengers. 
*Crew 5 and 6 exit to ground level. 
*Armor is to strong for normal blasters- use harpoons and the heavy AV turrets.

*3 seat landspeeder, with a tail gun added for extra fun! 

-Sentry Droid
*Imperial scout droid that can call in artillery. 

-TieBomber_V Variant
*On Vanguard, the Tie Bomber comes with rockets rather than bombs. 

-GC_Vanguard - Space Conquest.

-GC_Kryos - Conquest. 

-GC_Corellia - Conquest. 

-GC_Mos_Eisley - Urban Conquest.

-GC_BonusRace – Special Race map for those who enjoy something different! (Note: Server admins should not have this in a standard rotation.)

-6 GC Mini's – 6 maps designed special for 4v4 up to 8v8 matches. Should not be in normal 32 player server rotations. Great for clan battles! 

-Upper boundary added for all space maps. Capital ships can no longer leave the battle area. 

-Rate of Fire on Lancer laser turrets increased.

-Concussion Missile Damage Increased.

-Sailbarge Side guns changed from light laser to medium laser class. A fully crewed barge can now defend itself from any air threat.

-Sailbarge no longer acts as a mobile spawn point linked to Jabba's palace.

-Fixed bugs with some objects not appearing quick enough at long range.

-Fixed bug with health not showing up while using the TL-21

-Tank armor class is now much stronger vs collisions. You won't blow up sliding into rocks as easy. 

-Visual update to the E-Web Landspeeder model.

-Many new thumbnails for the client map selections. 

-Smoke grenade now casts a different color smoke. 

-ATST-V and ImpTrolley now both take water damage.

-Exit position on Echo Trolley moved, you now exit inside the trolley.

-Scout Camouflage tent is now better blended for every map. 

-Removed response physics on Judicator Lifts, they should stay on track better. 

-Drastically reduced the speed at which droids self-repair, increased their health from 15 to 30. 

-Loaders Adjusted on several maps to provide briefing for objectives.

-New "Flag" capture Icons for the mini map! 

-E-11 scope adjusted for smaller dot.

-Medics can no longer heal as much at one time, before having to rest.

-Scout sprint recharge speed reduced. 

-Fixed a collision bug allowing vehicles to ramp onto the Mon-Cal domes and fall through.

-Standard Gunship rocket complement reduced from 16 to 8. (The full version) 

-Rebel Tank top speed increased. (T3B & T3B-A)

-New Wrecks for Gunship and T3B.

-Fixed the Canyon stairs from killing people so easy.

-Fixed ramp on Waveskimmer from killing people so easy. 

-New Falcon model- Internal detail increased! New textures!

-Landspeeder has new drive physics. 

-Carrack: Fixed a bug where as the Carrack could raise and lower 10 times faster than other ships. 

-Bug fixed on Judicator, where Imperials could shoot out the hanger windows.

-New Escape Pod Interior!

-Snow Speeder: New harpoon-like weapon on the snow speeder rear gun. Has a short range, long reload, and limited ammo. Does heavy damage to the ATAT however. Pilots will have to work with their gunners for aiming.

-Engineer's repair pool reduced slightly.

-Escape pods now pitch slightly better. 

-Fixed a problem with exiting the cloud car. 

-Icons for health and armor now show % numbers! Much better!

-New Low Poly distance LOD on the Ewing.

-Assault Tank Collisions re-optimized.

-Various Bespin building hacks fixes. 

-You can no longer switch seats from the pilot controls on the Snow-speeder.

-Fixed a bug in the Neb-B allowing craft to fly inside it. 

-Fixed echo base exploit. 

-New TIE Cockpit!

-Added 2 Imperial ATAT’s.
-Added new artwork, Rebel Transport Shuttle.
-Tie Bomber Removed.
-Shield generator flag cannot be taken until shield is destroyed. 
-There is now a second trench flag. 
-Empire tickets raised by 20 to account for slow ATAT speed.
-Added Ladders to the two trench flag areas. 
-The Shuttle/X-Wing spawn on Hoth now has an ammo reload point for speeders. 
-Snow Speeders are now Rebel only- Capturing Echo is it's own reward.
-ATST's are now imperial only. 

- Major Overhaul to the whole map. New vehicles, capture points.

-GAIN135 Added to the map. 
-Scout Trooper is now the imperial skin.
-Added Heavy Weapon Kits.
-Tickets reduced from 215/200 to 200/180. 
-Two eweb-Tripods added. 

-Sentry Droid added to Dantooine at Imperial base. Just calls artillery. (check for droid spawn crashes)
-Normal Landspeeder removed in favor of GAIN.

-All new lightmaps and time of day changed to sunset! 
-New geometry and cover for the flag capture points.
-Two new flags, outside the city proper.
-Ticket rate adjustments.

-Light settings, water color, water reflection all set for night time feel.
-Moved and added a few Pads, Tower, and boxes for more cover and less swimming.
-Ticket Bleed set so the team with 3 flags bleeds the other.
-New sound effects. 

-Major overhaul, new Vehicle replacements. 

-Heavy Weapon kits added to the map.
-Tickets reduced from 200/200 to 120/120, drain increased for shorter but more intense rounds. 

-YT600 added. 2 for each team. 

Release 4.2 fixes:
-Removed damage effect from Gas grenades to fix exploit problems. They are now only good for cover as smoke grenades. This is a quick fix, and the medic will get a new featured replacement in Release 5. The are also no longer reloadable, to fix a server spamming problem. 

-New T3B and Firehawke projectile effect, easier to track and see. 

-Fixed Bespin exploit under platform.

-Fixed a crash caused by crewing the destroyed E-Web component of a vehicle. 

-Temporarily removed E-Web station from Lok, Anchorhead.

-New texture for hoth plates. (Trench)

-Skiff added to Tatooine rebel starting spawn, increased to 4 possible land speeders at each landspeeder spawn.

-Added Gunship and ATST-V to droid repair list, droids may now repair them. 

-Droid wrecks/TL wrecks temporarily removed to fix a client effect crash.

-Fixed a bug with the Judicature min-map correctly showing. 

-Imperial Landing craft now auto-crews on spawn inside. 

-Fixed a bug in the handling of the Landspeeder with E-web attachment. Now easier to drive. 

-Fixed a bug in Tatooine, that prevented rebels from spawning if imperials were at their main base.

-Fixed a bug with one of the ladders not being climbable at the starports.

-Adjusted the droid spawn times, changed the armor on the mouse droid control so it can be destroyed. 

-Fixed the MIAU scouting bug. Should now correctly show the scout screen when aiming artillery. 

-Fixed a network code problem with the Carrack Cruiser. 

-Created a standard fleet class for all soldiers on Taskforce. 

-Echo trolley smoothed polys, for better look and texture. 

-New Taskforce skymap, easyer to see things in. 

-Fixed several Bespin and Tatooine building wallhack bugs.

-Objective made slightly harder to hit. 

-Adjusted Empire soldier spawn points. 

Beggars Canyon:
-Made it so any team can take any tank.

-Added 1 more landspeeder to Downed Runner and they spawn 2 for a total of 6 in 30 seconds.

-Removed TIE fighter from Canyon Pass (if the rebels capture the point they get a skyhopper).

-Added Skiff to the back trail of Canyon Pass (nice transport for getting to tusken fort).

-Slightly adjusted tickets. Ticket count slightly lowered, rebels start with a few more tickets and bleed is 1 per minute lower.

-Added Vehicle ammo to the Lost City so the tanks and gunship have somewhere to reload.

-Fixed exploit that players could get inside the Static Runner.

-Terrain flattened out here and there.

-Alarms and smoke added to downed runner.

Mon Calamari:
-Made Skimmers/Amph spawn only 1 boat. Felt that 2 per spawn was overkill and could cause them to spawn on top of each other if slightly moved.

-Added 2 more amph spawns (1 more at each of the southern points).

-Renamed the Control points, instead of city_access 1,2,3,4 they are. Southern Habitat, Southern Pump Station, City Pump Station, City Dock.

-Slightly moved the flags so they aren’t inside the meshes.

-Removed the e-web full stations that fell through ground.

-Fixed problem with flag beam called in debugger.

-Fixed echo exploit.

-Holes in the ground in the back of echo base fixed.

-Floating trench lights fixed.

-Moved Health scanner so you don't get healed through the wall.

-Brought Echo flag into the control room instead of under it.

-Hoth sun rotated into the correct position. 

GC Release 4.0:

New Vehicles
-Spy Tower

-Missile Turret (Empire) 

-DTAP. (Empire) Dual Trooper Arial Platform.

-T-3B Assault Tank (Rebel) 

-Firehawke (Imperial) 

-T-3BA (Rebel) The rebel artillery unit.

-MIAU (Imperial) Mobile Imperial Artillery.

-GunShip2 (Rebel) Not really a new craft, this is a less dominating version of the gunship, 

geared for troop transport. 

Player Classes:
-The game now features 5 NEW main character classes, with 3 sub classes on certain maps. 

Many new weapon types added, and abilities such as sprinting, and building shields.

-IT IS HIGHLY recommended you read the GC Manual regarding new player classes, as there are 

certain abilities that require you to press special keys.




-Revisions (some major) to all old maps. 

Fixes and additions: 
-Players can now spawn safely in the Lambda during flight.

-Large Turbo-Laser rate of fire lowered from 5 to 3. 

-You can now spawn directly into Turbolasers in the upper areas of Tanaab.

-The Floating backpack trick should now be impossible to do.

-New Tank "turning" indicator added for all tank models and ATST. 

-New Sail Barge code, now with side guns, a useful deck gun, and bottom position
opens a lower door. Can crew to the inside from ground. More health, new drive code.

-New Slave1 Code, now rests on ground properly. 

-Netcode error fixed in Capital ships. Mass increased, should be more stable.

-Binoculars zoom slightly less, to make them effective for good scout spots.

-ProbeDroid weapon changed to only effect infantry, max range reduced. 

-New environment maps on all maps. 

-New weapon models for many of our older guns.

-New character select icons / menu.

-T16 Passenger now exits properly onto the wing, removing abuse bug.

-Proton Torpedoes now do more damage vs. Medium targets. (Turbolasers/ATATs/Lambda/Falcon)

-There are now some fences that will hurt you when you cross them. (Dantooine).

-Many of the Tatooine meshes have been optimized, and reduced. Less lag.

-Many other meshes have also been optimized. 

-New Bacta tank in Echo base. New code.

-Lancer Health adjusted from 1500 to 2000, to make up for it's poor fighting ability, and 

number of warheads Rebels carry. 

-The Win and Loss Music for GC got an update.

-Update to the sounds of many Air vehicles.

-New E-Wing flight code. 

-Echo Trolley updated.

-New "Flag" models added, now holograms.

-New Min map icons for many fighters. 

-New sound effects in Beggars Canyon (Tuskans)

-Speederbikes no longer vanish as they go away. Now you can race proper.

-Cloud bus collision tweaked. 

-New transport Gunship added, with only 2 rockets and one side gun. (Still same on MC)

-ATAT collision on Hoth adjusted. You can now run and hide around the legs, and under it.

-New LOD models on capital ships, should reduce some visual lag. 

-New A-Wing textures.

-New X-Wing textures. 

-New Tie-Interceptor Texture. 

-Hoth Hanger collisions adjusted, you can now drive between pillars. Report on any lag.

-Bespin shoot under platform bug fixed. Many other meshes reduced. 

-New Star Destroyer Skin in game. (Courtesy of community editing)

-Detpack explosion radius reduced from 20 to 10.

-AV rockets do a lot more damage to certain vehicles.

-Sounds update to Mon Cal.

-Misc ambient sounds added to Judicator.

-New armor types and weapon types added to the mod, to regulate the ground combat damage.

-15 new mesh types added to Judicator.Judicator map has change with new passages.

-Artillery unit added to Tatooine. Placeholder for larger hover craft in Release5.

-Tickets reduced slightly on Bespin and Judicator. Faster rounds.

-Tanaab Objectives (In the labs) are easier to destroy if you can get in.

-Hoth flag capture values changed. The Rebels can hold their flags steady by defending only 

Echo and the Trench. The Empire needs one of the forward bases, plus the trench to cause 

ticket drain on the rebels. The Empire can cause ticket loss by owning only Echo base, as 

well. The Rebels must control the Trench, Echo, and one other base to cause the Empire to 

loose tickets. 

-Beggars Canyon now spawns a full Gunship in place of the Lambda, totally decked out.

-Fog adjusted on many maps to better match skybox.

-Bespin has had the Engineer replaced with HeavyWeapons, more fitting for the map, and 
removes the cloud-bus explosion pack spamming/healing on non-friendly fire servers.

-Mon Cal now spawns 2 boats at each spawn point. So each small island now will be able to 

have 4 active boats at a time, greatly increasing transportation.

-New Landspeeder Drive code. No longer explodes.

-StrongLasers (sail barge, AV) now do more damage to Medium and Light armor. 

-Lightlaser now does slightly less damage. 

-ATST had it's health increased, as people said it was to weak vs. Aircraft and medium 


-ATST no longer does splash damage on it's main gun. However, the Number 2 position still 


-ATST Commander position (Top) #3 now can call in artillery! It is a scout, after all.

-ATST-V added to the game. This is a version of the ATST on Dantooine that packs a rocket in 

place of the grenade. 

-If your team holds Jabba's palace, and the sail barge is not being crewed by enemy forces, 

you now have a 1 in 4 change of spawning directly into the Sail barge when choosing to spawn 

at Jabba's. Regardless of where the Sail Barge is on the map.

-Collision meshes inside of the Lambda, and Sailbarge no longer hurt players that stand on 

them while the craft is moving. 

-Tie Fighter Exit point moved to fix exploit.

-Speeder Bike now fires from only one location (centered). 

-Imperial Landing craft no longer leans to the left. Fixed sound issues. 

-Capital ships should no longer have the SPIN grief bug. They now only turn with forward 

momentum, which means the faster you go forward the better they turn. If you come to a stop, 

be aware you need time to build up speed to turn again. This should make battles more 

interesting. Also, you can no longer maneuver outside the top grid. The flaps won't react 

that high.

-Sail Barge deck gun no longer has splash, so you don't fry the deck crew while using it. 

-Sail Barge crew members now all uncrew below deck, safe from dyeing while the SB is in 

motion. The pilot still is above deck. 

-The MF now has a vertical take off, using the right mouse button. It still has the rapid 

stop using reverse.. hey, we've made a few special modifications. The seat texture is also 


-R2 Repair rate in the X-Wing and Y-Wing increased. Should be more viable a tool

-YWing top gun given a power boost. Should be more effective against fighters.

-YWing health increased slightly. 

-All droid controllers should now be distortable, and small again.

-Probe droid now has half the health it originally did.

-Disruptors, Gasgrenades, Lethal_Injection, Shields, sprinting, and more added. See manual.

-Icon added for Vibroblade. No longer the BF knife.

-New artwork added for each custom player class. Custom backpacks, and hippacks. Head gear 

for rebel. 

-Hoth rebels now have warm ears again. (Hats won't change teams with packs now).

-Heavy Infantry packs added to Echo base (back rooms) and to Dantooine,
(in the two imperial outpost bases, once you capture them.) They will spawn
based on the team that is holding the flag. TL-21 or Tracker 16.

-DeathStar updated: TL positions, health of objective, difficulty. 

-Loaders added for Anchorhead and Lok. Still WIP, may add more later. 

-The Sarlaac is now awake, and hungry. One tentacle is known to bury in the sand
a bit to much.

-Mon Calamari adjusted with fixes for falling in water traps. Spawns adjusted.

-The Mon Calamari now have custom player sounds!

-Spawn menu has changed to properly highlight the icons. Icons adjusted. 

-New icon for mine warnings.

-New sound effects in the Judicator Elevator shaft.

-Beggars Canyon has had a major refit. New textures, placements, vehicles, and more!

GC Release 3

New Additions:
- GC_MonCal map and static object resources added. 
- E-Wing Fighter Craft
- Imperial Wave Skimmer
- Rebel Amphibian
- Refitted Rebel Gunship
- R2-D2 Ground Unit
- Imperial Landing Craft
- Mon Cal player model

0.3 Fixes and Adjustments:
- New Lancer Frigate Interior.
- AV Hand weapons carry more ammo, better accuracy, more power, but travel much slower.
- New effect for AV rockets. 
- Cloud Bus Collision fixed to prevent shooting through windshield.
- Judicator Right Tram car spawn adjusted so it's not in the wall. 
- New Landspeeder Drive Code.
- New sounds for several fighter craft. 
- Fixed a bug in Tanaab which prevented imperial victory.
- Heavy Assault damage adjusted against large craft. 
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if another player was standing on a droid spawn. 
- Elevators in Judicator now auto stop on the bridge floor. 
- Cloudbus Spawns in Bespin now spawn 2 buses each, lowering wait times.
- Two new projectile damage types added.
- Tie Bomber Damage increased against infantry and light targets. 
- Tie Bomb drop speed reduced for better aiming. 
- Grenade pack added to Judicator.
- Capital ships will no longer move into the lower grid boundary and get "stuck". 
- Capital ships no longer sink when not being crewed. 
- The flag closest to the rebels in Judicator now starts as Neutral. 
- Judicator now has ticket reduction for each side, depending on which bases are controlled. (Note: Controling the bridge as rebels will always cause imperial ticket drop). 
- Ammo types added to weapons, which now allows refueling at certain locations. 
- ATST and several other vehicles now carry a limited ammunition.
- Both Engineer classes now carry grenades and Explosion packs. -Empire and Rebel.
- Probe Droid collisions reduced greatly, proper armor added, health adjusted. 
- Mouse Droid Network info optimized. 
- A number of Textures have been upgraded. 
- Spawner for Tie-Advanced on Death Star adjusted so it spawns quicker. 
- Launching from the bay of the NebulonB Frigate is now much easier. 
- ATST Side gunner now has a better range of motion, new projectile type. 
- New Mouse droid hud added. 
- Gunship spawn added to Tatooine.
- Imperial Tie spawn added to 2nd hanger in Tatooine, linked to Cantina. 
- Imperial Lambda in Tatooine given mobile spawn Point. 
- Knifes added to all classes on Judicator. 
- TL Range of motion adjusted, can shoot higher.
- Death Star Objective now easier to hit from inside trench, harder from outside. 
- Beggars Canyon Valleys have been smoothed out. 
- Sniper damage turned up for both weapons. 
- Accuracy adjusted on Heavy Infantry Weapons, Damage over range added, so they are weaker at distance, more powerful within 50 meters. 
- Damage over range adjusted on other weapons and larger vehicles as well. 
- Unnecessary files removed from standardmesh.rfa.
- Bug with calling .sm.sm file removed. 
- New sounds added for all Capital Ships.
- Engineers now repair slightly faster. 

GC Release 2:

Thank you for downloading Galactic Conquest .2 Alpha!
Please browse the forums on our webside (http://www.galactic-conquest.net) for tips and hints, and the gameplay guide! 

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you have Lightmaps enabled in your graphical settings! Or the game will not look correct when you play. Almost all video cards today can handle lightmaps without any visual slowdown. 

Just some of the Vehicles Included:

- ATST - Changes include: One new position, new cockpit models
- ATST(desert version)
- EchoTrolly
- Landspeeder - Changes include improoved skin and code.
- Landspeeder (Modified with an added eweb in passenger position)
- MouseDroid
- R2D2 (droid)
- R5D4 (Rebel droid)
- R5D4 (Imperial droid)
- Speederbike
- Tramcar
- Uplift

- Nebulon-B Frigate
- Carrack Cruiser
- Awing
- Cloud Bus
- Cloudcar
- EscapePod (Rebel blockade Runner version)
- EscapePod (Imperal Lancer frigate version)
- Lambda Shuttle
- Lancer Frigate
- Millenium Falcon - Improved code and health
- ProbeDroid - Improved code
- Rebel Blockade Runner
- Sail Barge
- Skiff
- Slave 1
- Snowspeeder - Improved code, added flaps
- T-16 Skyhopper
- TieAdvanced
- TieBomber - Improved code
- TieFighter - Improved code
- TieInterceptor
- Y-Wing
- X-Wing

- APTurret - Cockpit model added
- AVTurret
- BactaTank
- TurboLaser
- SuperbTurboLaser

Hand Weapons
- A295
- Concussion Grenade
- Cryoban
- DH-17
- DL-44
- Dressilan Rifle
- E-11
- E-11 Sniper
- Exp Pack
- Flechette
- Fragnade
- Kylan
- Landmine
- PLX-2M
- Razor
- Speeder Pistol
- TL-21
- Tracker 16
- Vibro Blade

- Binoculars
- MedPack
- Hydrospanner (repair pack)

- Many player models added
- A completly new Damage system
- New loading screens and loading bar
- Custom Skyboxes
- Engine effects added
- Explosion effects added
- New Echo base model and hoth facelift


GC_Beggers Canyon

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