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MasterChiefRulZ from the battlefield singleplayer community sent us his mod for all you battlefield 1942 fans.

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MasterChiefRulZ from the battlefield singleplayer community sent us his mod for all you battlefield 1942 fans.

With the help of Bumblebee and Steelkiller the good man Dnamro has taken it upon himself to update the Halo inspired HomeFront42 mod. Now with robust new bot support, along with other great changes, HomeFront42 for BF1942 is ready to wage galactic war once more.

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Download 'homefront_bf42_v1_5.rar' (176.68MB)


- Coop/Single Player support for all maps.
- Bot weapon and vehicle support fixed/tweaked. Bots will use a variety of handweapons - including grenades against infantry.
- Plains of Reach is a port of the HF BFV map with updated coop support.
- Alpha Base Defense map variants confine the action to the Base allowing great bot battles within the underground tunnels. The custom mini-map simulates a computer map of the tunnels. The armory (at the center flag) has pickup kits including a mini-gun. On Defense, both teams fight for control of the base. On Defense1, the base has been overrun by Convenant forces attacking from all directions and UNSC Marines take a last stand in the center until help arrives.
- Operation Aberdeen (AI by 4CentsShy) and Liberation of Cain (AI by Careybear) are ported to HF with coop/sp support.
- Fixed missing ammo icons on many vehicles.
- Fixed missing Sound problems on UNSC vehicles.
- Fixed camera position on Banshee.
- New Ammo Icons for many Coventant vehicles.
- Updated the Lexicon.dat file replacing 'Axis'/'Allies' tags with 'Covenant'/'UNSC' for better game immersion. Also made changes so that only supported BF42 conversion maps are displayed on the menu list and HF maps are sorted to the top of the list.
- BF42 Ocean Map conversions have ships removed from coop/sp game modes and initial spawns are set on the mainland, since making them work with bots would have required creating amphibious pathmaps for the Covenant landing vehicles - which is too much work for just some BF42 map conversions.
- UNSC Marine bot names are now listed with a rank and a last name.
- Many other minor vehicle tweaks for better bot support.

Please visit Battlefieldsingleplayer.net in our BF42/BFV forums to give input on Dnamro's update to the HomeFront42 mod. Thanks also goes out to the HF42 team for this excellent mod, and the volunteers who updated it for this release.

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