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[quote]Active9 Network Presents: HOPELESS_DC (Desert Combat Version)

Created on: 4-21-2003 Created by: Active9 Studio (http://studio.active9.com/) Audio Portions Copyright: Gheatlion.com (http://www.ghetalion.com/) DC Modification Help: LORD|Wallace Unzipped Size: 50mb Support: support@active9.com


This is an infantry battle in the outskirts of Rouen, a small town in Normandy. Your objective is to secure every control point and eliminate the enemy. Your division will be reinforced with two heavy armored vehicles and one jeep. Maintain control of flagged areas to gather more reinforcements. The force that controls Rouen will have an advantage for the coming battles for Europe. This map has been modified for use with DesertCombat version 0.3 alpha (Future releases will be created to accomodate newer units and modifications to DC. To keep up with enhancements and new maps be sure to visit www.active9.com).


Be sure you have the newest version of DesertCombat (version 0.3 alpha). If you do not you can get it at www.desertcombat.com.

No doubt you have already unzipped the package which the map was in, you should see a file entitled Hopeless.rfa place that in your Battlefield 1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels directory. That is all you have to do to install this map.

The map will now show up on the map loading screen under Conquest. Hopeless_DC only supports the conquest gametype. Do not try to run it as CTF or Team Deathmatch, as it will not work.



*Known Bugs*

- The Milifence large problem with objects such as an airplane or helichopter flying overhead has been fixed and is not an issue in this map.

- Bug when jumping on a scaled object such as the wood crossing the water infront of the allied base will make you jump 5x higher then usual (this is a physics problem with the game itself, dice is the only one who can fix this).

- If you are recieving a data differes from server error, please host the server as a dedicated server. We do not know why this bug occurs in the non-dedicated hosted version.

Please send all bugs to support@active9.com

Be sure to visit www.active9.com for future updates and new maps! [\quote]

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