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Another nice map from Active9 studio. This time its a dusk map and once again supported for both BF1942 and DC. This is a map locate...


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Another nice map from Active9 studio. This time its a dusk map and once again supported for both BF1942 and DC.

This is a map located in Normandy, south-east of Caen. The map is based on a true mission, codenamed Epsom. The basic aim of Epsom was to sweep round to the west and south of Caen and reach the main Caen-Falaise road. This would almost encircle the German defenders around Caen.
MadModder's Review

Active 9 brings us another quality map in "Hill 112". From the axis base camp fires and burning street lamps to the sounds of Hitler's impassioned speeches on the radio, there is enough detail here to impress for many bloody rounds of combat. Great lighting effects, new sky textures, new building skins (inside and out) and what appear to be some new house models are just some of the features within. The train station is a particularly nice touch and capturing some of the CP's will be difficult without falling to your death. I was a bit disappointed in the ground textures themselves as they seem a bit drab, but it is really only noticable from the air. Active 9's attention to ambient effects and visual details sets them apart from the average mapper. They keep getting better and better. I highly recommend the download.

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Download 'hill112.zip' (34.83MB)

			Active9 Studio Presents : Hill 112

Thank you for downloading this map, we hope you will enjoy it very much.

The date is june 27th 1944, the sun is going down. The 4th King’s Shropshire Light
Infantry (4KSLI) of 159th Infantry Brigade represent the allies team. Their task 
was to attack the hill, which was defended by the 12th SS Panzer Division. The 
allies start in their base and can capture 2 points right ahead: the depot building and 
the town colleville. this is a pretty important town because it is near to the 
only intact bridge over the river Odon. Axis can capture Baron sur Odon where 
additional tanks and an apc will spawn. Allies and axis need to fight for the 
bridge because its the only way for vehicles to get to the hill. 

The map's lighting is set pretty dark, but still playable. you see pretty far away
like you would at dusk. It makes it even more fun due to the fact that you can hide
everywhere on the map, each object looks like an enemy if seen from a distance.

A TUNNEL is located near Colleville, to provide quick acces from the back of the town
to the bunker near the intact Odon bridge. You can either use it and risk being 
trapped or use the ruins that are on top of it as cover.

The environment sound includes far off bombing sounds, birds, frogs, river... 
Also encluded are wrecked tanks, apc's, jeeps and even a crashed b17.

supported : multiplayer game types: Conquest, CTF and TDM.
NOT supported (yet) : singleplayer/botsupport

for an optimised atmosphere enable lightmaps and environment mapping.
3 months of work have been put into this map to create a lifelike environment and
authentical feeling for the player. Gameplay has been tested over and over to 
optimise both sides advantages and disadvantages.

tools used :

MAdbulls editor (heightmap and object placement)
Editor 42 (minimap and some textures)
Photoshop (textures and additional editing)
3DsMax (shadows and lighting)
Cool Edit pro 2.0 (sound creation and editing)
Battlecraft 1942 beta (object placement objectlightmaps)
Terragen (sky creation)

skins used from the skinpack for stalingrad created by STUKA, hospital of the damned 
skin by Devil A.K.A [3rdA[{AF}Devil*Col*, Camp fire created by Ghoul (from barbarossa 
map), and some skins used from the bocage skin pack by merciless creations.

Installation : extract the hill112.rfa file to the folowing directory : 

X:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels
with 'X' the letter of the drive where you installed your battlefield game

for further information on Active9 Studio maps visit


Hill 112 Created by Steven Maes (KoOkiE)

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