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203rd Kokutai's Imperial Japanese Army Skins

These uniforms are based on actual photographs and research done on the Imperial Japanese Army uniforms. These were based off the IJA 109th Inf Division which occupied Iwo Jima however most IJA units wore the same type of uniform. These should be very historically accurate.

Corrections or changes to the original Battlefield 1942 Japanese Uniforms are as follows..

These uniforms were modified to match the common IJA green tones from the default BF1942 khaki colored uniforms which more resemble the Navy Landing Forces.

Assault class, engineer class, and scout class now have IJA green helmet with netting. The IJA "gold star" brass emblem has been added to the front of the helmet.

Medic class now wears the green cloth covered helmet with the cloth IJA gold star emblem sewn on the front.

As with our Naval Landing Forces set, the Engineer class has the "prayer flag" sewn on to the back of his backpack. These were commonly attached to the clothing or simply carried by many Japanese soldiers both Army and Navy. They were small rising sun flags with Shinto prayers written on them. The prayer flag used in this skin mod is a real scan of an actual prayer flag used in the Pacific War.

All classes wear the IJA red badges sewn on the collars. The red badges in this mod have two gold stars which depict "private first class".

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Installation Instructions

Hopefully by now you have probably already installed other skin mods. If not there are plenty of tutorials to be found on many community BF 1942 sites.

For best results use "Merciless Creations" Texture Set Installer to install your skins. Once you have this program it becomes a simple matter of dragging and dropping these skins into which Pacific map directory you wish to have them in. If you want to be historically accurate we suggest using these IJA skins on the Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal maps. Our Naval set would be more appropriate for Wake and Midway. Visit for the Texture Installer and other great add ons!

About Us

The "203rd Kokutai" is Battlefield 1942 squadron that simply portrays the Imperial Japanese Navy in the BF 1942 community. We put this little project together because "we like our toys to be right!". Most of us are Americans in real life and in no way endorse the actions of the Japanese government or military during the Pacific War. This is a GAME so save the hate mail!

If you would like more info on us visit our website at or email Takasaki at

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