Goldie By: Devil Lead Graphics and skins Black Hawk Down MOD Skinner Action Battlefield MOD

Thank you for downloading my skin...


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Goldie By: Devil Lead Graphics and skins Black Hawk Down MOD Skinner Action Battlefield MOD

Thank you for downloading my skin i hope you enjoy it. This probably is my favorite skin out of all of them i have done. So once again thank you and enjoy.

I would like to just point out the black chrome on this plane thats pretty much it. The zip contains everything needed to install the skin and play with it.

Thank You,


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                                    ****Step 1:****
                            *****THE REALLY LONG WAY*****

(I assume that everyone has downloaded the RFA Extractor by now, also makerfabeta from shrp77)
(If you have decompressed the texture.RFA file)
(If you don't have .NET Framework, get it now)

1.) To install, you must use Moseley's .RFA Extractor 
(located here:

2.) Use Moseleys .RFA extractor, simply open the program, open the texture.rfa and you will see a
big list of files. Click export all files and choose your battlefield folder (C:\Program Files\EA 
GAMES\Battlefield 1942" by default)

3.) Then you should remove the texture.rfa (DO NOT DELETE) just move it somewhere else out of the
battlefield archives folder so that the game looks at the extracted folder instead.

4.) The extracted directory structure looks something like this:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\texture

5.) Place the .dds files in the texture folder 

6.) Now open Gmakerfabeta (whatever version) In the 1st list box point the directory to your 
newly created textures folder.

7.) In the 2nd box point somewhere other than you battlefield folder doesnt matter where
(Perferrably the desktop).

8.) in the drop down menu select "texture" and hit CTRL+C (create)

9.) Now open the bf root directory and take the old texture.rfa out and place it somewhere else.
Replace with new RFA.

10.) Start up the game and enjoy.


                                   ****Step 2:****
                               *****THE EASY WAY*****

1.) Download Merciless from  

2.) Unzip all the files included into the appropriate folder (eg, C:\Program Files\EA GAMES
\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\BF1942\Market_Garden (or Bocage or any map with Mustangs you 
may have)

3.) Start up the game and enjoy.


For questions or comments e-mail me at:

Check out my website i have other skins there for download also:

Thanks Again,


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