Heavy and small weapons training fields.

Check out this very original idea for a map.

Welcome to the range troops! The 21cw Small Arms & Heavy Weapons range were made for tourna...


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Check out this very original idea for a map.

Welcome to the range troops! The 21cw Small Arms & Heavy Weapons range were made for tournaments and clan alike to train and sharpen their skills with all the small arms in DC. As you will see there are pop up targets and they work. The range is base on the ranges I ran in my 17 years in the US Army as an Airborne Infantryman. Along with the main range there are two 50 Meter rangers. There also is a flag between the two non cap flags, If you are coalition and you want live targets on the range, have a person who is opposition cap the flag and they will get a spawn point on the range. The range was made with the 21cw tournament in mind but will help anyone wanting to be a better shot.

I have included both the heavy and small weapons version in one nice download. (unlike other sites)

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Download 'dc_21cw_heavy_weapons_rangev1.zip' (11.79MB)

*************21cw Small and heavy Arms Ranges************

This is a Training map for Clans and tournaments. It was made to sharpen you skills with all the small and heavy Arms in Desert Combat. 
You may mod this map, but if you wish to use are pop up targets you must ask me for the ok by email.

Extract to mods/desertcombat/archives/bf1942/levels folder

Task: To qualify with all Small Arms

Conditions: Given all the small Arms weapons in Desert Combat on a 300-meter pop up target range.

Standards: You the trainee must hit 23 out of 40 targets to qualify

OK Troop, get your ammo and head on the range, Good Luck.

On the map, you will see a coalition and opposition Main base flags, with one cap flag between them. 
The cap flag is for training, what I mean by this is, if you and you team are training as coalition troops, 
you can have troops go opposition and cap that flag, then the opposition troops can spawn on the ranger as 
live targets. Any side can cap that flag and spawn on the range.

All credit goes to EA, DICE and the Desert Combat mod team...

21cw Map Team
Map made by: Airborne, airborne@mail.21stcenturywarfare.net
             Area, area@f2s.com
Pop up targets made by: Keiko, terryh@orcas.net
Pop up targets skins made by: Insomniac, og_03@hotmail.com
US Skins made by: Insomniac, og_03@hotmail.com
Iraqi skins made by LanClan, http://www.lanclan.com/
Iraqi ICV Made by DCM and 21cw

Special Thanks to:
For their help and input on this map.

Please visit our tournament at: http://www.21stcenturywarfare.net
Please visit our Mod site at: http://www.total-war.com

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