GC Frozen Planet

The El Alamein map converted for Galactic Conquest.


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The El Alamein map converted for Galactic Conquest.

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Download 'frozen_planet.rar' (32.88MB)

*********all credit goes to EA ,DICE and the GC mod team*********

********this map was changed to GC by GREENBUD**********

extract this map to your mods/GCmod/archives/bf1942/levels folder

****known problems****

hoth huts have no collision

the awing vehicle shakes when at full throttle

some things may still be out of place
but i can only get the imperial transport and field generator to show in map editor

enjoy this map..co-op works...

the bots dont fly everything..mainly the falcon..

and the walkers and landspeeders have wheels..i couldn't get rid of them..

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