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Sorry about being late in releasing this.

This mod includes 5 custom maps and a modified Coral Sea and 6 vehicles.


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Sorry about being late in releasing this.

This mod includes 5 custom maps and a modified Coral Sea and 6 vehicles.

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Download 'gi_joe_mini.exe' (92.05MB)


There are 6 vehicle in this build. That's about all you'll find with the (exception of a few landing craft and big ships) on any of the maps. The vehicles in this mod are. 

AWE-Striker - (Green Dune Buggy)  It's fast and its a blast to drive off road. On road it's pretty easy to flip so be careful with it on paved roads. It has a cannon mounted on top that only has 10 shots. This is more of a scout vehicle as it's not very strong against hard targets like tanks.  

Stinger - (Black Jeep) This thing drives pretty good on and off road. It's a little more unstable than the AWE off road but on road it's much better. It may look the same as it did in the last build but the firepower and the handling are brand new.  This could be the meanest weapon in the mini-mod. 

Skyhawk - (Green Jet VTOL) As with the stinger it may look the same but it now flies much better than it use to. The weapons seem dead on (to me anyway) and it's a joy to fly. The missiles power has been reduced some but they still pack a punch. If  you don't look at anything else take a look at the Skyhawk. 

Fang - (Black Chopper) The Fang has been tweaked a little to make it a little and I do mean a little more forgiving. Over all it's not been messed with much. The shake that it had when it was at full power has been removed but it still has plenty of lift. The missile power has also been reduce on the fang. 

Whirlwind - (Green AA Gun) This is one of the new AA guns. It's a power house against Anything but it's pretty easy to kill it if you're a good pilot. Just make sure you get the first shot cause if the guy running it is any good you won't get a second. 

ASP - (Blue AA Gun) This is cobra's answer to the Whrilwind. It's just as powerful so you can rip Skyhakws out of the sky with ease. 



Hand Guns 

We have added new hand guns to everyone but the AT class. Also note that some animations are missing and all are incorrect. We will be fixing this shortly. Also both teams guns are equal right now. We may change this or we may not depending of your feedback.


Scout Class

Sniper - The new snipers take a little longer to reload but don't have the recoil that a normal battlefield sniper has. They also do not un-zoom after every shot. They have an extremely long range zoom.

Time Bomb - This is a deadly and sneaky weapon. It's basically a grenade that takes 15 second to detonate but it has a big blast radius. Take cover or run when you lay one down. (missing a good blast effect)-coming soon

Smoke grenade - This is smoke grenade. You will know it by the Blue colored grenade on the HUD. (need a new mesh and skin) - coming soon


Assault Class

Assault - Powerful and accurate. The zoom is a bit  better than the standard Assaults zoom. (cobra version needs a new skin)-coming soon

HE Grenade - This is a high explosive grenade. You'll know it because it's the one on your HUD that's red. It has a bigger blast radius than a normal grenade and a little longer fuse. (needs a new mesh and skin)


AT Class  

AT - While the weapons model hasn't changed the power of these has. They're much more effective against troops. It's kind like having a shoulder mounted tank cannon now. There is no arch to the flight path of the rocket so it's also very accurate. (needs new mesh and skin)-coming soon


Medic/Support Class

Support - This is a cross between a Assault gun and a sniper rifle. The zoom is pretty good on these but less than the snipers. The fire rate is ok but it's a lot less than the Assaults (joe version needs a new skin) - coming soon

Explosive Remover -(experimental) This only for the removal of bombs, detpacks and mines. It looks like a standard wrench but it will not repair vehicles. (needs a new mesh and skin) - coming soon 


Engineer Class

Shotgun - These are Auto Shotguns. They have a 10 round clip. They are effective but only at short range .. after they get out so far the pellets slow down and are effected by gravity along with being spread out. Fun when you're in close. (cobra version needs a new skin) - coming soon 



Pistols - The pistols never run out of ammo but they do over heat. 


 Final Note on Hand Weapons

The hand  weapons are really accurate and do not have a lot of recoil. We feel this will make the mod have a little faster paced game play.  Everything about this mod is fast. So we suggest setting server up to a lower spawn time. This is our personal preference. Yours may be different.  




(There are no custom buildings in any maps yet. All of our custom maps are missing bot support. However the bots work with on all the normal battlefield maps) -   Custom map bot support coming soon 

All of the maps use only our vehicles including the standard Battlefield maps. The only Battlefield vehicles you will find are the carriers and the landing boats. 


Cobra Island (made by Syko Rip) 

This is directly from the a map of cobra island. He still isn't finished with it but it's a blast to play on. You can easily tell it's going to be a great map when it's totally finished. The layout is very nice. It's a pretty large island map. 


Viper Island (made by sasmon) 

A new member of our team has put this map together and it's fun and looks good. It's still a work in progress so I'm sure you will find a few floating trees here and there but for the most part its pretty complete. It's also missing its preview picture and the fog settings maybe need to changed. All of which will be fixed shortly


Volcano Island (made by Syko Rip)

This is a masterpiece of a map. He took what was good in the last release and made it even better. All that it needs are a few custom buildings and the Flagg (joe aircraft carrier) and this map will be perfect. 


Syko Island (made by Syko Rip) 

This is pretty much the same map only better. Stuff has been changed and moved around giving this map a little more flow. 


Winter War (made by Syko Rip) 

This is favorite map. It's simple yet it's a blast to play. Syko has added props and while they're not GI Joe stuff they still add a lot to this map


 Coral Sea Rip (made by DICE modified by Syko Rip)

This is the old coral sea map but with new island spawn points.  It's still a work in progress but its a blast to play on. 



Bots and CO-OP Support

We support bots but only on the standard battlefield maps. We are working on getting bot support into our custom maps.  If the demand is high enough for it we MAY release a map update for the mini  mod once we get the bot support fully working on all of our maps.

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