Hospital Of The Damned *Wall Update*



A very nice skin for a building. Makes it look much more genuine!




Hospital Of The Damned *Wall Update*
By: Devil  A.K.A [3rdA[{AF}Devil*Col* or Devil of kimone

Thank's for downloading my new skin for Battlefield 1942.

This update is for all you that liked the "hospital of the damned" but didn't like the outer walls that came with it so here's some new skins that will make the building more war torn and abused. Also i have added a new hospital bed in here see if you can find it in the game.

(I assume that everyone has downloaded the RFA Extractor by now)
(If you have decompressed the texture.RFA file)

1.) To install this skin you should put the .dds files in your Battlefield's texture folder.

2.) Start up the game and have fun. : )

(If you have not decompressed the texture.RFA file)

1.) To install, you must use Moseley's .RFA Extractor 
(located here: http://www.bf1942files.com/file.info?ID=5889)

2.) Use Moseleys .RFA extractor, simply open the program, open the texture.rfa and you will see a big list of files. Click export all files and choose your battlefield folder (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942" by default)

3.) Then you should remove the texture.rfa (DO NOT DELETE) just move it somewhere else out of the battlefield archives folder so that the game looks at the extracted folder instead.

4.) The extracted directory structure looks something like this:
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\texture

5.) Place the .dds files in the texture folder 

6.) Start up the game and enjoy.

[email protected]    <------- For request's for downloads
http://www.the3rdarmy.cjb.net    <----------- This is my clan, We have downloads galore and a great squad, please visit us sometime and while your at it you can join us too. : )

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