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It's high time someone put those tanks in their place and now you can with Recruit Snyder's Hanomag Anti-Tank.Hanomag Anti Tank (with...


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It's high time someone put those tanks in their place and now you can with Recruit Snyder's Hanomag Anti-Tank.

Hanomag Anti Tank (with Flak 38 which can be - and was - used against tanks. In WW II). I've reduced the Hanomag features a bit for game balance reasons (see Readme). Also two new skins (decals and a new top) for Africa and Europe

And, of course, you can use the Hanomag AT to give enemy planes what-for as well. :D

hanomagflak.jpg  hanomagflak1.jpg  hanomagflak2.jpg  hanomagflak3.jpg

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Download 'hanomag_at.zip' (1.11MB)

BF1942 Weapons Modification (by Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider)

HANOMAG AT Vehicle with one Flak 38 (2cm) gun, no MG, no supply car / medic anymore

I've added the Flak 38 AA gun instead of the default MG. The SdKfz 250/251 (in-game called "Hanomag")
was a light APC and multi purpose vehicle, so weight is of the essence: 
- Only one gun, meant as an AT weapon, can be used against planes as well. "Rapid fire" capability, 
precise optics / aiming device, short range / mid range
- No MG (weight)
- Only a small shield for the gunner (weight), -> good target for enemy infantry!
- No ammo supply depot for other vehicles (ammo had to go for the unlimited ammo of the Flak 38)
- No medical supplies (weight), -> no healing inside the APC
- No reinforced armor (weight), -> enemy tank guns have a wider range than the Flak 38!
- 6 seats (driver, gunner plus 4 AT infantry - or whoever wants to take a ride)

Two new skins (Africa camouflage and Europe). The top was modified and some decals ("Panzerjäger") added.
Installing the modified textures is optional.
If you need a supply/medic vehicle in the game, you should install my Hanomag AA (with two top mounted MG). 


This package contains:
- Readme
- Objects.con
- hanomag_f.dds.AFRICA_AT
- hanomag_f.dds.GREY_AT
- screenshot (.jpg)

Copy the new "Objects.con" to the folder "objects/vehicles/land/hanomag" in the main directory of BF1942.
Thus your Hanomag will get the top mounted Flak 38 on all maps.
Copy "hanomag_f.dds.AFRICA_AT" to the folder "texture/Africa" in the main directory of BF1942.
Then rename the file to "hanomag_f.dds".
Thus your Hanomag gets the new skin in the Africa maps.

Copy "hanomag_f.dds.GREY_AT" to the "texture" folder in the main directory of BF1942.
Rename to "hanomag_f.dds".
So the vehicle gets the new top and decals in the European maps.


Save/rename your original files before you make changes!
The old textures for Africa and Europe have identical file names (in different folders), if you save them in one 
folder, they need to have DIFFERENT names (like "hanomag_f-AFRICA_AT.dds.BAK" and "hanomag_f-EUROPE_AT.dds.BAK")

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to have your changes take effect immediately, 
PLEASE rename your old files AND move them to another place on your 
machine (e.g. create a new folder "backup"). In some cases the game
still reads your old renamed files instead of the new ones although the
new files have the proper file name.

This Mod is Single Player only, doesn't work on MP servers (unless the same Mod is installed there).
You need to have your "Objects.rfa" extracted to modify the .con files. Use Moseley'S RFA Extractor and
read his instructions.

If you just want the new textures ... this doesn't affect MP mode. An APC with one MG which has "Tank Buster" 
written on it looks a little weird though :-)

If you wish to "uninstall" this little tweak or connect to a MP server, just place your original "Objects.rfa" 
back in the "Archives" folder. All the "technical" changes disappear, you still keep your modified textures. :-)

Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider

Try my "Snyder's Planes with Rockets 1.1", my Hanomag AA or
my Chrome Messerschmitt / MP40 skins
at www.bf1942files.com or at www.bfcentral.com.

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