Iraq Camo Armor (Desert Combat)

Iraq vehicle skins to use with Headhunters new DC Texture mods. Test them with Spyd3rs DC camo mods for allied vehicles.

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Iraq vehicle skins to use with Headhunters new DC Texture mods. Test them with Spyd3rs DC camo mods for allied vehicles.

some skins may be too dark or light. Give me any advice and i can modify them easily. I just did these quick but they looked good in game and i haven't seen any green iraq skins for DC. so here they are.

These are Iraq vehicle Forest Camo skins for Desert Combat .3N. They are resprays of original DC team textures but after using them they look really good ingame. I haven't seen anything on the net to replace these tan desert tanks so here you go. I decided to release these now that it is simple for anyone to install skins for dc thanks to HeadHunter. I use these skins with Spyd3rs "WOODLAND AND URBAN CAMOUFLAGE SKINS." These come with the headhunters texture sets. Spyd3rs skins include Iraq and Coalition camo skins for troops and all Coalition vehicles done in green. So this Iraq pack fills the voids with camo patterns for the Iraq vehicles.

TO INSTALL: I recommend using these with HeadHunters "TEXTURE SETS MOD FOR DESERT COMBAT" Once you have the texture sets, u can select what skin u want and drop it into the map directory that you wish for it to appear in. drop only the *.dds files into the map directory and not the entire vehicle directory I created. I created the vehicle directories only for sorting and for easier installation. for more detailed installation see headhunters readme.txt.

Additional Notes: All camo patterns are Russian in origin. The vehicles vary slightly since i tested and made them on different maps. But all vehicles look good on most green maps. Or atleast much better than desert colors.

T-72 and M-1974 were designed and colored for kursk/kharkov. Shilka was designed and colored for Headhunters Battle of the Bulge Spring textures(included with Texture sets Mod).

BRDM2 and Mi24d were generic camo color and not really map specific.

I recommend using these vehicles on:

Kursk - really good Bocage Market Garden Kharkov - really good Guadalcanal IwoJima Wake Island Battle of the Bulge (Headhunters Spring textures)...although green camo has to look better on snow than solid tan/brown... hehe

Thanks to the DC team for all their work. Credit goes to their team for the base skins in this mod. Thanks to Headhunter for giving us easy drop and play skin control for each map.

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