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This is the RFA edition of Recruit Snyder's HanoMag AT. Its got a 75mm Tank gun mounted ontop. Serious Kick @$$!!!

he even gave us some...


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This is the RFA edition of Recruit Snyder's HanoMag AT. Its got a 75mm Tank gun mounted ontop. Serious Kick @$$!!!

he even gave us some of his inspiration: hanomagalt.jpg

and some general screenies:



a real nice one, pick it up!!

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Download 'hanomagat75_rfa.zip' (1.01MB)

BF1942 Weapons Modification (by Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider)

HANOMAG AT 75mm KwK 37 w/ Coax MG & light Turret ( "Vorsprung durch Technik" version) 
No supply car / medic anymore

After receiving complaints about my Hanomag AT with 2 cm Flak 38 gun which obviously was illegally
used as a mobile AA vehicle (although I called it "AT", there's the official Hanomag AA Dual-MG 
available at www.bf1942files.com) Axis engineers came up with a new "real" Anti-Tank Hanomag.

Main complaints were:

- The gunner (standing) was exposed to enemy infantry fire (I warned you!)
- The rapid-fire high velocity 2 cm cannon was not able to kill heavy enemy tanks with two or 
three shots (I told you so!)
- The Hanomag AT was not armored like a tank (Yes, it's not a tank!)

The SdKfz 250/251 (in-game called "Hanomag") was a light APC and multi purpose vehicle, but in fact it was
also used as a tank destroyer (SdKfz 251/9 with 75 mm gun from the Panzer IV). Some versions had a turret, 
others were lacking any protection for the gunner/crew.

Hanomag AT 75 mm Features:

- 75 mm AT main gun (PanzerIV) - primary weapon (left mouse button)
- Coax MG (PanzerIV) for the gunner - secondary weapon (right mouse button)
- Gunner no longer standing
- Turret (light version), 4 thin steel shields plus top hatch, not meant for a beauty contest!
- Turret top hatch to be opened by the gunner with the Arrows up/down keys (like in the landing crafts)
- Reinforced armor (but still it's not a tank!)
- New Maybach engine (*cough* it's a little faster than the old one)
- No ammo supply depot for other vehicles (weight problem)
- No medical supplies (weight), -> no healing inside the APC
- 6 seats (driver, gunner plus 4 AT infantry - or whoever wants to take a ride)

Two new skins (Africa camouflage and Europe). Some decals ("Panzerjäger", "Skorpion") added.
Installing the modified textures is optional.
If you need a supply/medic vehicle in the game, you should install my Hanomag AA (with two top mounted MG).
If you need a mobile AA and light AT vehicle, I recommend my Hanomag AT with 2 cm Flak 38 (very precise weapon!).



This package contains:
- Readme
- Objects_878.rfa
- Texture_878.rfa

This install is meant for gamers who don't have their .RFA Archives extracted.
Place Objects_878.rfa and Texture_878.rfa in your "Archives" folder in your main BF1942 directory
(e.g. C:\Games\Battlefield 1942\Archives\ - the same directory where the Objects.rfa and Texture.rfa are stored)


This Mod is Single Player only, doesn't work on MP servers (unless the same Mod is installed there).

If you just want the new textures ... this doesn't affect MP mode. An APC with one MG which has "Tank Buster" 
written on it looks a little weird though :-)

If you wish to "uninstall" this little tweak or connect to a MP server, just rename "Objects_878.rfa" to 
"HanomagAT75-RFA.BAK" or move it to another folder on your machine. 
All the "technical" changes disappear, you still keep your modified textures. :-)

Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider

Try my "Snyder's Planes with Rockets 1.1", my Hanomag AA, Hanomag AT or
my Chrome Messerschmitt / MP40 skins at www.bf1942files.com or at www.bfcentral.com.

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