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Well here it is folks the eagerly awaited patch for this awesome mod here is what they have to say:Well we would like to announce or...


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Well here it is folks the eagerly awaited patch for this awesome mod here is what they have to say:

Well we would like to announce or first patch. Home Front .11 Elimantes about 90% of online lag, and nearly every little bug. We have also added the new pistol model, redone the dropships controls and added a new map "Skyland Dawn" created by our great German mapper TheKeyci.

For a full list of changes read below!

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Download 'homefront.11patch.zip' (11.33MB)

Home Front Beta .11

S2AMSR Sniper Rifle Damage Increased
Deployable Barrier Optimized

Plasma Rifle Optimized Sound 
Plasma Supporter Optimized sound script improved
Plasma Sniper Optimized Damage Increased
Plasma Pistol Optimized

Warthog Optimized
Warthog AT Optimized
ATV Optimized
Scorpian Assault Tank Optimized
Lobster Artiallary Tank Optimized
Pelican Dropship Optimized Recoded
Puma APC carrier Optimized

Shadow Optimized
Shadow AT Optimized
Shadow APC Optimized
Ghost Optimized scripts improved
Creep Optimized
Wraith Tank Optimized
Apparition Dropship Optimized Recoded scripts improved
Banshee Optimized sound scripts improved

Civicar removed

-All Defaults
-Blood Gulch Rounds 1 2 3 optimized
-Skyland Rounds 1 2 optimized
-Skyland Dawn added
-WarthogWars optimized
-Cote D Azur optimized
-Alpha Base optimized
-Covenanet Wasteland optimized
-fixed Guadal Canal and Midway problem

-----other things:
-removed wraiths from carrier to reduce lag
-new pistol model and skin added
For installation simply unzip and use the auto-installer!

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