GCX Market Garden

Version of Market Garden for the the GCX 1e mini-mod.


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Version of Market Garden for the the GCX 1e mini-mod.

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Download 'gcx_nbsp_market_nbsp_garden.rar' (134KB)

   This map will ONLY work if you have the GCX 1e mini-mod.(INCLUDED) GCX is made by Dnamro, read the readme's inside of GCX folder. Additional maps made by Greenbud. Look for more maps or any questions about GCX at:


a 60 mb map pack is available on file planet.
www.fileplanet.com and search for GCX.
Also look for Beyond_Earth on file planet too.

Questions, comments, or feedback about GCX:

or post a message to the BF42 editing forums.

         GCX Market Garden:
   Updated to 1.5 patch and GC's 1d.

   This map is like EOD Target Practice and DC Extended for all those who prefer Singleplayer and 56k'ers. All GC vehicles are in it including Tiefighter, Tiebomber, AT-ST, Millenium Falcon, X-Wing, A-Wing, Snowspeeder and Landspeeder. And all weapons, uniforms, glowing flags, added snow, and took out paraspawn point.

   Just open zip and copy or extract your GCX folder to your mod folder, by default it's:
C:\Program Files\EA\Battlefield 1942\Mods

Note 1: If you already have GCX, than just take Market_Garden.rfa out of levels folder and put it into your GCX levels folder.

Note 2: If you can not open zip file, you can get WinRAR at:

Known bugs:
A-wing: shakes at full throttle(try only 1/2 throttle or reverse)
X-wing: wings dont open, wings tilt and cant see thru blastshield(wait for GC Team to update this, the xwing and awing weren't ready yet, its just for fun).

   It works great in COOP/Conquest. Hope you enjoy :)  RoloTomasi  therolotomasi@hotmail.com

   A Special Thanks to EA/DICE, Galactic Conquest Team, Dnamro and Greenbud for their awesome work :)


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