HydroRacers is all about fast paced action on the water! There are two teams Axis (red) vs Allied (blue). Your objective is based on the ma...


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HydroRacers is all about fast paced action on the water! There are two teams Axis (red) vs Allied (blue). Your objective is based on the map you are playing on and can be either standard Conquest Mode (capture and hold flags to reduce enemy tickets) or enemy platform destruction (Coral Sea Map).

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Download 'hydroracers_1_0.exe' (19.93MB)

-- HydroRacers --

Version:	1.0
Date:		16, August 2003

HydroRacers is a modification of the retail game Battlefield 1942.

All new content related to the HydroRacers modification is developed and copywritten by the Stratactic Development Team (http://HydroRacers.StratacticStudio.com). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


This is the Stratactic Development Team's 'Frustration Release', HydroRacers.

Since we couldn't continue our Terminator mod (BF2029) due to Copyright issues, we're currently in a 're-plan' mode for the content of our Man vs Machine mod.

Meanwhile, this mini-mod is a little something to let you all know our mod team is alive and kicking.

There are five multi-player (Conquest only) maps:

Coral Sea
Iwo Jima

There is one single-player map:


The AI on Midway is completely dysfunctional, but hopefully the map is OK for target practice.

Have fun!

The Stratactic Development Team.

Release Notes

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers hosting HydroRacers must make sure that they have 'Content Checking' Unchecked (off).

Video card settings
Low end system users: There is a lot of 'spray' in HydroRacers... a lot.  Some low-end cards may have trouble with this... in other words, HydroRacers may not run as well on low-end hardware as 'stock' BF1942.  Users with lower-end systems may improve performance by turning down their Video 'Effects Quality' first, before turning to such detail reduction areas as color depth, resolution, etc.

High end system users: There is a lot of 'spray' in HydroRacers... a lot.  Unlike the users with low-end systems, your hardware can likely handle generating spray quite well.  Perhaps too well.  You may find that too much spray is being generated for your taste.  If the amount of spray is not to your liking, you can reduce it by turning down your video 'Effects Quality' a notch - not for performance issues, but just to reduce the sheer amount of water that gets thrown into the air.

Known issues
1) The 'Arrow' (small rescue/repair boat) can drive through ramps from certain angles.  We are working this issue.

2) Exhausing the available torpedoes on the Destroyer boat (Type1) seems to interfere with the launching cycle of any remaining rockets.  This appears to be a glitch in the RF2 engine itself, not HydroRacers (the 'Apache' in DC has the same problem).

3) It is possible, in rare cases, for a boat to come to equilibrium while 'upside down' - at which point it will become effectively unresponsive to control, as all control surfaces are at that point out of the water.  We've adjusted things so that the chances of this actually occuring are small - but it can still happen.  Don't say we didn't warn you ;-). 

4) In Single Player mode, the RF2 engine seems to abandon tracking of any boat once a bot has left it... meaning that you may see bot-abandoned boats 'stuck' in midair in Single Player.  Just another reason to play on-line 8-).

5) There is a slight 'gap' in the menu loading music, only noticeable between replays.

The map loading music?  Well, it was so old as to be in the Public Domain (and we've been burned on Copyrighted stuff before, right?)... and it was about ships, being shot, or drowned, or drunk... you get the idea.  (artist: Haskell Wolfenbarger, "Sailing Out On The Ocean")

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