Highways DC Sound Detail

Desert Combat Sound Detail By Highway

44khz only!

A huge update with this version, this mod is a near-total conversion of the...


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Desert Combat Sound Detail By Highway

44khz only!

A huge update with this version, this mod is a near-total conversion of the Desert Combat sounds to present a more explosive sound experience.

*This mod has been tested with both the 1.4 and 1.45 patches.

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Download 'highways_dc_sound.zip' (72.22MB)

A huge update with this version, this mod is a near-total conversion of the Desert Combat sounds to present a more explosive sound experience. I have incorporated many new sounds as well as modifying the code for many existing sounds. The voices have all been modified to sound much more realistic. Opposition gets it's own language based on my Arab Voices sound mod which can be switched on and off using the 'English only' option in the sound menu. Most guns have been changed and most vehicles have had some work. Here's the list of changes:

Coalition weapons:

	Berretta - New sound
	M16 - Replaced with a much more powerful sound
	M249 SAW - Reworked, new release sound and new code. New reload timing and sounds.
	M25 Sniper - Reverted, new shell eject, tamed the decay
	MP5 - Reworked, fixed reload timing.
	Remington - Added reload pump, reduced decay and correct shotgun shells
	SMAW - Modified sound and added missile fx

Opposition weapons:

	Browning - New sound
	AK47 - Replaced with a high quality sample, corrected reload timing and new code
	AKS-74U - New sound, corrected reload timing
	Tabuk Sniper - Reverted
	PKM - Reverted sound, new release sound and new code. New reload sounds
	RPG - New sound, fixed reload
	Scorpion - New sound

Shared weapons

	Mortor - Added new sound for deployment
	Mine - New sound for deployment
	Grenades - Added new pin release and shrapnel effects if you are close to the explosion
	Shotguns - Correct shotgun shell sounds
	Stinger - Modified

Coalition Vehicles:

	DPV - New buggy engine, MK19 gets it's own sound and shell cases
	M1A1 - New main gun, coax, engine and tracks modified. Added cockpit sounds and new engine start.
	M163 - Modified sound, new tracks
	Humvee TOW - Modified sound with fx, new engine sound
	Bradley - New tracks and added cockpit sounds
	M-109 - New main gun, new mounted browning sound and code.
	A10 - new main gun, shrapnel sounds for cluster bomb
	AH64 - Louder overall
	UH-60 - New minigun sound and code. Sound replaced with correct Blackhawk rotor and engine sound.
	AC-130 - New minigun

Opposition vehicles:

	Tanker - New explosion
	T-72 - New mounted MG, new main gun and tracks. New auto-reload sound.
	BRDM2 - New main gun and engine
	BMP2 - New tracks and guns
	Shilka - Chunky new sound and tracks
	M-1974 - New main gun and tracks
	SCUD - Enhanced flight sound, explosion now has a sound - no more silent deaths.
	Mig29 - New cockpit sounds 
	Su-21 - New main gun
	Hind - Enhanced engine, unique engine start sound.

When the warning sound goes off, you can hear the vehicle malfunctioning. The warning sound itself is only set to go off every 4 seconds instead of looped. All jets have an internal alarm when you are in a dangerous dive. The outside music and radio chatter has been reduced in size by 80% and all new sounds have been given low priority so they wont effect performance. 

Most weapons have had changes to the way they are heard from a distance. Previously the release sound for the weapons could be heard further away than the actual gunshot. I have set both the release sound and the gunshot to the same distance while taking care not to increase or decrease the audible range (for fairness).

Almost all explosions have been replaced (modified WAMMOD) as well as fixed AA and MGs on both sides. Same goes for the ambients like footsteps (much more realistic). Some original DC sounds were sampled at only 22khz so I resampled and enhanced them. Less critical sounds have been reduced in size.


Back up the original sound_001.rfa and objects.rfa located in:
\Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives
and replace with the sound_001.rfa and objects.rfa in this zip.

Overwrite my sound_001.rfa and objects.rfa with the original ones you backed before installing.

Remember to set your sound to 44khz in the options menu for these sounds to work. Likewise, make sure you have the English only option turned off to hear the Arab voices.

The only files I edited were the sound files. These mods are completely compatible with online play.

Bugs/suggestions/installation issues - [email protected]

Thanks go out to:
	Tanelorn for his sounds and voices in DC

	William A. Mitchell IV for the WAMMOD
	{GDC}Lord wildwing for his excellent work with the MOHAA sounds
	Gunslinger for some explosions

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